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File 135580083197.png - (386.77KB , 893x708 , apple bloom commish - sketch.png )
119593 No. 119593
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests

i'm taking requests! you don't have to pay for anything, i just want to draw. sketches usually take a few minutes, and full colour painting take probably half and hour+.
ocs are welcome.
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>> No. 119594
File 135580153949.jpg - (42.49KB , 600x514 , 131338340597.jpg )
Requests? hmm..
Silver Spoon flying on Flitters back
>> No. 119595
File 135580290877.jpg - (98.00KB , 400x400 , FREE STUFF.jpg )
I humbly request a picture (sketch or color, your choice) of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle cuddling!

♥Please and thank you!♥
>> No. 119596
File 135580303236.jpg - (81.16KB , 464x460 , 25g41s2.jpg )
i request Ticket
>> No. 119597
File 135580282651.png - (148.47KB , 842x458 , OtakuX.png )
I'd love a drawing of my OC. Since I can't draw, I always get excited when someone else can draw him.
>> No. 119598
File 135580291078.png - (275.39KB , 960x1200 , at-least-you-can-smile.png )
I could use some stuff for a character I am playing in RP.

Any pose will do, and please color.
>> No. 119600
Some humanized shipping?

Soarin'+Cloud Kicker?
>> No. 119601
File 135580479987.png - (123.71KB , 896x576 , flitter and lil silver spoon.png )
i'm going to colour it when everyone else's requests are finished, because i don't want to keep you all waiting. i hope you like it!
okay! i'm not so sure i'm good with human anatomy, but this is a good time to learn. what do you want them to be doing? (so i don't have to ask later)
>> No. 119602
File 135580476661.png - (49.68KB , 409x457 , 1355686740599.png )
I have no idea what my character would be doing in a picture. like me, he's a geek. He visits the library often for more books, and has a one-sided crush on Twilight as a result.
>> No. 119603
ooooooo, i could draw him in a library admiring twilight from afar. that would be so cute!
working on this one now. you're welcome in advance, since you said thank you. :>
>> No. 119604
Yeah, that could be cool! I always figured, since he goes to the library, she'd know him, but a combination of his bashfulness and her lack of experience in such matters would mean she'd never notice his feelings, and he'd never approach her about it.
>> No. 119606
File 135580774992.png - (174.96KB , 1152x576 , sweetieloo.png )
sketch took longer than i thought it would, i'm sorry to keep you waiting. this one turned out cute.
yeah, that's sort of what i had in mind. thanks for the extra information, that gives me a better picture. :)
>> No. 119607
Sure thing. If you post it and I don't reply right away, I probably fell asleep. But I'm leaving the thread open so I can see all the things you draw tonight.
>> No. 119608
oh, alright. (that makes me happy, i appriceate that :>)
now time for ticket!
>> No. 119609
File 135580994682.png - (136.49KB , 704x704 , ticket.png )
here you are.
>> No. 119610
i have to go for now, i need sleep, and someone just called me on skype! i'll finish colouring all of your requests in the morning and start on this one >>119597 later tomorrow! bye for now!
>> No. 119620
File 135584085959.gif - (304.21KB , 326x394 , 132699690386.gif )
Haha, yes I like~
>> No. 119623
I imagine he'd also think she couldn't like him because he's an Earth Pony and her talent is Magic
>> No. 119638

Just some regular shipping, nothing to fancy. And I confused a little it was Cloud Chaser :S
>> No. 119644
Princess Celestia cuddling with Nightmare Moon
>> No. 119648
Because of this thread, I'm now following you on Tumblr.
>> No. 119650
File 135593431463.png - (33.89KB , 776x790 , WG1.png )
These are quite lovely. =) If you don't mind, may I please request my filly pegasus Winter Gem? I did a recolor of her and no need to draw the band in her mane.
>> No. 119652
is it alright if i draw a simple picture of your oc? a background would take longer, and there are requests to be fufilled.
also, i'm terribly sorry I've been so slow lately, I've just been so busy and sleepy. I'll get everything done today.
sure, she looks really cute! : )
thank you, by the way.
>> No. 119653
Oh, yeah, that's totally fine
>> No. 119654
File 135594340973.png - (210.54KB , 824x655 , oc request.png )
i'm going to colour these all later and post them to my tumblr, so don't worry if it looks bland.
>> No. 119656
Yeah, it's looking good so far. I look forward to seeing the finished version
>> No. 119657
>> No. 119659
File 135594544550.png - (124.43KB , 832x832 , applebloom.png )
awesome. : ) i'm glad it turned out okay.
finished with the lineart for >>119598 this one. going to finish it first since you said to colour it.
>> No. 119679
File 135598268818.jpg - (79.18KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )
Could ya draw a quick ref for Knit Knack here?
>> No. 119681
File 135598902889.png - (350.10KB , 769x759 , applebloom color.png )
sure! i'm a bit confused what you mean by 'ref' though. could you give me an example? i have an idea of what you mean...i'm just not sure it's right.
i'm sorry it took so long. been busy with christmas shopping.
>> No. 119682
i didn't see this until just now, oh my gosh. thanks so much for the follow! :>
>> No. 119684
this please?
>> No. 119685
this please?
>> No. 119687
File 135603939830.jpg - (53.33KB , 500x444 , image.jpg )
Like this
>> No. 119688
File 135604091913.png - (351.14KB , 556x556 , 5.png )
If it's not too much trouble to add to the list of requests, something of Four Block would be nice!
(Btw, Do you have a DA?)
>> No. 119698
terribly sorry everyone, i have been out all day today. i will try my best to get all of your requests done tonight.
>> No. 119706
File 135607342371.png - (385.12KB , 1070x728 , cuddles.png )
i thought it'd be cuter with their armor off...and it ended up looking like luna and celestia. i still hope you like it.
>> No. 119712

ya kno its just ponifing the mash guys and set them outside of ponvill general hospital
>> No. 119713
File 135613157028.jpg - (6.25KB , 153x150 , thCAFQQF99.jpg )
If its not to much tubble I would like a cute picture of derpy, thank you for your time.
>> No. 119719
Humanified rarity inflating humanified pinkie pie like a balloon?
>> No. 119729
File 135620810457.jpg - (80.34KB , 1366x686 , sketch copy.jpg )
I'd love a sketch of my OC <3
I'm trying to get as many pictures as I can of her from other people~
>> No. 119732
Starting to think I should have requested a colored pic, too.
>> No. 119737
File 135624405973.png - (693.85KB , 1528x2164 , Eve.png )
I'd love a sketch by you :) Pic is my oc pony Eve.
>> No. 119741
File 135628134885.png - (224.53KB , 495x453 , 135588824993.png )
>> No. 119756
File 135637250303.png - (57.61KB , 500x500 , temporary faux pas reference.png )
Ohmygosh I would love art from you, your style is so cool.

Would it be cool if I just let you have artistic freedom with my OC, Faux-Pas? I love seeing people put their own spin on things or just generally doing what they like with a picture <3

Oh and my apologies for the shoddy ref, it's just temporary until I stop being sick and can just draw her :c
>> No. 119778
Eve bump
>> No. 129342
Could you draw a tired Applejack for me?
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