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File 135787584219.png - (304.24KB , 800x600 , DisturbedPinkie.png )
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#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted

Good morning /art/! (Or night, currently. I guess it depends on where you are and when you are.) Recently I started drawing ponies, and I've come to enjoy it. So, I have decided to make this thread so that I may share my horrifying abominations with the internet! HUZZAH!

Any and all criticism would be grand, as I am constantly looking to improve my work.
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>> No. 120487
Hey, That's a nice style you have got there, with two of my favorite characters XD. And am I correct in thinking that those are lyrics from a Disturbed song? Have you got a deviantart account? Hope to see more :)
>> No. 120505
File 135907333260.jpg - (21.02KB , 326x343 , JHYouMakeHappy.jpg )
Thanks man! You just made me feel a bit better about my art. And yes, that is Disturbed's Droppin' Plates I referenced. I don't have a deviantArt, as I haven't actually made a lot of art yet, but give me some way of contacting you and you'll be the very first to know when I do. (I'll also be putting a link on this thread, obviously.) If you don't want to put any of your info on the thread just email me at [email protected]
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