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File 135800292536.png - (259.92KB , 1920x1200 , Panel 6.png )
120220 No. 120220
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Critique wanted


Hi! I'm going to show some of my works here, WIP or Finished, and I would very much appreciate it if somepony could give me guides.

Also, I can accept requests from time to time. Just shoot my mail or comment here, and I'll see what I can do.


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>> No. 122926
File 136752724569.jpg - (11.83KB , 344x327 , 131097087621-pinkamena.jpg )
So... is this a no, then? ( >>122471 )
>> No. 122932
O right.

I thought you were with Sarf, and just looked for an artist for the radio and stuff.

I shall draw her in one of the challenges...
>> No. 122935
File 136754549498.png - (41.51KB , 464x472 , gettin all durped up in hurr.png )
Sorry for the confusion. Yeah, I didn't realize he'd asked you for art, and, well, I wanted to add to my Rainstream folder.
>> No. 122940
File 136758638219.png - (1.06MB , 3507x2480 , Day 4.png )
Rainstream deeeesu~

Day 4 - On a hilltop

It's already in A4 size, so if you wanna print it somehow, go for it. I know I'm going to, after all the 30 days.

Hope you don't mind me posting it here:

So, any suggestions/comments/critiques?
>> No. 122944
File 136762089612.png - (158.76KB , 954x843 , 135068706572.png )
Why would I mind? It's *your* art, after all. I have no complaints, although I do have a question or two.

*Her facial expression. To me she looks bored, or slightly disappointed, but altogether indifferent. Is there a specific reason/though in mind for that, or is it just the way it came out?
*Is her head supposed to be larger than the rest of her body? I thought it might perhaps be that she's facing the "camera', especially considering that her abdomen lays over her hind leg.

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>> No. 122945
I was afraid of that...

The facial expression really just came out like that. Maybe a little pondering while staring at the sky or something...

The body though...

I'll try to fix it.
>> No. 122946
File 136762844370.png - (1.05MB , 3507x2480 , Day 4.png )
Body kinda corrected.
>> No. 122947
File 136763014743.png - (304.09KB , 702x960 , nonenthusiastic pinkamena.png )
Um, you just made her neck really thick and tightened the legs up a bit. I think it looked better the way it was. If you normally draw ponies with big heads and small bodies, then that's your artistic style. I just pointed it out because it looked like an error. I like the first one. ^_^

Last edited at Fri, May 3rd, 2013 18:17

>> No. 122948

((I'm getting this all wrong again...))
>> No. 123105
If you are taking OC requests, i would love to get a new picture, for posting purposes ^^

If you would like to do something simple, like just an expression, than the words "pouty", "concentrated"/"fixed", and "sly" are what come to mind.

If you would like to draw an entire scene or something, than what I think of randomly is Niks looking up at a giant tarantula spider, while in an arcade. Or being taken away by some type of security, maybe.. airport.

Or if you want to do something else with her, that is fine too!
I am just trying to give you something fun to do. and get a new picture out of it

Thank you!
>> No. 123106
File 136838268834.png - (1.14MB , 1100x1100 , spoiler.png )
oh, I completely forgot the picture~

hope this one is okay
>> No. 123116
Mkay. Will do it after the 9th doctor thing.

Things are getting tighter than usual. :I
>> No. 123160
File 136866576978.png - (282.75KB , 1366x768 , 9th Doctor WIP.png )
Just an update. I can't think of a pose, and I accidentally made him younger.

Counts as Day 5, I suppose...
>> No. 123163

absolutely fanTAstic, IMO.

love the way you drew the jacket
>> No. 123164

Sorry it's taking so long. I'm usually faster than this.
>> No. 123174
File 136870835791.jpg - (196.85KB , 749x501 , ASK US.jpg )
Wow, you have your work cut out for you. I don't suppose you'd take another request, but if you do, I would like a request. I have attached a crappy made pony creator pic (Best way to show them) and my idea was that Candy Cane (the black red one) is standing on her back hooves undressing in a sensual way infront of Heart String (the white) while she is blushing. It's not NSFW, just some cute teasing :)

If you are okay with it, I would love to see it. You're a great artist anyhoof c:
>> No. 123175

Now that I'm kinda steady ('cept the teeth extraction), I can *hopefully* blaze through requests...I still have the tumblrpon prom to do though.
>> No. 123176
File 136871879596.png - (413.62KB , 1366x768 , 9th Doctor WIP.png )
A little something something before I sleep.

I'll do linework the second thing in the morning.
>> No. 123196

I like the pose on that second one, with the sonic in the mouth.
>> No. 123197

though if you don't mind a LITTLE bit of nitpick/critique, the mane in the front is a bit long for 9. The (human) actor had a buzzcut that had grown a in little bit.

Otherwise, this looks very good :)
>> No. 123205
File 136879263412.png - (382.59KB , 2480x1748 , Day 5.png )
Day 5? - "As filly or colt/Tiny pony"

Not really a colt, but made him look younger I suppose.
>> No. 123206
File 136879322577.png - (395.61KB , 2480x1748 , Day 5.png )
Ah forgot the cutie marks
>> No. 123210
File 136882026070.gif - (270.67KB , 160x160 , doctor4.gif )

Absolutely wonderful, it looks great!

Thank you for doing this!
>> No. 123272
It actually looks really good :D

Can't wait to see mine. No rush though, take your time :)
>> No. 123338
File 136914439788.png - (1.61MB , 3507x2480 , Final.png )
Took a small break...because 1 year anniversary of blog.

I'll get on it as soon as possible...

>> No. 123380
File 136933103317.png - (233.23KB , 1366x768 , Niks WIP 1.png )
A lil' something to show that I'm still alive...

I've been kinda busy with the tumblrpon prom
>> No. 123383
Looks good so far. Can't really give a critique or something like that, since it's a WIP sketch, but hope to see more from you soon :)

Last edited at Thu, May 23rd, 2013 13:59

>> No. 123414
File 136944765745.png - (241.99KB , 1366x768 , Niks WIP 2.png )
I slept for a whole 14 I wasn't able to do anything last night...

It's morning now as I post this, so hopefully I can finish the sketch by night.
>> No. 123431
File 136949485087.png - (3.83MB , 3507x2480 , Niks WIP 3.png )
Ha! I was right! I was able to finish a sketch...

So here ya go, will finalize later.
>> No. 123446
File 136957657406.png - (2.75MB , 3507x2480 , Niks WIP 4.png )
A little bit more and I can start with the other request... starts tomorrow, so I might not be able to finish any more possibly incoming requests...

of course, CC&HS will be done during this week, I hope.

In the meantime, I have a blog here: if you want to look at more poni art, since this is main priority...
>> No. 123491
Hey, take your time. You are doing this for me, so you make the decisions. I am excited to see the outcome, but there is no reason to get stressed about it :)
>> No. 123760
So how is it going? Any WIP's or something you can share yet? :)
>> No. 124510
File 137256984471.png - (1.08MB , 1446x2046 , Trixies counterattack.png )
I lost motivation to draw Niks. Sorry. It might be because the drawing was so delayed due to school projects and other stuff.

So anyway, here's a little something.
>> No. 124511
Are you a Gundam fan too hoss?
>> No. 124512
>> No. 124513
Hell yes. *Brohoof*
>> No. 124810
File 137367176031.png - (419.60KB , 1366x768 , WIP 1.png )
A WIP of what I plan to do next.
So yeah.
>> No. 125087
Excuse me, do you do humans?
>> No. 125156
A little. I'm not especially good at it, but I might as well try ::)).
>> No. 125221
Staying overnight in a hotel; might have some time to draw sketches. Traditional, of course. Might take two.

So, any requests?
>> No. 125222

(I enjoy seeing other artists take on my work)

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 18:27

>> No. 125254
File 137501766858.jpg - (824.99KB , 3229x2479 , CCF07282013_00001.jpg )
This is what I can muster in 3AM. So yeah. ::)) Hope you like it!
>> No. 125269
Thats pretty good, he's a cold, calculating son of a bitch and you expressed that. I also like how you showed the NATO symbology for unit movements. (Its similar)

A bit of fluff for this character, his name is "Serj" and he is from a highly advanced, industrialized nation to the far north and they are about to invade Equestria. And he has been named Field Marshal and put in command of the invasion forces. I have wrote him as Twilight Sparkles new arch nemesis. Years prior he was responsible for an act of genocide that left thousands killed.

And I established that he talks like Christian Bale, not his gruff Batman voice but his Bruce Wayne voice.
>> No. 125320
File 137511517518.jpg - (28.30KB , 309x666 , bakers18.jpg )
I'd like to make a request, if you don't mind. Bit of a "ponification" of an existing character.

I see someone else asked for a pony version of the 9th Doctor, which looked pretty cool. I'm asking for one of #4, but a specific version of Doc 4.

In season 18 of the show, he wore a red scarf (see pic)

Looking for something like that, probably without a jacket or a hat. (so just the scarf)

Whenever you get the chance. I'm not in any kind of a rush. I'm interested in seeing a version of Doctor Whooves with this combination, as I've no seen one so far.
>> No. 125412
I'll see what I can do ::))

I'm currently busy with some other stuff now, tho.
>> No. 125572
File 137626057539.png - (4.62MB , 4092x2893 , Hime no Ai marked.png )
Classes were suspended here.

Have some Celestia while you're at it.

Might be able to do the doctor request now.
>> No. 125802
I was hoping you could make me a red Pegasus with a white fedora, Hannibal lecter face restraint, and syringe cutie mark
>> No. 126100
File 137958506460.jpg - (140.91KB , 1280x909 , hannibal.jpg )

Sorry for hijacking, but have seen the man asking for this picture several times. Half way done - making a break.
>> No. 126101
Ah crap, ill try to cope with watermark later...
>> No. 127687
File 139548288228.png - (201.05KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream.png )
heeeeeeyyyyy. Are you still active? I'm guessing not since this was over a year ago, but still, I'm looking for all the artists I asked art from way back when.

Long story short, I've changed Rainstream's design a bit, and I was wondering if you could make a few adjustments. Namely her eyecolor. Her eyes are blue now.

How about it?
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