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File 135789191949.jpg - (190.55KB , 1152x792 , Tw x Tr.jpg )
120191 No. 120191
#Digital #Vectors #Critique wanted

A tribute to the rivalry between the two magical unicorns. i am also considering sending this to equestia daily so i would very much appreciate any feed back. Thanks!
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>> No. 120192
The lines on Trixie are all the same width. This doesn't seem to be the case with Twilight. Also, Trixie's mane is tucked into her cape.
>> No. 120193
yea i dont know why i didnt notice that her outline was thinner ill have to fix that, and for the hair a lot of pictures i saw had her hair tucked into her cape so i didnt think much of it. thank you for the help
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