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File 135526130625.gif - (65.83KB , 267x199 , 3722122+_6d89bce6f77c7dcb26ab2d909a557be8.gif )
119294 No. 119294
#Digital #Gallery
So I heard people were encouraged to make a gallery thread. I don't have as much My Vertically Deficient Equine art, that I can post here, as I remember, but I'll get around to it.

First picture unrelated because I can.
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>> No. 119295
File 135526182881.png - (665.79KB , 1200x525 , eternal wanderings tiny size because ponychan y u do dis.png )
Older piece. I could've put more time in on this but I was getting sick of it and at the time I had a poor laptop and I found it writing death threats against my life because of this project.
>> No. 119296
File 135526173486.png - (133.06KB , 1000x757 , Filthy Rich Bond г.png )
Here's one I just forgot about and never got around to finishing. It's Filthy Rich for those who like names. I know, I changed the hair color, but Bond doesn't look the same with brown hair.
>> No. 119297
File 135526206707.png - (85.46KB , 1200x863 , I really should've saved the vector file but I lost it when I wiped my laptop to make space.png )
I just noticed when I was tinkering around with the site settings, looking for the acceptable content restrictions, that one of my art pieces is a theme. I'm not sure if I should be proud or horrified considering how old and, therefore, bad it is. Hell, I was a junior in high school then.
>> No. 119298
File 135526303657.png - (0.97MB , 675x1000 , my queen edit.png )
I actually went back into this sketch just to make a SFW edit for you lot. Ponychan and the High Renaissance era wouldn't have gotten along well, but I understand why they don't want to put up with some people's tripe.
>> No. 119299
File 135526302766.png - (299.47KB , 1000x667 , pinkie noir.png )
Another, slightly dated, but I still think it looks alright in spots.
>> No. 119300
File 135526346837.png - (1.62MB , 847x668 , stalkyerv-Recovered b.png )
Relatively recent. That gas mask looks long, but that's just me failing to express the angle of the character's head properly.
>> No. 119301
File 135526326191.png - (846.43KB , 968x1000 , stalker paint.png )
Older, back when I thought I knew everything.
>> No. 119302
File 135526380009.png - (170.36KB , 775x800 , spoiler.png )
A joke, an excuse to draw Pinkie's hair in a pompadour or something close to it.

Spoiler thing because I don't expect people to be very tolerant. I'll savor the irony of that statement later.
>> No. 119303
File 135526364830.png - (519.76KB , 1000x805 , creation of twilight 1000px.png )
A lark.
>> No. 119304
File 135526419639.png - (301.10KB , 466x807 , spoiler.png )
And of course, my greatest masterpiece. Currently on display at The Louvre in Paris, France.

Spoilered to prevent aspiring artists from losing all hope of ever reaching this magnitude. Proceed at your own risk.
>> No. 119308
That is one of the most buckin' gorgeous things I've seen in a good long while. The high contrast shadows in the background juxtaposed with the softer rendering on the figure makes for some variety in the visuals. The luminous edging on the contours of the hair give her an ephemeral quality. Both of these things make the image surreal and dreamlike, yet give it a stark and clinical reality. Very nice.

/art/ has a max filesize of 8192k... 660K was the largest it let you upload? That doesn't sound right. o_O

Harsh, dramatic lighting in the foreground, softened background. Once again, loving the visual contrast.

The muscles on this are awesome. Getting that kind of definition for a lean build isn't easy to pull off (without making the figure look like a mesomorphic governor on steroids, that is).

I like the wide variety in your visuals. Some of your work has soft rendering, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, some of it is more chiaroscuro, and this one is just flat colors and lines. Mad props.

They were expecting >>119295 and you sent them this one instead, didn't you? :3
>> No. 119329
File 135532093786.png - (1.91MB , 2400x1051 , eternal wanderings 2400px.png )
I tried to upload my Michelangelo parody in full res and got an error message, that was only just shy of 1700px in the largest. Things sure is funny, aren't they?

Also, the knees are bugging me, they look too low on the leg to me. I should fix that some day, but I probably won't.
>> No. 119338
File 135535557382.png - (475.30KB , 788x1000 , spoiler.png )
Here's something I did in pencil while at a random con. It's a genderswap of Zecora, but spoilered because butt.

It's a bit of a hazy scan and there are some flaws in the drawing anyway, but I was several miles away from any reference material and nohuman (fuckthepolice) at the con wanted to take their shirt off.
>> No. 119340
File 135535602487.jpg - (6.25KB , 157x120 , 3cc6eb978becf9666e68c1a219d58a2e.jpg )

This site has a filter. I don't like filters.
>> No. 119341
File 135535616742.gif - (33.98KB , 194x198 , Was+nt+a+funny+post+until+I+read+Brock0eyed_+I+_ab38ef41e1cfd90ef6d34af157d61a14.gif )
I found away around it. Fixed.
>> No. 119433
File 135552872028.png - (353.39KB , 1200x962 , drinking man.png )
I haven't been drawing much lately, my arm has been hurting in a way that sounds suspiciously like carpal tunnel. As such, I'm just going to upload something that may or may not be pony related, see if anyone kicks up a fuss.

Who knew Lyra was a wife beater?
>> No. 119436
File 135553054275.png - (674.07KB , 545x1000 , spoiler.png )
Cropped from a picture I'm afraid I'll have to refrain from uploading here, so I went ahead and spoilered it just for good measure.
>> No. 119497
File 135560489059.png - (249.86KB , 1000x811 , syndicate wip a.png )
-Work in progress sketch
I just recently got into Syndicate (2012) and beat the game, now I'm sorting through it on hard mode. People who've played even a little bit of the game will probably recognize this pose.
>> No. 119636
File 135587649585.png - (154.82KB , 1200x940 , syndicate b wip a.png )
Linework done, hand is feeling a little bit better.
Colored in the cutie mark, looked too much like a recycling symbol without it, couldn't stand it.
>> No. 119639
Keep meaning to ask if you've done any formal art school stuff.

Mainly 'cause I hold out hope that maybe I just need to take a class at the community college to paint a moonscape like that.

Otherwise, how-to books you read or other artists you copy. I've run out of Loomis pdfs and need something else to study or else I'll actually have to start drawing something myself.
>> No. 119651
I took a drawing class only recently and I hated it, I was already about half done with the Luna painting you're referring to, or I think you're referring to, when I started that class. I tried to place out of it, showed my portfolio to the college art director, but no dice. I knew some people in the class with me who legitimately had AP college credit from high school and were supposed to be able to place out but also failed, so I call shenanigans. Either way, the class felt like I was back in fourth grade and I pretty much just slacked off and looked like an arsehole(shove it, filter), which I probably am, so points for consistency.

When I was young I read and hoarded every single one of those "Ermehgurrd thish is hao u darw manga" books I could find. Can't say it helped, can say it hurt. It got me stuck in a stylistic rut for longer than I ever want to be stuck again. Time is a terrible thing to waste when you're young. Can't say I've ever heard of Loomis, but he can't be any worse than trapping yourself in a style that separates itself from reality. Maybe I'm being to harsh on it all.

If anything helped me learn to draw it's an amusing mixture of spite and perfectionism. I'm just one of those people where if people don't expect me to succeed, I want nothing more than to prove them wrong. I've always had a perfectionist streak about me, I'm not sure how I ever finish a drawing. Hell, I'd still be working on that painting of Luna to this day if my laptop hadn't started complaining about the gigabyte of RAM that thing was chewing up by just being open. I still look back at it and pick it apart with criticism, frankly I'm amazed that I seem to be the only one who does that, maybe everyone else is just less vocal than me.

But, I've been talking about myself for far too long. Get some good reference, NASA is a nice place to start if you're looking for space. Find something that will keep you going, like a song or a person, anything to keep you from giving up. Lastly, think big. If you want to capture your medium, there's no reason to shrink it down.

Oh, and if you're interested in drawing people, or in this case ponies, draw porn. I hate to say it, but about 90% of my pony art is stuff I can't post here because of that detail. I learned a lot about structure and muscles from about a year or so now, I think, of drawing erotic material. Just don't let it be bland, you'll lose your self respect. Draw it, but draw something interesting about it, or you're just another artist drawing Twilight Sparkle spreading her legs for no reason. Find art amongst the crass and cliche. Hell, if you can do that, you might not even need to read anything else on this page.
>> No. 119661
Nice art! I love your variance in line weight on the last one. Your understanding of anatomy seems to be fairly strong. You could probably work on composition and painting a bit.

keep practicing - keep posting!
>> No. 119669
File 135596596480.jpg - (113.16KB , 715x691 , IMG_20121219_185738.jpg )
>Never heard of Loomis.
He's this guy from the 40's and 50's who basically took all the same classes from the same teachers that Joyce Ballantyne and Norman Rockwell did. Then he wrote a bunch of books.

Probably authored the most helpful ten pages on perspective I have ever seen.

I feel like I should be on your doorstep in a crisp white button down shirt and black tie...

[Edit: Forgot to leave a pamphlet: ]
>> No. 119678
File 135597860554.png - (407.73KB , 1500x1280 , syndicate psd.png )
And done, I really liked Syndicate, but my arm hurts too much lately to play it as much as I did Metro 2033.
>> No. 119704
File 135606915787.png - (442.10KB , 1500x644 , 300 psd.png )
This isn't even pony, but it's not half bad and I feel I might as well post something now and then if it's good and I haven't shared it here yet.

Did this a while ago as a speedpaint, maybe an hour or so start to finish. I still like the way the helmet came out just as much as I hate the way the cape looks. So I brush away the cape on the excuse that it's a speedpaint and come out on top.
>> No. 119711
File 135612664119.jpg - (13.13KB , 120x120 , 18482d33_a786_32dd.jpg )
By the way, I do video work sometimes, just for kicks. PMV type stuff.
Forewarning, li'l bit of cussing in the audio track, in case that's a problem. I'm not gonna link every single video I make because that'd be stupid, so consider that a link to my channel if you're interested.
>> No. 119746
yo dude, My comp had a wicked hardcore virus on it that wiped a lot of my shit. Good thing I use an external that's always plugged in. Phew.. Anyways, I'm making the n-thing, here's a preview
>> No. 119749
Neat-o mate, but you might want to post that on your thread instead. It's your art, not mine, after all.
>> No. 119758
File 135641418708.png - (932.94KB , 2000x1300 , fall of an old god draft.png )
Draft of a something. If you have advice or see something wrong with the pose, I'd very much like to hear from you.

The premise was going to be someone falling to their death, then I changed it to Celestia doing something I hadn't decided yet before I changed it again to generic unnamed past god falling to their deaths for whatever reason. I just felt like doing a painting. Spawned from me thinking about the concept of someone feeling ready/content to die.
>> No. 119786
File 135658407526.png - (97.33KB , 1200x720 , vendetta crop.png )
Random dooblings, bout an hour or more, small project.
>> No. 119787
File 135658458948.png - (2.92KB , 8x8 , color sample.png )
That is way darker than what it was in Photoshop. Weird as all hell. Here's a tiny sample from the picture and Photoshop says it's the color #242629, or 36,38,41. Is there something really painfully stupid I'm doing wrong here?
>> No. 119789
File 135658492034.png - (2.48MB , 1200x720 , vendetta crop c.png )
Messed with the curves, made it intentionally lighter, got it closer to what Photoshop was telling me the original looked like. Is there a setting I need to mess with to make Photoshop not bullshit me?
>> No. 119800
I want to say there are checkboxes and sliders for the export settings in color management (used to be the Edit menu, but I haven't used a copy of PS in years, I think I'm four versions behind.

I am far too amused by your picture. I assume it's Pinkie Pie behind the mask. She just seems the anarchist type.
>> No. 119832
File 135665848993.png - (2.52MB , 1200x720 , vendetta crop colortest.png )
I poked around and found something similar to what you were talking about. Apparently "North America General Purpose 2" and "Monitor Color" are completely different settings, but that won't stop Photoshop from displaying in one and exporting in the other.
>> No. 119985
File 135724419105.png - (1.21MB , 1108x1200 , lol i dunno.png )
original character do not steal
>> No. 120175
File 135779615743.png - (923.83KB , 800x496 , russian roulette cmc.png )
They ended up covered in tree sap. It was never explained.

Gee, I sure hope nobody gets butt hurt over this.
>> No. 120182
File 135784079009.png - (1.17MB , 604x800 , pinkie otherside.png )
A short doodle based on a song.
>> No. 120214
This cracks me up. Then again, I am a horrible, horrible person. (Critique: Needs those Deer Hunter headband things...)
>> No. 120247
File 135810974827.png - (3.15MB , 790x1000 , 01-10-2013 chippendale pinkie.png )
Suggestive at best, but NSFW tag for good measure.
Turnips are awesome.
>> No. 120346
File 135839153402.png - (3.16MB , 1200x800 , outlaws.png )
Human piece I did recently, thought it would be interesting to share.
>> No. 120375
File 135847883942.jpg - (105.18KB , 763x800 , pony falk.jpg )
Columbo was a nice show
>> No. 120405
Columbo pony is best pony. (His eyes are both facing in the same direction, though. Needs more glass eye.)
>> No. 120413
File 135863350071.png - (1.69MB , 1449x868 , avatar.png )
I've never tried to ponify a robot before.
>> No. 120594
File 135923890798.png - (741.08KB , 984x665 , shrug kane b.png )
I've been busy.
>> No. 121397
File 136223600494.png - (1.43MB , 800x795 , pinkie walking on sunshine.png )
You know, I forgot I had a thread here.
>> No. 121433
File 136230221456.png - (1.37MB , 670x750 , pinkie walking on sunshine paint.png )
No really, I did
>> No. 121701
File 136304070580.png - (1.38MB , 736x1000 , pinkie buddah.png )
I should bookmark this page so I stop forgetting.
>> No. 121702
Please do. I enjoy this thread.

I'm not much for "anthro" or whatever the kids call it, but I envy your paint rendering. I've yet to figure that stuff out...
>> No. 121835
File 136376805853.png - (3.91MB , 1500x902 , pericles fin.png )
I really haven't been drawing as much as I should.
>> No. 122020
File 136405148865.png - (1.72MB , 928x1000 , neu christus.png )
What pony stuff I do draw, I can't post here. So here, have a robot.
>> No. 122050
Perfessor Pericles! (I was slow to get on board with the latest Scooby Doo incarnation, but I am enjoying it.)
>> No. 122077
File 136429651674.jpg - (150.14KB , 1500x1059 , poneechn max fiel siz pls.jpg )
A WiP shot because I haven't posted MLP related in half a month, I think.

Ponychan doesn't like my addiction to .png files. I had to drop the quality and make it a .jpeg to get under the max file size.
>> No. 122089
File 136431780562.jpg - (542.80KB , 3540x2956 , zec bathe wip b.jpg )
More polished WiP. I'm mostly just posting them here so I can link my friends to them. 1:1 res, if anyone really cares about that.
>> No. 122107
File 136438961266.jpg - (575.12KB , 4464x3424 , zec bathe wip c.jpg )
Turned off the background lineart layer. I'm gonna keep posting periodical WiPs in the hopes that it helps people.

I'd post a picture of the thumbnail I drew to start the process, but I deleted that layer. Whoops. Anyway, I doodled it up really fast to put the idea into ink, then literally just copied the layer and blew it up two or three times its size and then it became my line layer and I started refining it. Selected out the character with the poly-lasso tool and created a new layer via cut, that became my character layer and the background lines were on a new layer, for neatness/OCD sake. Then I just started the painty bits by making new layers under the lines and scribbling in colors till it looked like a first grader had at it with a crayon, and that's where the first WiP I posted here was at. Lot of you probably know this process already, but I feel it's worth saying. Besides, it keeps me going to think that people are actually waiting on me.

I just noticed it says "Wil". Guess I accidentally pressed undo instead of save one time.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 27th, 2013 07:51

>> No. 122112
File 136441934390.jpg - (523.80KB , 3348x3304 , zec bathe-Recovered wip d.jpg )
More shots. Considering cropping off all that extra space on the right. Probably won't, the picture seems a bit cramped without it, but it does have a nice impact on the scale with less room to breathe. The water effects were as easy as they were unintentional. I planned to use a brush I used for flesh to add some mist-like effects, but I tapped once and the texture looked interesting, so I went with that approach. First real detail on Zecora's shading and finally doing something with all that greenery on the underside of the cave ceiling. About 90% of this was all done with a square brush, though. Little bit of pressure sensitivity on the flow and angle and that's about it for the bells and whistles.
>> No. 122117
File 136445846817.gif - (33.64KB , 483x288 , tumblr_mjmjualnxZ1rjvtt5o1_500.gif )
If not the fact that all of your ponies look like stallions, I'd say it's awesome
Because everything but the character's face is amazing
>> No. 122125
I was going for a slightly aged look, but I guess I can see where you're coming from with that. I'll try rounding down the chin a bit or something.
>> No. 122165
File 136467186038.png - (140.33KB , 1000x1000 , 236188__UNOPT__safe_solo_lyra_monochrome_simple-background_artist-mewball_png.png )
I'm not sure if you do get it, really, because looking at any female pony you drew, they all look great but the snout.
It's always creeping me out in a way that shouldn't be there, because they're all amazing...
>> No. 122174
File 136473537222.jpg - (553.71KB , 3810x3389 , zec bathe-Recovered wip e.jpg )
Hell, I couldn't tell you a male snoot from a female one. I just do what I can with what I've got, and what I've got is a horse and I'm supposed to make it look nice. I spent much of my early high school years submerged in the furry culture, so maybe I'm just used to it.

Unrelated aside, I think what little of a painting technique I have would be along the lines of dotting things endlessly, cycling between two colors, till it looks alright. Maybe everybody does that and I just don't know it. I don't know many artists even in passing, much less on a personal level. Also, water is annoying to draw. It still looks terrible to me. That and the clouds, jeezis the clouds look bad. I'll redo them.
>> No. 122180
You doing this on artrage hoss?
>> No. 122182
File 136476521273.jpg - (52.00KB , 400x400 , potatoshop.jpg )
Personally, I prefer Brotoshop.
>> No. 122358
File 136536586083.jpg - (401.33KB , 1000x915 , zec bathe-Recovered.jpg )
Playing too many video games. I settled on this, close enough for jazz.
>> No. 122551
I like the Pingu gif. Source please?
>> No. 122553
Some Funnyjunk thread in the 80's. I couldn't see the name through my frizzy hair back then. I was on a lot of LSD.

The only other thing I've seen like was on a flash-loop website notorious for not citing sources.
>> No. 122735
File 136655475096.jpg - (492.02KB , 1424x626 , aviation high.jpg )
People like 420, right? Well here's a 421 because I've been lazy.
>> No. 122800
File 136694260528.jpg - (391.16KB , 1000x566 , scootaskate-Recovered.jpg )
Happy today-day, every day is today-day, every day can be celebrated in all its mediocrity.
>> No. 122804
Wow, that's some crazy good accurate anatomy you've got. Seriously impressive.
>> No. 122805
File 136695994702.jpg - (192.87KB , 393x391 , 1334990416904.jpg )
It looked better the first time before Photoshop crashed and I realized I hadn't saved in the past twenty minutes.
>> No. 122814
Yeah, honestly that last one didn't quite measure up to your previous ones, I was more speaking of the whole gallery. Not to say that the last one is bad, just that the rest were that much more impressive.

Sorry to hear about photoshop crashing on you, though.
>> No. 122815
Flattering none the less. The Scootaloo was a speedpaint if anything. It doesn't appropriately render her because it's a reference to something else.
>> No. 122816
Ah, it did kind of seem a slightly different style. Guess the reference just flew over my head.
>> No. 122847
File 136718806515.jpg - (459.30KB , 1000x667 , skaterloo.jpg )
no cutie mark

>> No. 122885

>Followed link from your tumblr.
>> No. 122904
I forgot I put that link there. Tumblr is kind of an organizational mess, it just lumps everything in chronological order.
>> No. 122905
Wait a second, how the hell do you have no name? Not even a simple "Anon", it's just blank.
>> No. 122906
I think it's an alt code for a space, or something.

Alt+255 I think. Yeah. It looks like a space, but it counts as a character...not totally certain about it.
>> No. 122937
Yeah, it does...


it's a chacter code thingy I think. it's uh

>> No. 122939
File 136755952990.jpg - (88.15KB , 500x600 , q0uccBi.jpg )
Thanks bro, gimmie a second to find that key

>> No. 123004
File 136800306339.jpg - (300.95KB , 684x919 , guard spooning.jpg )

I can has doodle
>> No. 123115
File 136844138943.jpg - (520.64KB , 1000x666 , morph post.jpg )
Ehhhhhhhhhh. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
>> No. 123228
File 136889819180.jpg - (287.94KB , 542x800 , dark ones.jpg )
The dark ones really got a lot more cut-scene fan service in Last Light.
>> No. 123400
File 136942153435.jpg - (469.12KB , 1000x667 , hunt.jpg )
zebras or zebros?
>> No. 124297
File 137186819939.jpg - (0.99MB , 929x1000 , a god am i.jpg )
>> No. 124379
File 137220868094.jpg - (709.63KB , 748x687 , dan3.jpg )
If you don't draw for a while you start to derp.
>> No. 125021
File 137439508719.jpg - (601.40KB , 722x748 , let's groove.jpg )
Ha ha ha
I don't know what auto-sage means :D
>> No. 125035
Aye Bro, I'm just curious, are you professionally trained? Based on interactions I have seen with you and others I get the feeling that you are.
>> No. 125052
File 137446723170.jpg - (110.66KB , 289x289 , the bro brothers.jpg )
I took an art class once back in high school. Does that count?

I'm studying film in college so there might be a little bit of crossover in technique and conceptualization, but I'm far from professional.
>> No. 125053

Huh... I could have sworn you were... Oh well, the closest I got was mechanical drafting and pipeline design. They did teach me technical illustration and that helped...

I could imagine there are plenty of artistic direction techniques that can be applied based on what you are currently studying.
>> No. 125140
File 137463141688.jpg - (713.48KB , 1500x895 , i'm alive.jpg )
i did a thing
>> No. 125372
File 137526621070.jpg - (153.34KB , 1970x932 , mad3pon.jpg )
Proportions are probably horridly awry
>> No. 125430
File 137557138287.jpg - (491.69KB , 1500x836 , dj th1ghs.jpg )
the further adventures of thing
>> No. 125435
This is so funny! Pingu is adorable, I'd like to see him ponified please.
>> No. 125482
File 137581085329.gif - (1.17MB , 400x400 , dj-test-04.gif )
I can't optimize gifs very well.
>> No. 125484

Full resolution
(you have to download it before it will play, though)

Last edited at Tue, Aug 6th, 2013 16:38

>> No. 125569
File 137625622730.jpg - (1.02MB , 839x1020 , let there be lights.jpg )
I don't understand people's squeamishness over nudes. I think they're beautiful. We shouldn't need to protect our children from beauty.

I could go on, but I won't.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 15:21

>> No. 125614
File 137637055159.jpg - (285.03KB , 1200x789 , swat gilda.jpg )
>> No. 125671
File 137677108076.jpg - (178.34KB , 1100x632 , bad kingdom.jpg )
>> No. 125690
File 137689611371.jpg - (374.65KB , 1201x666 , signal.jpg )
none of you know what this is from
>> No. 125747
File 137732889098.jpg - (256.17KB , 900x743 , photo finish.jpg )
>> No. 125748
I don't think its that NSFW. Its alright to me.
>> No. 125749
File 137733162779.jpg - (110.66KB , 289x289 , the bro brothers.jpg )
A wiser man than myself once said, "I'd rather my son watched a film of two people making love than two people trying to kill each other," but this community is on edge enough as it is. I'm willing to tag the touchy stuff if it'll let people focus on real problems. Besides, curiosity is powerful.
>> No. 125753
Better be safe than sorry I guess.

To be honest with you I never really was into the excessively violent gore in films with stabbings and whatnot, nor super sexy steamy stuff. I do make exceptions for war films. Something about the human conflict, fighting for ideals, glory, and loved ones intrigues me so. I also enjoy it more when mechanized warfare is included too.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 01:37

>> No. 125763
File 137734509840.jpg - (382.57KB , 1000x500 , boneless.jpg )
Probably not as interesting to anyone else as it is to me.
>> No. 125789
File 137751695812.jpg - (131.89KB , 1000x594 , daft.jpg )
>> No. 125790
File 137751700295.jpg - (168.40KB , 900x534 , daft.jpg )
I'm not sure which I like better.
>> No. 125804
I like the colors/contrast level on the latter better, though I confess to having no idea what the mask thing is...
>> No. 125806
File 137756570361.gif - (593.22KB , 500x500 , I thought the 'daft_jpg' was a dead giveaway.gif )
Daft Punk, maybe?
>> No. 125838
File 137774498413.jpg - (186.92KB , 500x499 , forgottoreadthefilename.jpg )
>> No. 125860
File 137788886936.jpg - (146.63KB , 1000x500 , young and beautiful.jpg )
Even in space feral anatomy is boring
>> No. 125974
File 137887690603.jpg - (200.29KB , 800x694 , pinkie space.jpg )
>> No. 125986
File 137893862462.jpg - (116.03KB , 725x800 , sasquatch.jpg )
there's something out there
>> No. 125987
File 137893883849.jpg - (177.69KB , 743x841 , what are you doing.jpg )
who are you
>> No. 125998
File 137904817486.jpg - (102.77KB , 800x707 , nelle yelpir.jpg )
The one and only character of a project I'm hashing out a script for.
>> No. 125999
Whatchya got cookin'?
>> No. 126000
Astronaut wakes up from cryo alone in damaged space station. Dies. Spoilers.
>> No. 126001
So its like Gravity and Halo without aliens? Or with aliens
>> No. 126002
File 137905251998.jpg - (49.36KB , 470x706 , Bane_TDKR3.jpg )
Or something... (Not sure if pic related)
>> No. 126003
No aliens, just a woman alone trying to survive only to have the inevitable catch up.

I generally don't like to talk about big projects I do because I end up getting bored and they fall apart.
>> No. 126004
Sorry Bro, I didn't mean to pry. I just enjoy seeing what the fanbase is up to and whatnot.

Edit: Mainly this board.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 12th, 2013 23:38

>> No. 126045
File 137927583330.jpg - (210.52KB , 700x671 , where's your head at.jpg )
>> No. 126072
File 137945177235.jpg - (140.81KB , 706x537 , sombra.jpg )
>> No. 126106
File 137963909992.jpg - (223.91KB , 1000x847 , yang.jpg )
>> No. 126109
I gotta say man, I wasn't sure about your art at first. Not that I didn't like it, I just wasn't too sure. But now that I've lurked a bit more and gotten enough interest to come in and look at your other

It's hard to find talent like this, it really is. These are all amazing and I hope your making some money for yourself from stuff like this, and if not I would love, absolutely LOVE to get a commission from you sometime in the next few months if you do them.

I don't want to ask for one now, as I won't have spending money again until sometime after October, but still.
>> No. 126111
I'm not big on commissions; they kind of rule out my freedom of choice on what to or to not draw. I'll field a request if I find it interesting, but I try to avoid drawing things I don't enjoy.
>> No. 126148
File 137981224136.jpg - (303.99KB , 1000x632 , oh god jesus help me it hurts why why.jpg )
-in reference to something I wrote as the Tumblr caption of that picture with Pinkie Pie in a space suit.

"Mother fucker, if I hear David fucking Bowie’s Space Oddity coming through my headset again the Equestrian Space Program is gonna be short one holly jolly space explorer, and I don’t mean me."
>> No. 126176
Reminds me of this:
>> No. 126180
File 137989935594.png - (266.42KB , 700x627 , 136228995593.png )
Oh of course I totally understand! I usually don't like to ask very specific commissions unless the artist asks for specific detail, because I want to see their own art style. So, in other words, if I did ask you for a commission I would probably just give you a character to work with and do what you wanted, because to be quite honest, I just want a piece of artwork from you. I honestly find these all quite beautiful and extraordinary. Not trying to flatter you either, I really do like them! XD

Um, as for requests, well I suppose if you really wanted to, you could perhaps work with my oc here? Or anything to do with Vinyl scratch is also equally as awesome. I'm not sure if you like doing ocs?

If your wondering why her eyes are so weird, it's cause she's blind...

I get that question a lot haha
>> No. 126196

Besides, you're not exactly making me "really want to" when you just say "Draw _____ character!" If that was all it took to make me draw I'd just have a hat full of names next to my desk.
>> No. 126198
File 137995036031.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
Ah, I understand. Well, sorry if I bothered you at all sir/madam. I shall now proceed to sit quietly in the corner and enjoy your art as you progress through this thread.
>> No. 126247
File 138017361569.jpg - (92.51KB , 1000x435 , humidity.jpg )
chirp chirp
>> No. 126253
File 138025921287.jpg - (286.45KB , 1200x572 , warcry.jpg )
>> No. 126257
File 138027515666.jpg - (219.82KB , 1000x669 , a muse of fire.jpg )
More experimenting. Transfer layers can be fun.
>> No. 126258
File 138028372911.gif - (188.19KB , 500x334 , a muse of fire process.gif )
do people still do process gifs?
>> No. 126274
Aye bro. Do you have a DA account? If you do send me a private message when you get a chance I need some advice on something I'm working on.

If not I'm open to alternative ways of communication outside of this board.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 13:32

>> No. 126275
File 138040152565.jpg - (170.18KB , 643x482 , sweet jesus.jpg )
like smoke signals, or sending messengers through the astral plane?
>> No. 126277

I forget why I chose that name.
>> No. 126278
Oh good. Thanks bro, Ill shoot you a private message after I get off work.
>> No. 126279
File 138042100909.jpg - (144.38KB , 471x596 , curly-three-stooges-30051409-471-596.jpg )
Ohhh A wise guy? Hrm!
>> No. 126280
Message is away
>> No. 126292
File 138056022724.jpg - (271.54KB , 1500x893 , one in a million.jpg )
>> No. 126443
File 138093090222.jpg - (432.22KB , 1000x689 , faith.jpg )
>> No. 126445

I'm a 'clean' anthro artist, for whatever that term is worth. I don't draw nudes, I mostly don't because people look at the naked body as something sexual only, which makes me sad. It is beautiful, I avoid posting such art myself out of the fear people will label me as a porn artist. Because most people associate anthro with nudity, and porn.

This is beautiful art, and not nessisarily sexual. It makes me happy to know something like this is out there. Nudity that isn't automatically pornographic.
>> No. 126490
File 138127203966.jpg - (117.51KB , 700x658 , roman.jpg )
Sketch I kinda half gave up on
>> No. 126492
I've never been regarded as a "clean"-anything artist, so I have nothing to lose. I draw as I like. If people like it, good for them. If people don't, I laugh and quietly mock them.
>> No. 126503
File 138144160527.gif - (1.68MB , 400x450 , mindfields-anim-windows-color-restriction.gif )
I have a better quality gif but Ponychan keeps timing out
>> No. 126523
File 138160743050.jpg - (201.40KB , 800x594 , face like he authored a law.jpg )
I tried to make Filthy Rich look like a tubby politician

eh, came close
>> No. 126568
File 138203352485.jpg - (350.55KB , 1000x786 , maintenance.jpg )
>> No. 126569
File 138203797181.jpg - (236.51KB , 1000x786 , maintenance sketch.jpg )
>> No. 126748
File 138429396953.jpg - (247.96KB , 800x730 , big macintosh draft.jpg )
>> No. 126751
File 138445503865.png - (1.47MB , 1351x1217 , mac rough colors.png )
>> No. 126852
File 138610140585.jpg - (229.95KB , 578x700 , armor.jpg )
ponyhorse armor
>> No. 126927
File 138725170960.jpg - (236.42KB , 1163x500 , devil slayers.jpg )
shinining armor was pretty bland as a character
>> No. 126975
File 138774377674.jpg - (344.72KB , 608x700 , spoiler.jpg )
and then the episode was over

Spoiler for blood, but honestly, if you haven't seen this much blood in a comic book then you haven't been reading any of the stuff the new episode was referencing post-1960.
>> No. 127014
File 138823198538.jpg - (262.63KB , 1000x574 , skutaloe.jpg )
>> No. 127153
File 138931042196.jpg - (286.70KB , 1200x600 , raver luna.jpg )
>> No. 127176
File 138949839069.jpg - (255.59KB , 1200x461 , god.jpg )
>> No. 127208
File 138997414491.jpg - (216.21KB , 1000x656 , praise the old gods.jpg )
>> No. 127271
File 139069886286.jpg - (173.04KB , 1000x526 , dragonslayers.jpg )
hurf durf
>> No. 127276
File 139071677924.jpg - (271.08KB , 1200x600 , hoplite.jpg )
>> No. 127305
File 139113641066.jpg - (239.17KB , 1000x718 , squootaleu.jpg )
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