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File 135820324485.png - (102.39KB , 1250x800 , blue_bass_lladkd_by_rgbargy-d4zdcuk.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests


Yes, /art/, it is I, CaptainSteve. No one here will remember me, since it's been a long time since my departure, and the only people I recognise are Carnifex, Infernal and Dat_Dalek. Seems the old guard have moved along and a new set of fine artists have made their home, so maybe an old /art/ist could settle in for a little bit? Have no fears, I have no intentions of going "when I was your age...", I haven't been gone long enough to have a zimmerframe now.

I mostly do traditional art, and some digital when I'm doing something big, and really ponies and Monster Hunter are my gig.

All requests are free, but if I feel I've improved enough I may open commissions for bigger things.

My deviantART is for anyone interested in browsing my art.

Home sweet home.

I'll have a queue of 3 pictures, with a maximum waiting time of 2 weeks from posting the image. I sincerely apologise for this wait, school is very consuming but I'd love to try picking up a pencil again and maybe get some critiques!

My OC is Blue Bass, and of course, I had been through the "black and other dark colours" OC phase, but no longer!
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>> No. 120291
File 135821259690.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
i request Ticket
>> No. 120304
File 135822561248.png - (300.84KB , 900x900 , Flutter rarity hug.png )
i could use a fluttershy picture, hugging... um... Applejack?

or may Twinkleshine, the background pony?
>> No. 120314
Curses, that fiendish Ticket! But I shall oblige

I shall attempt the Fluttershy one
>> No. 120317
File 135824707268.png - (16.20KB , 476x652 , Ponysona- Full Body.png )
Well, welcome back, Mr. Steve! even if i haven't known you much.
I guess you can draw my ponysona. Go ahead and take your time. I can wait.
>> No. 120325
File 135827239878.png - (1.02MB , 1800x900 , rathalos_by_rgbargy-d4setps.png )
This I can do! I have a drawing schedule, so I shall place this third on the list, closed queue now, and I shall work on it this weekend if not Friday!

Pic related to my thread, I drew this
>> No. 120332
File 135829359984.png - (1.73MB , 2333x1696 , lagiacrus rare test.png )
Quick dump, shitty practice of a Lagiacrus I drew but never finished so I decided I'd do the Rare species colour scheme instead and the lineart is going well, so I just thought I'd dump one of 'em practice drawings here
>> No. 120337
File 135833344264.jpg - (188.49KB , 660x583 , yveltal_pokmeon.jpg )
Cool drawing

Not very familiar with MH, since the only one I've played is the PSP one.

That wyvern reminds me of one of the upcoming pokemon legendaries.
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