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File 135812427314.jpg - (877.90KB , 2338x1700 , painting 20026.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #Comics #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

i havent been threading like i should be but lets try it again. yay...
i have a deviantart where u obviously look at all my art here and a tumblr

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File 135812436685.jpg - (66.26KB , 897x894 , pinkie pie.jpg )
how bout everyone smiles!
>> No. 120258
File 135812441968.jpg - (74.15KB , 867x576 , card-rarity.jpg )
>> No. 120259
File 135812477823.jpg - (743.14KB , 2338x1700 , painting 20004.jpg )
lambscott, twittle, carson, and mona are all ma oc's i made from nowhere in the forest camping.
>> No. 120261
File 135812486250.jpg - (42.48KB , 610x553 , pony 4.jpg )
srry he has no name.
>> No. 120263
File 135812517251.jpg - (20.98KB , 519x399 , ponyme.jpg )
this is me if i were a pony, i look pretty boss.
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File 135812524263.jpg - (160.31KB , 1189x1576 , spark emberhorn.jpg )
this is spark emberhorn, one of my friends oc characters.
>> No. 120268
File 135812612833.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
if you take requests i request Ticket
>pic is Ticket
>> No. 120322
sure no prob just gimmie lil bit to do it, anythan special u want her doing?
>> No. 120326
Nothing really just want to see what you do
>> No. 120328
File 135828008622.jpg - (453.55KB , 991x828 , mean look25.jpg )
well i can do alot, that much said i have a couple different art styles. leme finish my animation and i will get right to it. dont worry it wont take long i just have to put them in a gif image.
>> No. 120330
File 135828560095.jpg - (824.96KB , 2185x1617 , request 2.jpg )
heres your ticket, and pinkie pie and rainbow dersh. lol ohmagerrrd
>> No. 120361
File 135844453621.png - (199.65KB , 556x517 , limelight2.png )
i forgot to submit the limelight request i did a lil bit ago, the customer was verry happy, cause it was free... ....and took like 40 minutes.
>> No. 120849
workin on a comic, would be cool if sumpony checked it out. workin on page 5 but might have to re-edit 1-3 so that i can achive comicbook level.
>> No. 120850
File 136035166787.jpg - (318.99KB , 768x687 , Riven.jpg )
heres a pic for mind changers.
>> No. 120866
File 136035991792.jpg - (1.10MB , 2191x1700 , painting 20080.jpg )
i redid the page so that its more eligible to read and see. so far so good, check out the tumblr here and ask anything u want about Riven.
>> No. 120877
>> No. 120878
File 136043383955.jpg - (635.12KB , 2137x1488 , painting 20082.jpg )
have any questions on tumblr come here and check it out
>> No. 120899
>> No. 121141
File 136131547728.jpg - (616.05KB , 2181x1695 , perny 5.jpg )
you can visit the ask riven blog here
>> No. 121184
File 136148791949.jpg - (286.39KB , 1600x1200 , 0214131356a.jpg )
i made this beauty in ceramics. i woud like to see sum reactions plz.
>> No. 121185
File 136148785734.jpg - (286.39KB , 1600x1200 , 0214131356a.jpg )
i made this beauty in ceramics. i would like to see sum reactions plz.
>> No. 121186
Ah...a cupricorn? Hehe
>> No. 121197
File 136151274879.gif - (565.39KB , 217x143 , tumblr_m4wf3b0o4K1qghotu.gif )
>> No. 121198
More of an alicup
>> No. 121358
File 136207860941.gif - (0.99MB , 286x195 , tumblr_m4t4j8w2iG1qdlh1io1_400.gif )
>> No. 121393
File 136222604839.png - (209.21KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream Pony.png )
It's been awhile since I made some rounds around here. I'd like to request a drawing of Rainstream here. I've offered her to several artists before, so you get the same request: Whatever you'd like to do with her, have fun. Her standing/flying/walking in the rain is a plus.
Color palette in bottom right corner.

Character Background:

Rainstream is usually a very happy and fun-loving pony. She would attend any social gathering without a second thought, provided she already knows the attendees. She holds on to a select few friends, but rarely gathers any beyond that. She loves meeting new ponies, but is very shy and demure at first. She may take awhile to warm up to ponies she has not met before, but enjoys their company all the same. She is very playful—once she has become comfortable with opening up—and loves to tease. She doesn’t look it -- and rarely shows it -- but is a very powerful flier. She graduated Flight School in Cloudsdale with flying colors, having won the Best Young Flyer competition during both of her final two years.

Rain is a talented weather pony, working at the weather station in Las Pegasus, and can often be found outside of town playing in her rain field. Rainstream has an extreme fondness for rain, and finds every excuse to create it. She can be found on slow walks when sad -- with a raincloud following her around -- and will frolic in it when happy. She appreciates the beauty of it, often playing with the clouds to create an artistic display. Rainstream takes great pride in her weather making duties, hoping that others might share her admiration of the rainfall.

Rain is very disorganized, and tries not to keep a schedule. Rainstream is very spontaneous and naive, often traveling around at the drop of a hat. However, she is very loyal to anypony lucky enough to call her friend, if even for a moment, and will put herself in harm’s way to defend them. She would rather feel pain herself, than see it inflicted upon others. She also has a strong distaste for unicorns in general. They tend to be very uptight and too rich-and-snooty. She doesn’t trust them either—to be honest, or kind.

Due to her spontaniety, Rainstream may give little thought to the consequences of her actions, and can make some very rash decisions. Nopony really knows what her dream is, however. Some would argue that her dream is simply to live happily -- as she always has -- playing in the rain at every given opportunity, but nopony has ever gotten a straight answer out of her.

She grew up in Applewood, just outside of Las Pegasus, having moved away from her parents’ home in her adolescent years. She managed to get a job with the Las Pegasus weather team after running into the manager while playing with the clouds one day. (it’s not a very entertaining story, somewhat of a “Hi there” friendly conversation, manager happens to like personality, offers job due to needing another weather pony—right place at right time) They have enough workers -- and she’s skilled enough -- for her to be granted several weeks vacation time, which allows her to go traveling around like she likes.
>> No. 121486
this is very cool, i have an idea of sumthin to do. also thanks for the info at the bottem really can describe real artist situations. i will do it but i have to ask.. did u look at my gallery?
>> No. 121504
File 136251184849.jpg - (761.41KB , 2150x1649 , rainstream.jpg )
here u go, its a lil sketchy cause i dont full service for free. but still looks pretty kool.
>> No. 121507
File 136252123066.jpg - (204.40KB , 1296x971 , jpeg_reencoded.jpg )
awww just look at this adorable thing.
>> No. 121508
File 136252319803.png - (246.72KB , 750x720 , She's adorable.png )
Wow, thanks.

Aww, I have to pay for color? How much? Also, which medium?
>> No. 121509
File 136252390429.jpg - (291.04KB , 2020x1564 , majoras mask1.jpg )
i really only used pencil. anyway if u want a real good peice my price is 10-15$ it might be 15 if there are more than 4 ponies involved. thats for inking full color and u name whut style u want meh to use. i would prefer the marker painting style like i did here and the rainbow dash pic too.
>> No. 121510
I spy an ocarina
>> No. 121511
yes i can play it too, almost everysong from ocarina of time and majoras mask. and some others too
>> No. 121514
File 136254506195.jpg - (2.07MB , 2187x1700 , frosty swirl.jpg )
this is a commision i did for frosty swril on her tumblr
>> No. 121516
File 136254613344.png - (343.80KB , 1649x2057 , Fribox.png )
Okay, do you have a deviant art? I can tell a lot from the pencil drawing, but if I'm going to hand over 15 bucks I want to make sure it's gonna be amazing.
>> No. 121518
yes i do its linked off of my page
>> No. 121519
t me u wont be dissapointed with my work, just tell me exactly wut u want. messege on here or deviantart dont matter. and i can only accept paypal.
>> No. 121528
File 136259213953.png - (133.73KB , 500x500 , Coco.png )
eh, you're pretty decent, but I don't see anything that makes me want to hand over 15 bucks just for color, considering my current financial state. Sorry, but not this time.
>> No. 121534
ok wuteves i know people who pay for quality, and the color for 25. its actually really good, plus i said 4 or more its 15.
>> No. 121535
File 136259732567.jpg - (507.29KB , 1492x948 , dashie.jpg )
this is how i felt when i seen this.
>> No. 121616
File 136268494156.jpg - (1.18MB , 1694x2196 , comic flutter.jpg )
>> No. 121621
File 136272234640.png - (85.96KB , 600x1001 , Bleeding Rain heartpony.png )
For curiosity's sake, what would $10 buy me?
>> No. 121626
one good drawing of the oc character with background, and color. u choose weither be colored pencil or marker.
>> No. 122335
File 136525848342.png - (96.60KB , 490x283 , 134095605117.png )
Okay, I've gotten some opinions, and I'm ready to come back with my tail 'twixt my legs. Sorry about that. What would it be to get it colored again? ( >>121504 )
>> No. 122336
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