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File 135707997731.jpg - (3.31MB , 2448x3264 , Luna_q1.jpg )
119922 No. 119922
#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

hello i'm new here
and i'm looking for place for my pony drawing
sorry about my bad english i'm not used to it

hope you guys like it.

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>> No. 120173
I honestly have no clue what you're talking about here, how are they broken? They look fine to me. o_O
>> No. 120351
File 135843103769.jpg - (470.38KB , 768x1024 , Writer_01.jpg )
new drawing
>> No. 120353
File 135843143866.jpg - (744.61KB , 960x1280 , Sun & Moon_re.jpg )
another one.

um i wanna change my first image of this thread
can i?
>> No. 120359
this stuff is really good murphy
>> No. 120389
This stuff is amazing :D the shading is one of the best i've seen :3

Thank you for new drawings to do xD
>> No. 120392
File 135853657057.jpg - (2.84MB , 2448x3264 , Nightmare moon_01.jpg )
thank you sir!
thank you too!

and another one
i just can't sleep (4 am in my country)
so i draw this lol.
>> No. 120394
What media do you use? Pencil, charcoal, something else?
>> No. 120396
I have to agree with the others, you do have quite an impressive thread here. Your style for drawing the characters is beautiful and seems well-mastered, and your smooth shading is a lovely touch and makes your work stand out.

The only thing I personally have to nitpick on is the sense of value you have in your shading. My high school art teacher always said that you need to make your lights light and your darks dark. You seem to be using a lot of midtones in your shading, not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Don't be afraid to accentuate some of the lighter areas or darken the shadowy areas to almost black. You'll find it can bring an added sense of realism to your artwork.

Keep up the good work!
>> No. 120397
Very, very beautiful style. Would love to see colored versions of these.
Do you have a DA account or anything of the like?
>> No. 120401
Beautiful stuff, man, but have you worked with more exaggerated facial expressions yet?

Also, what is up with EqD lately? A lot of the drawfriend submissions are substantially lower quality than usual.
>> No. 120402
yep just a pencil (and Propelling pencil / Mechanical pencil / Pacer)
yes sometime i'm really struggle with balancing the contrast. but i'm sure it's gonna be better if i keep trying. i'm really need more practise
thank you!
actually, i got color amblyopia sort of color blind
i tried some of color work before but it's really didn't work so well. i just have no idea what i'm doing when i try to use some color lol

oh i almost missed yours, thanks and i try to make more facial expressions but im not good at it yet. but i will try sometime :)

oh yeah
few days ago i made DA(daviant art) accout

Last edited at Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 22:19

>> No. 120425
>yep just a pencil (and Propelling pencil / Mechanical pencil / Pacer)
Ah, cool. What do you use to blend/smudge with?

There are places in your work where the shading approaches the lineart but doesn't quite reach it, or crosses right over. For example, the rendering on Luna's hair in >>120351 goes over the edge, and the shadows on the wall in >>120353 don't quite reach the figure.

In some cases, this works well as lighting. Like the top of the legs in >>120164. In other cases, though, like for the writer, it doesn't make sense for light or shadow.

When the rendering doesn't quite conform to the edges, it makes the objects seem less solid. Less tangible, less defined. For example, in >>120392, Luna's muzzle. It has a bit of lighting on it, plus her hair lightens up as it approaches the edge. If either the hair or the muzzle had a touch of lightening along the edge, the shape of the face would still be visually clear, and the shape would look much more solid.

The imagery looses depth because shade is a visual cue for layering. If one side of an edge is darker than the other, you get a sense of one object being in front or on top of the other. If the shade is similar on both sides of the edge, you don't get the same sense of depth, and the imagery isn't as bold.

I don't like to smudge my drawings because it's harder to control the tone precisely. It's kind of necessary for charcoal, though. I find a 2mm eraser stick (one of these: ) is great for sharpening up edges (Especially where the tone goes over the lines where I don't want it to).

Anyway, I talk too much. I hope it helps some. Sorry if it's hard to make sense of. You have some really wonderful work here: your line art clean and formal, and I like your use of dramatic shadows (particularly on the writer).
>> No. 120630
File 135939389013.jpg - (3.39MB , 2726x2032 , Chrysalis_03.jpg )
i thought i should stop being lazy. so i delete my fifa13 and start draw this last night
damn ea

sorry for late reply
bit of got lazy few week xD

i use my finger and toliet paper to make tones
and folded paper for narrow area

and i'm really thank you for your awesome critiques!
i will try better next time for make it up to your sincere advices (is that a right term? sorry again for bad english lol)
>> No. 120645
File 135945573691.jpg - (598.90KB , 1200x1036 , Trixie_01_1200.jpg )
trixie here.
>> No. 120647
I love your drawings so much !
I almost just wanna steal your style!
>> No. 120715
File 135979622396.jpg - (39.31KB , 746x775 , 131610330438.jpg )
You're pretty good.
>> No. 120717
No luck with Celestia?
>> No. 120739
File 135990272129.jpg - (413.46KB , 800x600 , in_progress_01.jpg )
got busy from other stuff to do and
it's getting ridiculously long. now i'm just drag on it
i don't know when it gonna finish
but i just hope i don't mess it up this time
(again sorry about the bad english)

thank you! i'm watchin your DA! i lovin it
thank you sir!
no no i'm working on her see? =)
>> No. 120741
File 135991531513.gif - (1.94MB , 480x480 , flutter_panic.gif )
My goodness! That looks phenomenal!
Really love what you're doing with the shading, especially in the bottom left corner there. It's doing a good job of letting the image pop.
Can't wait to see if finished. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 120742
File 135991554672.gif - (1.94MB , 480x480 , flutter_panic.gif )
My goodness! That looks phenomenal!
Really love what you're doing with the shading, especially in the bottom left corner there. It's doing a good job of letting the image pop.
Can't wait to see if finished. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 120752
...and how did I post twice?
>> No. 120754
File 135993213539.jpg - (125.51KB , 700x700 , Frame 14 Sweetie Belle.jpg )
It does that from time to time. Usually when the upload lags or the reply button is pressed twice as it's trying to load.

Chans are silly websites.
>> No. 120796
File 136018203822.jpg - (525.80KB , 960x1280 , Forgiveness_2_1280.jpg )

hope you not disappoint
>> No. 120799
so beautiful
>> No. 120812
That's incredible! Beautiful work!
>> No. 120813
Can you draw Celestia?
>> No. 120814
Can you draw Princess Celestia please?
>> No. 120969
File 136078254583.jpg - (840.93KB , 1600x1200 , Cadence_01_1600.jpg )
Thank you!
i already draw two of her.
but maybe you mean just celestia? solo?
i don't know maybe i will. but i don't know.
i don't plan anything lol.
>> No. 120981
File 136079405196.jpg - (0.99MB , 900x1200 , nmmluna.jpg )
I uh, coudn't resist the urge to try and color these. Don't think I did a very good job. Creating line-art for shaded sketches like this is outside of my area of expertise so I had to do without.

My apologies for butchering these with my feeble attempts at improval.
>> No. 120991
wow! I really love the shading you did in her hair, The shade you used matches the colors there supposed to represent perfectly. It's like someone took an old black&white photo of Cadence.
>> No. 120997
anon you really could make a good profit with these if you accepted commissions
>> No. 121005
yes, Solo Celestia please
>> No. 121127
File 136129750108.jpg - (550.43KB , 1024x768 , Chrysalis Sketch 02 1024.jpg )
need moar Chrysalis in season 4 please!

okay i will try to draw her
don't expect me to finish soon lol.
that is quite amzaing. thank you!
glad you love it! thanks
well i don't know, i'm just doing this for fun. and i'm kinda busy and terrible at following schedule. but thank you for saying that!

Last edited at Tue, Feb 19th, 2013 11:15

>> No. 121792
File 136353004653.jpg - (398.06KB , 600x800 , pts_sketch_01.jpg )
>> No. 121794
File 136353013228.jpg - (480.40KB , 768x1024 , mane6_1024.jpg )
>> No. 121795
File 136353037701.jpg - (480.61KB , 1024x768 , chrysalis03_c1024.jpg )
chrysalis sketch 03

i got busy! but i think i can upload once a week
>> No. 121813
No celestia?
>> No. 122224
File 136488358990.jpg - (474.58KB , 768x1024 , heart of the swarm_(Chrysalis)_1024.jpg )
late, but finally update!
really busy!

sorry! X0

Last edited at Tue, Apr 2nd, 2013 10:00

>> No. 122225
Your art is beautiful, do you have a tumblr or something?
>> No. 122233
i got deviantart
>> No. 122257
No Celestia yet?
>> No. 122258
Not bad Hoss.
>> No. 122584
File 136613421074.jpg - (624.23KB , 1024x768 , Luna_sketch_5_1024_1.jpg )

i don't know why but
i just keep drawing everypony but celestia
not a parasprite! but i just don't have feeling to do so X0
sorry! x10
>> No. 122585
No celestia?
>> No. 122628

Patience grasshopper,he's doing this for free.There's no need to rush anything.
>> No. 123520
File 136983087458.jpg - (617.83KB , 1366x1025 , Wrath of Nightmare Moon_2_1366.jpg )
>> No. 123521
File 136983092754.jpg - (348.24KB , 800x600 , Gunners_Twi_800.jpg )
>> No. 123522
File 136983094745.jpg - (376.86KB , 600x800 , pegasi_sketch_800.jpg )
>> No. 123523
File 136983097128.jpg - (582.27KB , 1200x900 , IMG_3270_3_1200.jpg )
>> No. 123524
File 136983103431.jpg - (591.10KB , 1200x900 , celestia_8_1200.jpg )

and here !!!
sorry about super long waiting
but finally celestia
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