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Is this any good? xD

Since im just starting out,i dont have the skill to draw from my mind and have to look off exsisting pictures ;_;
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>Is this any good?
I'd say so. The lines are pretty tight, the face is expressive and pose is dynamic. If this is "just starting out", then this is a pretty buckin' good start.

I'm not gonna get into any constructive comments... at this point, I think you just need to keep practicing and anything I have to say now would probably be outdated in a week or so.

>i dont have the skill to draw from my mind and have to look off exsisting pictures
Ref images will always be your very best friend. As you get more practice you start to depend on them less and less, but you never really get rid of them entirely.

People talk about drawing from their imagination, but it's actually kind of a myth. The imagination is actually really vague, unless you've done a lot of work to familiarize yourself with a particular subject. Option B is to study or develop a technical process for something, like using a character skeleton to draw a figure in any pose, or using vanishing points for perspective, but this is less "drawing from the imagination" and more "formalized methodology." Techniques. Fundamental skills. Whatever you want to call it.

I talk too much, hope this helps some. Looking forward to seeing more. :3
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