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File 135459806863.png - (877.81KB , 900x900 , cadence_by_adailey-d50xxto.png )
118945 No. 118945
Hey everypony! My last thread 404'd.....but I'm back! Drawing head shots, sketches, etc. So request away! :)

My work in case you're interested:

Thanks everypony!
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>> No. 118948
No pony at all?
>> No. 118953
File 135460152948.png - (79.93KB , 400x550 , andreapony.png )
No pony wants me to sketch an OC or two?
>> No. 118956
File 135460174937.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
i request ticket
>pic is ticket
>> No. 118958
Yay!!! Almost done <3
>> No. 118963
File 135460402465.png - (171.39KB , 1600x1200 , adailey_ticket.png )
Here yah go :D!
>> No. 118965
File 135460412846.png - (281.31KB , 689x600 , 113402__UNOPT__safe_lyra_bonbon_artist-cloverminto.png )
Hey Adailey, I was wondering
Could you maybe draw these two being totally cute?
Or just Lyra, if two's too much
>> No. 118969
dear god
you got a paypal?
>> No. 118970
Beautiful art <3. If requests are open, could I request two characters, if not then that's okay. I wanted to make sure before I requested.
>> No. 118972
Hi again! Draw Applejack!
>> No. 118975
I do! But this is a gift, from me to you :) Glad you like it!
>> No. 118976
I can draw Lyra :D!
>> No. 118978
File 135460699912.png - (1.08MB , 1024x727 , 131904033488.png )
>> No. 118980
that is nice but i wish to actually commission some things from you because i think your work is worth it
>> No. 118981
Awwww! Thank you! ;-; But I'm way too busy sadly.... so enjoy the free art? :D
>> No. 118982
You can request your favorite one? :> I'll be going to sleep but I'll try and sneek back on here tomorrow :D
>> No. 118986
i will
>> No. 118993
File 135462267979.jpg - (18.84KB , 478x378 , Sugar Quill.jpg )
If requests are open, could I get one of my OC?

Her cutie mark isn't colored in, but the parchment/scroll should be cream, with the quill being black (feather is dark red, like the stripe in mane/tail).
>> No. 118994
File 135462256364.png - (17.22KB , 300x300 , Sugar Quill_cutiemark.png )

Enlarged cutie mark, yet again sans color.
>> No. 118997
File 135463707481.png - (351.14KB , 556x556 , 5.png )
I'd love you to have a go at drawing Four Block in a festive sweater or stockings!
>> No. 119003
File 135466093064.png - (497.15KB , 1123x816 , Tp.png )

Thanks. ^^ This pony: She's a batpony/thestral, one of Luna's guards if this isn't too hard to draw. A ref of her colors and cutie mark here:
>> No. 119007
File 135467405691.png - (92.71KB , 500x639 , Florid 5.png )
Hi Adey! (Hope you don't mind I call ya that)
I'm just poppin' in to say that I /adore/ your art and absolutely love your style.
I'm not really asking for a request but just saying that I love work.
Stay golden and keep doin what ya do.
>> No. 119012
File 135467746372.png - (430.46KB , 800x800 , lyra.png )
Here she is! :D
>> No. 119013
you really are one of the best ive seen
>> No. 119014
File 135468138884.png - (397.30KB , 800x800 , adailey_pony_freebie.png )
Here she is :)
>> No. 119015
Thank you so much! :)
>> No. 119016
Wow, thank you ;-;!
>> No. 119017
so cute
>> No. 119034
File 135474046794.png - (401.95KB , 2472x3255 , Theawesomestar.png )
Holy teacups and potatoes and boxes full of clipped news articles and other things lying around the room, Batman, how do you not have more requests? :3 Your work is just awesome!

Since there seems to be an overwhelming surplus of no requests, may I ask for a picture of North Star (seen here) giving a half-humored smirk, like a person might have if something made them laugh when they were sad?

Also, how do you feel about foxes?
>> No. 119037
File 135474238779.jpg - (43.26KB , 500x555 , 123697__UNOPT__rule-63_artist-jalm_artist-welcometothejalm_queen-somber_safer.jpg )
Ohai adailey
Could you draw rule 63 of Sombra (Queen Umbra)?
>> No. 119045
Oh my god, she's adorable! Thank you! 8D
>> No. 119058
Hey everypony! I'll try and do more requests tonight if I can, but need to finish up some commissions first :P Sorry about that!
>> No. 119062
File 135485536229.gif - (124.93KB , 650x650 , partypinkwithspinningwhateveritscalled.gif )
Could I get a "ready-for-hugs" pic of Pinkie?
>> No. 119070
My god this is beautiful! ;u;
>> No. 119071
I do have a request for my oc, problem is the picture is outdated and he looks nothing like that now ;A;
Would you accept discriptions?
(Im a writer so i'm pretty good at them :3)
>> No. 119099
File 135496419196.png - (112.92KB , 650x950 , octavia cat faec.png )
She's such a cutie!
Thank you :3
>> No. 119267
Let me see if I can't get a few more in tonight while I warm up :)
>> No. 119313
ohmygosh- can I please commission you?? ;~;
>> No. 119518
>> No. 119588
I'd like to request a picture of Featherduster, but I'm going to have to verbally issue the request.

He's a unicorn and has a short, dark pink mane and a dark purple coat. His eyes are a dull orange and his cutie mark is a feather duster.
>> No. 120024
File 135740698532.png - (1.09MB , 900x1019 , adailey_pinkiebathtime.png )
Hey everypony! Just wanted to leave a heads up here first, but I will be opening commissions tonight over on my dA page. Thank you so much to everypony who expressed interest here :)
>> No. 120028
yo i saw it on DA
and i cant wait
>> No. 120039
Open now! There's 1 slot left :D
>> No. 120040
File 135744234843.jpg - (204.17KB , 927x970 , Rock_the_Mic_by_Lyeric.jpg )
I'd like some Glam Rock!

I haven't thought of a cutie mark for her yet, though...

If you want to make one up for her I'm ok with that. She's an Irish Rockstar pony if that gives you any ideas. Inspired partly by 'Love Hoof' from GTA Vice City and 80's Cheerilee.

Although, this post is a little vague, not sure if you draw OCs or not. I'd gladly draw something for you in return!
>> No. 120041
File 135744251588.jpg - (14.50KB , 258x297 , GlamRock_HappyHappyJoyJoy_Lyeric.jpg )
I like the hair as it's depicted in this pic a bit more.
>> No. 120448
Adailey, would you still happen to be doing requests? I am trying to build up a good inventory of pictures with one of my ocs so I don't have to keep using re-colors, which I really don't like to do.

If you not it's totally fine, I am asking other artists as well, but if you are I would appreciate it so very much! I am not currently on my own laptop or I would leave a picture with this post, but I thought perhaps it's better to ask before assuming.
>> No. 122766
File 136668663307.png - (195.84KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mjgxok5Pp61rfjjs2o1_500.png )
Opening for commissions right quick! These are just $4 and are colored sketches. OC's are very welcome <3!

LINK for more info:
>> No. 126565
Hi everyone! I'm open again for commissions, these go fast and I haven't been open in a LONG time (and won't be for awhile after) Click the link for more info.
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