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File 135787788085.png - (1.07MB , 1920x1080 , the 4 alicorns.png )
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#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

Planning on submitting this to EqD.
Any criticism as to how improve?


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i think its really good! the only thing that i would consider is that there is a bit of empty space above the last pony to the right. but other than that its really good!
>> No. 120194
File 135791410133.jpg - (31.93KB , 310x310 , 1343779035_35sekl.jpg )
Well, for one, you could make it so there's more than just pure white and red dominating at least ninety percent of the piece. Contrast is always nice, but eating candy all the time only rots your teeth. You need some scale of normality or the contrast is lost. Not sure what's happening at the bottom of the picture, either. The characters seem to be melting away into the mist. Maybe I could tell if there were more colors, but it makes it look too much like they're just half underwater, provided the water is red and so is the sky.

Not to sound like I'm ragging on your picture here, but I can't tell who the centerpiece is supposed to represent. It's obvious you tried to make the three alicorns in the background to be the three alicorns from the show, but suddenly there's an unexplained addition to the Justice League here. Speaking of the background alicorns, Luna's moon pendant seems to have fused with her skin, that and Cadence's wings look kind of sketchy. On the topic of wings, I'm not sure where you're going with the rest of the characters. They look like they've got four massive spider legs sticking from their spines and it's creeping me out.

In the words of Lt. Columbo, "Oh, and one more thing." The line consistency is bugging me. There are parts of the spider legs that have sharp and defined edges connecting to the stalks that consist of fuzzy and blurred forms. It's really distracting, so you might want to make them one unifying style or it's going to draw everyone's eyes to it.

Really hope that helps in some way. I wish you the best of luck with Equestria Daily. Seems quite a few people here revere it enough to consider it some great goal to have their art featured there. Maybe it's some new thing with all the artists I'm just slow with picking up on. Anyway, have a nice day now. Hope you succeed.
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