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File 135783298833.jpg - (609.61KB , 1195x1600 , Rocking Horse.jpg )
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#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hey, PonyChan. Frederick here.

This time, I'm trying to get back into art, and it's been a while. At the present moment, I don't have the benefit of a scanner, and so, photographic uploads will have to do. Mais, helas, c'est la vie, non?

Today, I've drawn Rarity (though, technically, it could be said that last night I drew Rarity, but such is irrelevant), and given her a guitar. Why?

Why not?

Before anybody asks, it is beyond artistic license for me to dictate how hooves work on guitars. Your guess is as good as mine.

So, what's /art/ think? Any good?
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>> No. 120179
File 135783716849.jpg - (166.79KB , 687x829 , 135783298833 rl.jpg )
The show take more artistic license with hooves than any artist likely ever has, so no fear. Outside of that, not sure how I feel about her body being sucked behind the guitar. It looks to much like a copout, you might be mistaken for being lazy or inept. It's better to just have her be cutoff at a certain point. Or, something I've seen done to great effectiveness, have an obvious horizontal line crop off her body.

On the guitar itself, it's nice that you decided to try giving it a little bit of depth, makes it more dynamic, but it seems to be tilted into her body. I haven't played much guitar, but I've played enough to know that would feel very awkward to hold in such a position. I certainly imagine her left leg would look a lot more comfortable if it didn't have to wrap around that far. I feel something sideways, maybe slightly angled towards the viewer, would've complimented the pose easier. Also, the head seems a wee bit odd to my eyes. It's cocked pretty far back but with no real purpose. It's as if she were looking at someone over her shoulder, except her eyes are in the complete other direction. Maybe I'm just out of context. When all else fails, try mimicking the pose in a mirror if you can, provided you're not scared of people walking in on you.

Outside of all that example of me being far too picky for my own good, there are some basic anatomical glitches here and there that could merit some insight. But that can all be worked through with a bit of study, maybe some redlining from some kind gentlemen you may meet as you progress. Who knows, maybe there are some artists on this website willing to help.
>> No. 120180
On the disappearing body, you caught me right on the mark, it was indeed a copout upon ineptitude. That thar line, however, is the guitar strap, not the contour of the spine (perhaps I should have made the disjunction clearer). I need more practice on drawing pony bodies.

On the position of the guitar, whilst I would also not play the guitar in that position, I do hold it in such a manner if I'm showing it off, which is more of what I was going for: that smug "check my shit out" sort of thing.

The neck and that hoof on the neck of the guitar... yeah, I see what you mean. I'll devote some attention to that area in future attempts.

Thank you for your attention!
>> No. 120181
The hoof on the strings and your comment on how ponies work guitars was a tad misleading, maybe that's just me, I don't know much about guitars. I would've had her hoof supporting it from underneath if she's just showing it around, personally.
>> No. 120183
>I do hold it in such a manner if I'm showing it off
I've seen youtubes of guitarists showing off in a similar manner.

>Before anybody asks, it is beyond artistic license for me to dictate how hooves work on guitars.
Well, artistic license et all, the original version looks good to me. From what I know of how a horses hoof is built (and based on the couple of weeks I spent uselessly plucking at a guitar), it seems like it'd be easier to use the back corner of the hoof rather than the tip to fret. Or to chord using the side edge of the hoof.

I wonder if hooves could be used like a bottle-neck slide... hmm.

The folds on the inside of Rarity's ears are upside down. I've seen the / shaped creases all over the place, so I guess it's a pretty ubiquitous stylistic choice. In the show, ponies have one edge on the ear that points at the tip and stops about 2/3rds of the way between the inside and outside corner of the ear. Realistic horses ears pinch together at the base of the ear, so they form a V-shap rather than a /.


The upward pointing edges are a pretty common thing, but I dunno... they just look unnatural to me.

Anyway... this is just food for thought, I guess. Style is a personal choice, after all.

I have to disagree with the shoulder in the redline; shoulders because their scapulas are placed vertically, flat against the sides of their ribcage, rather than laterally, flat across their back, as they are in humans. This means that their shoulders don't protrude nearly as much.

In the show, ponies spontaneously manifest protruding shoulders when absolutely necessary (usually for expressive gestures, like shrugging, that wouldn't make sense without them), while this pose doesn't require them.

The arm behind the neck of the guitar makes more sense in the original, too.
>> No. 120223
File 135800439219.jpg - (929.25KB , 1529x2048 , New Rocking Horse.jpg )
I have made a few minor edits to address the following details:

The ambiguity of the disjunction between the back and the guitar strap.

The ear.

As well as a few minor changes to lines.
>> No. 120237
File 135803956365.jpg - (619.57KB , 1195x1600 , DTAP.jpg )
"... og jeg er decideret træt af pis."

Came to me whilst listening to the Nephew song of the same name:
>> No. 120240
File 135804289303.jpg - (582.04KB , 1600x1195 , Pinkie Szinjatek.jpg )
A quick Pinkie sketch, Pinkie Szinjáték, based on the cover of a Pokolgép album.
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