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File 135449788606.png - (450.94KB , 900x900 , 142729 - artist SpeccySY asparagus rarity.png )
118905 No. 118905

Event overview:

Hello again, /art/. There's another /fic/-/art/ write-off happening, and you're all invited!

For those out of the loop, the competition is quite simple: prompt → art → fic. First, everyone decides on a worded prompt to act as the event's theme. Artists draw pictures from the worded prompt, and then writers write stories to the pictures.

The art round starts Sun, 09 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC and lasts for 5 days, ending Fri, 14 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC. For those too lazy to do the conversion, if you make an account on the site (with the correct timezone settings), all the times will display in your local timezone.

Worded prompt suggestions start Sun, 09 Dec 2012 04:00 UTC, last an hour, and are followed by a one hour voting round.

But why should you participate? Well for one, there's a whole bunch of writers that are going to write stories to the submitted artworks. Having someone write a story inspired (even if just a little) by your work is pretty awesome.

But wait, there's more! The winner will be awarded a copy of IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic (, courtesy of Anonthony.

For there to be a winner, there obviously needs to be some way of ranking the artworks. A public poll will be provided for everyone to give the artworks a numeric score from 0 to 10. In addition, each artwork is awarded 1 bonus point for every story inspired by it.

The winning artwork is whichever has the most points after the bonus points are awarded.

You may submit as many artworks as you can draw in the given 5 days, but the scores are not cumulative! Each artwork gets its own score. You might spend the whole time working on a single, well-developed piece, or you might spend it getting as many ideas out there as possible. Which strategy is best? That's for you to decide.

You don't have to do anything special to participate other than follow the rules:

So, uh, yeah. That's it! (I think). If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Good luck,
Roger out.
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>> No. 118914
Huh... if MLPchan is going to be involved, I may not be participating in this round. I'll have to think it over.
>> No. 118918
File 135451454406.png - (188.74KB , 660x800 , big_macintosh__wut_by_perinigricon-d4pd4tr.png )
Is where the discussion threads are really that big of a deal? =/
>> No. 118920
File 135451875582.jpg - (98.00KB , 400x400 , FREE STUFF.jpg )
Potential for winning a comic? Sign me up!
>> No. 118923
It's not that big of a deal, really. It's just that I, personally, would rather remain unassociated with MLPchan in any way.

If I submit a piece of art, MLPchan authors are going to write fics about it. If I win, optimistically speaking, it'd be rather duplicitous for me to object to the site in principal, and yet receive a prize from the founder himself.

I gotta be honest, half way through the last round I noticed the "hosted by MLPchan" at the bottom of the site, and I was tempted to withdraw right then and there. But, you know, the fic's were submitted and being judged at that point, so I didn't wanna pull out since I had 3.5 stories affiliated with my art. Would have been... disruptive.

Like I said: I'll have to think about it.
>> No. 118926
>MLPchan authors
It's the same people. Does posting there suddenly make them bad people?

>hosted by MLPchan
Web server hosting isn't free (unfortunately). I'm very lucky that they allow me to host the site on their server, and the little credit down there is the least I could do to say my thanks.

That doesn't mean that the events are necessarily associated with MLPchan.

I understand your grievances with such associations, because it's hard (even for me) to see a lot of the community there as much more than "people that are banned from Ponychan". But xenophobia never really helps anyone, and it'd mean a lot to me if you could put such grievances aside. This whole thing from the beginning has been about community outreach, remember.
>> No. 118929
I don't have a problem with the community. I have a problem with Anonthony. I personally dislike like him as a person, based on the experiences I have had, and don't want anything to do with him or the site he operates. I didn't like him even before he started MLPchan. My problem is not with MLPchan, my problem is the person in charge of it.

That being said, this is pretty much an entirely personal matter. I will be thinking about it. So, kindly drop the issue and give me a little time to mull it over. Accusing me of xenophobia while I'm contemplating whether or not I'm willing to associate with the place? Not helping. The mere fact that I am contemplating it, I hope, shows that I'm not simply being xenophobic.

Besides... I'd rather not bring up unnecessary drama. I was especially hoping I wouldn't have to go into all this. And I definitely don't want to derail the thread of a competition that I'm sure that many others will have a great deal of fun with. :3
>> No. 118930
Even if he's giving you hosting, it's still not free, in the broader sense of the word. By accepting the offer and especially by adding a link, you're associating yourself with him and everything he's done. It's not a matter of xenophobia, it's a matter of 'tainting your brand name', as it were. You have to decide if it's worth the trade-off. When you consider that, $2.99 per month might not seem like such a bad deal in comparison. Or if you ask around, you can probably find somepony less controversial to host with. Bronies are generous souls.
>> No. 118932
Point taken. Sorry if I came off as accusatory.

It's better than free. Macil is a really knowledgeable programmer (much better than me) and very responsive to any requests I make. Getting shell access and that kind of support would cost a lot more than $2.99/month.

I guess I just don't see it as such a big deal. I'm more concerned with making sure the site is as functional as possible and that the events all run smoothly, than dealing with politics.
>> No. 118935
No wonder I always miss prompt voting. Submission and votes are an hour apiece on Sunday morning.

If someone actually makes it to that, stick "Re-gift of the magi" in there for me. I have an idea for a drawimg involving gold, frankincense, myrrh, and that Snuggie someone got one of the Three Kings last year.
>> No. 119091
Prompt submissions start in 24 hours.
>> No. 119113
File 135502174208.png - (26.13KB , 420x263 , Wut-.png )
Might give this one a shot
>> No. 119114
Question: will there be any way to tell what authors are from Ponychan and which are from MLPchan during the voting rounds? Because there might be some bias due to board rivalry.
>> No. 119121
It's usually anonymous 'till voting ends, barring in thread banter/trash talk.

Also, prompt submissions're up, you have half an hour to kick an idea in the kitty.
>> No. 119126
Slim pickin's on prompts. You got 50 minutes to vote.
>> No. 119127
File 135503393164.png - (379.92KB , 1219x1296 , bloom_season_5_safari___by_costantstyle-d4siefz.png )
The prompt is My First New Year's Alone. Art submissions close in about 5 days.

Good luck, everyone!

I can't imagine any real board rivalry happening (because it's mostly the same people), but anonymity is strictly enforced, and vote doctoring is a big no-no. I'd place more concern in (possible) rivalry between the two /art/ boards, because it's a little easier to tell drawing styles apart than writing styles.

In any case, there's plenty of tools and information at my disposal for identifying fraudulent votes.
>> No. 119142
Tough prompt. We shall see if the muse is generous.

Also: in b4 Pony Dan Eggheadlberg.
>> No. 119143
Srsly, wőrdfiltęr?
>> No. 119223
This prompt is kicking my butt. I got one decent idea that I hope to get something good to shake out of the thunbnails, but if nothing materializes by Wednesday I am so phoning it in with Pony Dick Clark in Canterlot Square. (Feel free to steal that. It would warm the dark crevices of my heart-like organ to see the writers bombarded with a wall of Pony Dick...Clark.
>> No. 119224
Wőrdfiltęr is cool with Dick but doesn't like Eggheadlberg? That's kinda anti-semitic.
>> No. 119258
You're looking at it the wrong way. Instead of "I'm not going to enter because Anonthony is giving a prize to the winner", it's "I'm going to enter because I'm going to take Anonthony's stuff and make it my own".
>> No. 119260
And I would have to give him my mailing address.

Yeaaaaaa- No.
>> No. 119263
It's called a P.O. Box. Or an intermediary. Or a friend. Or a "stop thinking it's some conspiracy for him to send you a flyer for why MLPchan cleans better than the other leading brand or your money back, guaranteed".

To be so against someone you've probably never even spent five minutes in a chatroom with seems rather arbitrary.
>> No. 119286
Hey, guys. I've tweaked up the art submission form to be a little more responsive.

- You can edit your submission by going to the "My Submissions" tab
- There's an image preview
- You can add hover text to your image

Let me know as soon as possible if you find any issues with it. Thanks!
>> No. 119317
So am I correct in understanding that if I'm panicking that I won't finish this, I could upload what I have so far then replace that image with the final if I make it in time?
>> No. 119320
Correct. You can make edits as long as submissions are still opened.
>> No. 119356
Awesome. Half-flanked submission turned in, with possible three-quarter-flanked version tomorrow if there's time.

Not many submissions yet. (Possibly because the theme is ridiculous hard.)
>> No. 119397
Gallery's Up!

Pretty much everything I didn't draw, I wish I drew.
>> No. 119398
File 135547099383.png - (76.03KB , 574x938 , chysheepish.png )
I really don't want to provoke any inter-board hostilities, but I've just noticed that Ponychan doesn't get a /fic/ thread for this write-off. Are we drawing just for writers that frequent MLPchan? Is it possible to get a thread on Ponychan's /fic/ just for the sake of more exposure and fairness? I mean if that's okay with you.
>> No. 119399
You can make one if you want. I didn't make one because the people on both sites are the same, and making two threads would just splinter discussion.
>> No. 119404
I see your reasoning, but I think that there are a few lurkers on that board that are still unaware and can benefit from an announcement.

I'll prepare and post a thread later today when I'm finished with work, hopefully with your blessings.
>> No. 119570
My art got three fics based on it?

Who's a silly contest? WHO'S a silly contest?
>> No. 120044

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Winners will be contacted about their prizes shortly.
>> No. 120072
File 135751958784.png - (1.64MB , 1200x763 , background pony in coolie hat is best pony.png )
Woo! Winner of the Coveted Wooden Spoon!

I really, really, thought there were going to be more entries, and most of them were going to be ponies sitting at a bar depressed. So I thought hey, what would be different? Chinese New Year!

Then I thought, you know what's impossibly hard to draw? Ambitiously detailed chinatown backgrounds! So it got scaled back tremendously. Then there were rendering issues with Spike on the milk carton, and post production fixes that made the color worse...

I'm somewhat amused by the preliminary pencil sketches that were then cut apart, rearranged, scotch taped together, then traced to build a foundation for the charcoal work, though.

But I should have just drawn Lyra sitting morosely, sipping a cocktail.
>> No. 120077
Oh, and SpiritShine sneaks another one past us. I was digging that desaturated palette, decided to kill Spike because of it...
>> No. 120099
File 135761732205.png - (154.79KB , 399x484 , 135020305796.png )

I liked your entry as well. It's certainly unique, and I certainly didn't expect an entry of that sort. And also I'm biased because I'm chinese lol~ I also expected more "ponies being lonely at the bar" entries as well, and I just KNEW someone would do something Celestia and Luna related haha
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