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119946 No. 119946
#Digital #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hello everyone!
I figured I might as well make a thread/gallery thing here to get some feedback.
The people at Equestria Daily don't seem to like my art so I guess I'll show what I've got here. Critiques are wanted; I want to improve, really!
I use a Wacom Intuous 4 tablet. Lineart is usually drawn in Paint Tool Sai and colored in Photoshop.
I'm new to Ponychan in general so I'm going to be learning a lot.
My deviantART:
My Tumblr:
Thanks for dropping by!
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>> No. 119949
File 135715413949.jpg - (232.17KB , 700x524 , Applejack_Ambiance.jpg )
Mini image dump of what I've done so far ahead!
>> No. 119950
File 135715426481.jpg - (237.53KB , 700x500 , The_End_of_the_Rainbow.jpg )
>> No. 119951
File 135715431721.jpg - (370.33KB , 1200x680 , Into_the_Everfree.jpg )
>> No. 119952
File 135715438423.jpg - (341.44KB , 960x780 , Pinkie_Present.jpg )
>> No. 119953
File 135715444472.jpg - (372.19KB , 1012x713 , A_Very_Warm_Hearth_s_Warming.jpg )
>> No. 119954
File 135715461862.jpg - (1.26MB , 1800x2400 , Happy_New_Year_s.jpg )

Happy New Year's everyone!
Thanks for visiting my gallery! There're some things I didn't upload so be sure to check out my deviantART if you're interested!
>> No. 119958
>I use a Wacom Intuous 4 tablet.
Brohoof! I have an intuos4 medium (plus the airbrush stylus). :3

I colour in Photoshop too, actually, though I draw and ink on paper.

>The people at Equestria Daily don't seem to like my art
The thing about EQD is that quality isn't the only thing they have to consider. They're a publisher, hey have to think about what their readership will like. It's as much about popularity as quality... and those are two very different things.

Nice drawing, all around. The line art is clean, the figures have well formed proportions and features, the visuals have nice composition and layout, etc.

The characters are very expressive. Even in >>119949 and >>119953, they show muted, nuanced emotions. Those take subtlety to draw, mad props

I really like the backgrounds in >>119949 and >>119950, they have nice mood and atmosphere. Again: expressive.

The shadows tend to follow the lineart, sort of hugging the edges. Actual shadows form based on the angle that a surface is facing the light source, rather than the outline of the object. The more directly a surface is facing a light source, the brighter it will be. If it faces slightly away from a light source, it'll be slightly darker. If it faces away from a light source entirely, it'll be in full shadow.

The shadows are also the same strength everywhere, which is typical for cel shading. For fully rendered shadows, it can look unnatural. Some shadows are softer or bolder than others, and a range of shades are often necessary to accurately render something.

The distance it takes to fade from light to dark is the same everywhere. A change in shade implies a change in the direction a surface is facing: curved surfaces create a gradual fade, sharp edges create a sharp gradient.

The yellow highlights on Dash look fine. The sun is behind her, however, so most of her body should be in full shadow (ie: the surfaces are facing away from the light source).

Unlike the rounded shapes of her body, her wings are pretty well flat, so none of the visible surfaces would actually be lit.

The light and shadow in this is fairly heavy, and fade from light to dark is rather sharp... this shading implies flat surfaces that curve sharply.

Flutter has shadows that follow the outlines of her body. This is what flash photography looks like, because the source of light is coming from the same direction as the point of view. On a round object, the surfaces in the "middle" are facing directly towards the light, and curve away from the light source toward the edges.

Okay, so, maybe flash-photography lighting is kinda-sorta an exception to what I said about shadows not following the outline of a shape. Just a little. :3

ANYWAY! I talk way too much, hope it helps some. Looking forward to seeing more, and welcome to /art/! :3
>> No. 119969
Thanks for all your input!

I know I'm too good with shadows in general even I've done lots of graphite sketching. However that really limits my practice with choosing colors for shadows. Digitally, I've tried using the burn tool and using exclusively black and found out the best way is to just choose your own colors.

They hug the borders of my forms is probably because of the way I do my shading, so I'll probably try and change that. I really need to practice more from observation to improve. Looking back at some of the stuff I've done, now that you've pointed them out, I can see what you mean and those parts do pop out at me as something that's needs a bit of adjusting to look more real.

And yeah, what you mentioned about EQD is unfortunately true, but that's how it is in the real world too. The next piece that I decide to do for submitting I'll keep that in mind.

Anyways, thanks for all your help and support! You've definitely pointed out some things that I didn't see earlier! Cheers!
>> No. 119994
>Thanks for all your input!
You're quite welcome. :3

>the best way is to just choose your own colors.
That's pretty much what I do, most of the time.

If I want colours for a specific material or subject...metals, trees, stone, the sky, my favorite shirt, etc... I find a reference image and eye-dropper it.

>now that you've pointed them out, I can see what you mean
That's exactly what good critique is all about. :3

>And yeah, what you mentioned about EQD is unfortunately true, but that's how it is in the real world too. The next piece that I decide to do for submitting I'll keep that in mind.
I don't think it's that unfortunate: EQD (and the world in general) wants work that's interesting... what's popular is only one aspect of that.

A good idea goes a long way. I had one of my comics posted a while back: the art was mediocre but the joke was clever, and I'm pretty sure that's why got it accepted.

Most of your pieces have a relatively ordinary concept: Dash being awesome, Pinkie being a party animal, AJ on the farm, Twilight by a fireplace, etc. They don't really stand out or make a strong impression, because these are ordinary things that are typical for the characters (well, AJ relaxing doesn't seem like a typical thing for her, but lots of people draw her that way so it's kind of become a "typical" thing).
>> No. 119998
File 135725262707.jpg - (109.62KB , 500x500 , Glitter hmmmm.jpg )
EQD Drawfriend as far as I've come to understand has an unwritten rule about not accepting self submissions. They'll 'add it to the que' but you'll never see it put up.

I dunno what the numbers behind it are, but I'm fairly certain they only put up things a certain number of other people submit, or things they find themselves.
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