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File 135484684869.png - (91.60KB , 880x880 )
119057 No. 119057

Hi /art/!

So, quick an to the point. Your brothers at /fic/ are in need of a logo. As you may or may not know, /fic/ is now a beast of multiple boards, so we need something not board-specific, but all about what we do, which is acting as the long-standing premier community for writers and authors.

>Pic related is an example.
We would love to see what our honorable brethren of /art/ might wish to get creative with. Should your work be chosen to represent /fic/ as our logo/brand, be assured it's going to get a LOT of milage, and you will be credited with it's creation (a small "created by ____ " at the bottom of the picture or some such would be a good idea, but that can be edited in after your work is chosen.

This can be canon character, OC, whatever strikes you as awesome; we'd love to see what ideas you've got!

Go crazy!
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>> No. 119064
File 135486263236.png - (167.03KB , 1348x1092 , logo.png )
Hey there! While I'm sure that there are much more capable artists on this board, I might as well toss a few of my concept sketches here. They're meant to just give an idea of the design. If any one of them is picked, I'll be sure to finish it.

The design of a logo is a two way street, so I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions. I'm also open to any revisions if necessary.

Sooooo... yeah, I hope you like it!
>> No. 119065
File 135486295460.jpg - (35.24KB , 462x462 , 9842001_gal.jpg )
These are excellent concept sketches, Conicer. Thank you for your participation, as it's greatly appreciated!

We'll see if a few other people pitch in and help.
>> No. 119123
I'm intrigued. Any deadlines in mind?
>> No. 119146
File 135507901482.jpg - (10.58KB , 200x290 , 6393566_gal.jpg )
It doesn't seem like Daring has put any official deadlines up, but I'd assume you only have a couple of weeks. Anyway, more stuff for y'all:

If you can, use Daring Do or Twilight Sparkle in the image. And, if you want more inspiration for what /fic/ is like, see ( Have a good one, and thanks to anyone who participates!
>> No. 119214
File 135509243445.png - (170.67KB , 1600x1200 , logo2.png )
Arrg, I somehow garbled the tripcode. You can really tell I'm new to posting. :P

Here's a few more I came up with in response to >>119146 . Hopefully they're a little closer to the mark.

I'm currently designing in the dark here. Any comments on the logos so far? Does any of them looks better than the others?
>> No. 119216
(2) in >>119064 is really good. The look on Daring Do's(?) face captures the /fic/ charm perfectly.

As it is, it seems as if she's disgruntled by the viewer distracting her from the book. It'd make more sense if she was reading something like an archaeology textbook (i.e., something interesting (to her)).

Also, am I right to assume will you be handwriting the text? Because the font there is a bit, uh, plain. Looks placeholder-y.
>> No. 119217
Number two is a nice choice. :) It's meant to be a small allusion to Merriam Webster's dictionary logo. I'll get started on that one then.

I can make the title look handwritten if you like. Any references of the font (posters, covers, other logos, etc.) would be very much appreciated here. Generally, I'd stay away from the fancier fonts because they tend to hinder the readability and clarity of the logo.
>> No. 119218
File 135509706389.jpg - (34.17KB , 520x250 , sapir.jpg )
Well, I don't know an awful lot about fonts, so don't take this as gospel or anything.

I think for the word "/fic/", a weighty font would work well to make it more pronounced, and serifs would make it a little less plain. A good example is FFF Tusj, a handwritten version of Georgia (

I don't know whether keeping the outer text would look better or worse, as leaving it out makes the logo less wordy (which is always good for logos, I think). Making a version with/without would probably be a good idea. For the outer text, I'd contrast the thicker body text with a thinner sans-serif font, for example in attached pic.

Then again, if you put that all together it might just look awful. I can't really visualise it. Again, not gospel.
>> No. 119220
I have an idea for a logo... give me a day to work it up.
>> No. 119222
File 135510840978.png - (120.57KB , 600x1200 , logo5.png )
Alright, I've cleaned up the second logo and have taken your suggestions on the fonts into account. Take a look over it and tell me what you think. :)
>> No. 119229
Heh. Nice work again, Conicer. I've enjoyed your art in the past, and this is no exception.
>> No. 119230
File 135511526421.jpg - (6.61KB , 201x251 , 7.jpg )
Thank you a great deal, Conicer. Personally, I like number one on >>119064 best, but the lettering could use a slightly different font.

To anyone that 's interested, here's a link to two lists of fonts that you might want to use:

Keep fighting the good fight!
>> No. 119232
Thank you for your kind words! I'm not sure if I've already told you this, but it really was a pleasure working with you (however indirectly) on the cover. I welcome any further requests from you if you ever need any more custom covers in the future.

I see you favor the minimalist style, which is very nice since it has the most potential to stick around the longest in the audience's mind, even after a passing glance.

Which font would you suggest for the text area? I'm currently using "Existence Light", which to my surprise is also on your linked 40 fonts list.
>> No. 119272
File 135520389975.jpg - (29.63KB , 462x462 , 9842613_gal.jpg )
>Which font would you suggest for the text area? I'm currently using "Existence Light", which to my surprise is also on your linked 40 fonts list.

Ah, my apologies. Those fonts weren't meant as a "use this, okay?" to you, but rather "here are a bunch of options" to whoever wants to participate. I linked both serif and sans-serif font lists so that there could be resources for both clean design and interesting, eye-catching design. I think #1 would look nice in Athena Unicode ( [maybe even have a little ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE?], but I know very little about aesthetics. I'm a writer, not a painter or designer. I want to leave as much as possible up to individual artists, since individual artists have the "knack" for these kinds of things, what what?

Anyway, I hope that this helps.
>> No. 119283
File 135521763954.png - (31.96KB , 554x549 , logo6.png )
I've cleaned up number one and changed the font to "Athena Unicode." Have a look over it and tell me what you think.

It really doesn't matter if you don't have a knack for aesthetics or design. I assume that the logo you choose (either by judge, committee, or general vote) will be seen by many viewers like you, so your opinion on how it looks is just as valid as mine. This is why I would like a much feedback as possible (first impressions of the work is the most useful), it's better to have a "perfect" logo than one that is sorta there.
>> No. 119293
File 135526109175.png - (83.20KB , 119x125 , octavia, ummmm.png )
I'll try to doodle something tomorrow

But question for the mod
Will only /fic/ be getting a logo?
If yes, why not make logos for every board? It could look kind of nice, we have a lot of artists, better or worse
With a little ammount of work, it could be added and randomly swapped, so you'd always get something else, with repeats after a bit...

I kind of overdid it
But an answer for the first question would be nice
>> No. 119310
Just realized: is MLPchan's /fic/ going to be using this logo as well? If so, I'll (regrettably) have to withdraw my participation.

I can still offer critique and commentary, though.

One of the things to consider about a logo is how it'll look when it's really large or really small. The character art in most of these wouldn't work so small at a really small scale.

The logo in the upper left corner of >>119064? That drawing of twilight would be recognizable as a silhouette, so it'd be recognizable at a much smaller size. At the same time, a fully drawn version at a large size would still have visual interest.

I think it's worth considering the difference between a logo, and a banner image. A logo doesn't have to be big and fancy, it primarily has to be recognizable. If you want something that looks good, make a banner, and include the logo in it. To that end, I wouldn't put a character in the design.

Choice of font primarily depends on two things: personality, and scale.

A small point size calls for readability and simplicity, which is why serif'd fonts aren't the best choice for body text. On the other hand, a large point size calls for visual Interest, such as a script or bastard-gothic font.

Now... logotypes are a special case. These don't have to be readable, they just have to be recognizable. Case in point: The CNN logo ( ). It's readability is actually really poor, but it's highly recognizable. Everyone knows it reads "CNN" for the same reason we know that ☢ means radioactive. Same goes for the Coca-Cola logo. It's barely readable at any size, but you identify the big swooshes and the arrangement of the words immediately.

So: even if a logotype isn't readable at any size... as long as it's recognizable it does the job.

My suggestion for something like this: >>119222 (nice GET, by the way) would be to use a more unique font for "/fic/" and make that a logotype. Go with a font that has the right personality, is recognizable at a small size, and is visually interesting at a large size. Don't even worry about readability. Use the circle with Derring-Do, with the logotype in it, as banner art.

By the way: my main source of fonts is Their license allows non-profit groups to use their free fonts, so it should be alright for /fic/.
>> No. 119321
Aye, those are very good points. I often forget that I'm designing logos rather than banners or covers and keep scalability and iconography in mind. Though I suppose it's up to the /fic/ people to decide where to go with final logo. In the meanwhile I'll see if I can whip up a few more additional concepts. Thank you so much for the critique! I'm rather new to designing logos myself, so t'was a mighty helpful one.

Yeah, I'm also very wary of MLPchan too, since its arrival seems to have fragmented the /fic/ community greatly. However, I try not to hold any ill will against them unless they (the leadership or userbase) become actively malevolent towards Ponychan. I just hope the logo and branding will provide some help to pull the /fic/ community back together.
>> No. 119357
File 135537620362.jpg - (6.55KB , 207x244 , 5.jpg )
>Just realized: is MLPchan's /fic/ going to be using this logo as well? If so, I'll (regrettably) have to withdraw my participation.

Should you present the logo with any stipulation (such as "I don't want this logo on MLPchan's /fic/"), I'm certain that the community will oblige your request. I personally would do everything in my power to ensure it, for one.

>Yeah, I'm also very wary of MLPchan too, since its arrival seems to have fragmented the /fic/ community greatly.

Not really. We haven't changed by posting on MLPchan. It's the same people doing the same thing. The only thing that's changed, really, is the site staff. And since quite a few of us are still active on Pchan, I don't see where exactly people are getting this idea of a "split".

(It would help you to understand we have our own IRC anyway, so there's not much chance of becoming too disassociated with each other, even if some choose one exclusively over the other.)

Also, no more about /fic/ politics, especially from those that don't have to endure them every day. We might be the most bureaucratic board with most likely the smallest active userbase, but we're also the most closely-knit.
>> No. 119369
It wasn't just the /fic/ community. Many communities around the site were thrown into temporary turmoil upon MLPchan's appearance, due to the rather aggressive approach their administration adopted towards trying to gain users. The intrusiveness of that effort and their disregard for the health of the communities they court is why you see so many people here and abroad who are so opposed to getting involved with anything they touch. There are examples from just about every board on the site if you dig a little. The active malevolence was never really directed at Ponychan as a whole, it was more of a collective effort to turn the users against the administration. I think that was done out of a belief that people would be better off there, and to manipulate them into a state of restlessness and into moving for that reason, rather than out of any deep-seated ill will towards the communities themselves. Thankfully, now that they're established to a degree, they have more eyeballs keeping them accountable for community relations, and so in recent months that malevolence has become markedly less prominent. We seem to be entering an era of relative peace, tenuous though it may be, and as long as they continue to keep their acrimony in check, I don't see why we shouldn't participate in cross-site efforts like these to try to pave over the misdeeds of the past and start to heal some of the remaining rifts in the community.
>> No. 119646
Just to let y'all know this is still a thing.

Also, !!DaringDo, where are ya, buddy?
>> No. 119745
File 135630584262.png - (211.66KB , 1600x1200 , logobatch.png )
Haven't lost interest yet. I've just came off of the tail end of an exam week, so I should be a little more active now.

I've made a bunch of concept logos in the meanwhile. Hopefully some of them looks adequate? Any comments or critiques would be much appreciated.

Glad to hear that the /fic/ community is still healthy and well! I suppose I was just jumping to conclusions from my "outsider's perspective" of the board.

And an affirmative on the 'no politics' thing. I'll try to refrain from doing so.
>> No. 119760
File 135642436419.png - (580.55KB , 735x795 , img-255578-1-zPFG6.png )
I'm probably not going to get around to drawing anything, and honestly really liking some of Conicer's concepts, but wanted to toss something out there in case others are as goofy as me:

One of those two button typewriters from Ponyville Confidential being thrown through a window, preferably with the /FIC/! in a speech balloon

No idea how you'd iconize that, but it sums up my experience with writing fanfic nicely.
>> No. 119761
File 135642591360.png - (458.54KB , 1280x1024 , fic concepts.png )
I do so love those two button typewriters.

(I'm too lazy to clean this up, but you're welcome to the idea. I can see someone really quick with vectors being able to give you concept #1.5 with about thirty different flavors of typing pony.)
>> No. 119807
Why have I not seen this yet? This thread is amazing!

I'll wear one of these proudly :)
>> No. 119808
File 135664195373.jpg - (20.65KB , 462x462 , 12118425_gal.jpg )

I do love all your sketches, Conicer. In fact, I've gone ahead and integrated one into My FiMFic user page: (

I'll put a notation crediting you if you'd like, but it just looks so gorram beautiful as it is. >_>
>> No. 119876
File 135685505481.png - (234.65KB , 1600x1200 , logo16.png )
Aaaaand here's my last batch of logos for the time being.

I'm just need some clarification from the peeps running this event, how will the logos be picked? I'd also like to know how and when will it be announced. It's been about three weeks since my first submission, so please excuse me for being a bit frisky.

I'm also liking the typewriter idea. I've been struggling to come up with ways to represent most authors' usual input device (keyboard/mouse), and yours is a simple and elegant way of doing so. I wish you the best of luck with your entry. :)

Thanks for the complements! If there is a logo you really like, I can offer to clean, color, and polish it for you (this also goes for anyone else interested). The picture on your Fimfiction page seems to be 404ing on me though.
>> No. 119880
File 135691516668.jpg - (9.70KB , 200x252 , 4.jpg )

Huh. That's strange. Does this link work?:

If not, it's the second one on the very right of (>>119745).

Seattle/!!DaringDo appears to be MIA right now, so I don't know what to tell you. He'll probably be back in a week or two, though.
>> No. 119881
File 135691548597.png - (11.99KB , 474x209 , Fic.png )

HERPADERP. I should have just put it in the image. :/

Anyway, tell me if the one on my page is still 404'd. It looks fine to me.
>> No. 119883
File 135692792277.png - (591.99KB , 1680x945 , ex7.png )
Sorry, it's still not showing up on my side. Perhaps Dropbox doesn't allow access to that file from my IP address? I think using a general image hoster would be more appropriate here.

I've also taken the liberty of cleaning up, polishing, and hosting that logo here:
Hope you like it, and I hope you guys had a good holiday!
>> No. 119886
File 135693904521.png - (457.81KB , 648x479 , Fic Page Badge.png )

Heh. Sorry about that. Thank you for that spiffy image, though. I mean... wow.

Everything should be in order now.
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