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File 135826762397.png - (86.00KB , 653x472 , OC.png )
120323 No. 120323
Can anypony draw me a better version of my OC. Ive tried and tried and I just cant, any help would be great.
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>> No. 120324
And when I was making him I forgot to put wings on, he is a pegasus.
>> No. 120331
I'll do it!
>> No. 120344
What is his cuitie mark?
>> No. 120347
appears to be a golden microphone
>> No. 120379
Its a Golden Microphone, yes, I appreciate it guys, I just dont have the artistic skills to do it myself.
>> No. 120380
I didn't post as anon this time and my email is given so any drawings can be sent there, once again thanks guys!
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