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File 135795923888.jpg - (117.02KB , 528x396 , Mikily Sweeeepies.jpg )
120215 No. 120215
Hey all,

I'm much more of a craftswoman with sewing etc than drawing but I occasionally try. I want some opinions please :) On two things:

What do you think of it?
What should my bf's OC be called!?
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>> No. 120216
File 135795954222.jpg - (122.48KB , 528x396 , Pencil Mikily.jpg )
I also drew this one :)

Its based off a piece I found online but I can't find the artist name to credit them so sorry!! If you know then please add their name so I can credit!! Couldn't find on DA
>> No. 120224
Well, it certainly looks like you've got the characters' anatomy down. I don't know how much of it, if any, was copied (or traced) from reference, but the faces and body structure look fairly show accurate. So I don't think you have anything to worry about there.

As for your bf's OC, whatever the cutie mark you gave him says about his special talent could be a key indicator.

All in all, nice job, and don't stop trying!
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