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File 135915087791.png - (369.11KB , 550x850 , twilight_sparkle_humanized___my_little_pony_by_d_tomoyo-d5shrjx.png )
120531 No. 120531
#Digital #Canon #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted #Commissions

hello /art/

I am looking for place to communicate and have fun with other people who loves MLP fan-arts.

also, sadly there are no one around me who appreciates "My Little Pony", looking forward to socialize with fellow fan of this great show.

>specialize in humanization of MLP characters.
>still learning how to draw ponies in my own style

for detail commission information, please check my deviantart page

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>> No. 120532
File 135915109263.png - (86.00KB , 286x400 , RD.png )
Currently working on
Rainbow dash
>> No. 120533
File 135915100675.png - (138.26KB , 394x400 , RD 3.png )
Because I left art community for 4-5 years
my drawing style (mostly painting) is all over the place.

but, coloring 6 different hair color was quite bit of challenge.
>> No. 120534
File 135915397912.png - (138.26KB , 394x400 , RD 3.png )
Finished Rainbow Dash humanization.
Hair was most difficult part of this project.

Not sure I need more detail on wings..
will put background if I find some time

I welcome Critiques.
>> No. 120535
File 135915404978.png - (538.55KB , 850x900 , RD 4.png )

attached a wrong drawing..
>> No. 120540
File 135915987714.png - (18.00KB , 337x325 , 5693214.png )
Your art is so beautiful! I'm impressed. Wow!

I don't suppose you might do commissions or anything, would you? Or a request?

I'd love to see your art style do Sweetie Belle. It's so cute!

And perhaps an OC, if you're not against that? I made an Orphan Filly I think your style would really do justice Humanized.

Anyway, I eagerly await your response
>> No. 120542
request, only if person don't mind rough sketch art (also, I have to have motivation for it)

commissions is too much dedication for me right now,

also, I am going to wait on OC request at least until I finish humanizing all mane6,

>sweetiebelle & rarity is something I really wanted to do, hope you don't mind rarity with her

Last edited at Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 17:47

>> No. 120555
File 135916976270.png - (102.46KB , 570x720 , Sweetie belle.png )

Sweetie Belle <3
>> No. 120558
I'm not big on Rarity, especially humanized, but I guess that's fine.

And the OC can wait. I don't mind.

>> No. 120592
File 135923150283.png - (91.65KB , 570x480 , Rarity Sweetie.png )
drawing ponies are so much harder than
just normal people..
>> No. 120593
File 135923831632.png - (654.11KB , 1000x862 , RD5.png )
background version.

background was done by friend of mine

background : johnboyj

Last edited at Sat, Jan 26th, 2013 15:48

>> No. 120603
File 135925228370.png - (512.22KB , 895x688 , Rarity Sweetie 2.png )
Sweetie Belle & Rarity

a project I wanted to do for a while.
but since I am not use to draw ponies,
it was quite a bit of challenge for me.

I like rarity to be little more nicer to Sweetie Belle time to time
>> No. 120604
File 135925379018.png - (513.98KB , 895x688 , Rarity Sweetie 3.png )

forgot to add rarity's cutie mark
also did little add up touch on her lips :D
>> No. 120608
"It's just SNOW, sis!"

Sweet pic
>> No. 120611
That is pretty sharp lookin', right thar.
Reminds me of Eita Mizuno. (I think that was his name. I loved me some Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning.)
>> No. 120614
File 135930127761.png - (468.96KB , 1181x886 , Fluttershy.png )
thanks for enjoying my drawing

スパイラル 〜推理の絆〜 (Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning)is one of my favorite manga, though I think its strongly underrated.though I think that artist is really skilled in drawing male characters, I am bad at drawing boys
I love Kanon Hilbert in that show *//A///*

this is my next project
> it started off as pinkiepie, ironic since rainbow dash started off as Fluttershy

Last edited at Sun, Jan 27th, 2013 08:50

>> No. 120620
File 135933590035.png - (1.12MB , 2362x1949 , Fluttershy 5.png )
I thought I could finish by tonight but,
had to take care of other stuff,
>> No. 120621

Awwwwwwwwww. So cute. Love your style sooo much!
>> No. 120622
Neat. Someone else who's heard of Spiral. Feels like it's obscure in my corner of the world, but the detective puzzles and the adorable mad bomber? How is this not on everybody's short list?

(Nice Fluttershy, by the by...)
>> No. 120625
File 135935532876.png - (209.01KB , 591x487 , Fluttershy 6.png )
latest work,
I really thought I could of finished it by tonight but too warned out,
thanks for the support !
its really really nice to have some one liking my art D; you have no idea
everyone goes "Spiral? you mean that horrible anime?" QQ read the MANGA guys!
>> No. 120626
Oh my, that's adorable! Humanized with pocket-sized pony selves is an extremely cute idea.
>> No. 120634
File 135941974811.png - (433.35KB , 671x537 , Fluttershy 0.png )
I ended up picking blue for her wing color,
I might edit it a bit and try to put some cool background for her just like rainbowdash
>> No. 120635
File 135942055897.png - (436.29KB , 671x537 , Fluttershy 0-y.png )

Yellow (golden) Wing version
>> No. 120650
File 135949337408.png - (213.58KB , 449x449 , OC PONT.png )
I had free time, so I decide to draw your OC pony
hope it is to your liking :D
>> No. 120668
File 135957603854.png - (1.25MB , 2362x2362 , Pinkie Dashie 2.png )
something is not right..
I dont know what it is

feel free to give me critique D:
>> No. 120670
File 135958455853.png - (317.17KB , 766x802 , Pinkie Dashie 5.png )
final version :D
>> No. 120678
File 135964362058.png - (128.27KB , 683x413 , pinkie.png )
newest project
Pinkie Pie
>> No. 120680

I look forward to it!
>> No. 120683
File 135965982495.jpg - (9.20KB , 249x202 , Festerio Avatar 2.jpg )
Hi! I am wondering... Do you make people pay for commisions? I was wondering if you would do a humanized version of a character from Littlest Pet Shop...
>> No. 120688
File 135969876747.png - (253.24KB , 738x495 , pinkie 8.png )
I think this is the final version.
will update this on more suitable time on dA
my god Pony Pinkie Pie was sooo hard to draw,
and still didn't come out as I wanted ..
for high quality drawing (ones I am submitting on dA) I would do paid commission, sometimes I just take random requests. but since I am not too familiar with littlest Pet shop I'd do it as commission.
commission information

Last edited at Thu, Jan 31st, 2013 23:11

>> No. 120690
File 135970267478.jpg - (104.83KB , 600x653 , New Canvas.jpg )
Ah, does this help...?

Sorry I didn't think to do this while it was still a sketch.
>> No. 120692
Yes thank you so much :D
>> No. 120694
File 135973826260.jpg - (5.50KB , 230x219 , Festerio Avatar 7.jpg )
Thank you!!! I will check the commision info later... I am at school and it is blocked.

Also, I am able to give you some pictures! Something to base your drawings on?

I can save up some money for a high quality!
>> No. 120695
you can post here or give it to me on skype,
if it is more than one reference picture please send it to me using skype

my skype id is
>> No. 120696
File 135974467256.jpg - (6.55KB , 240x210 , Festerio Avatar 06.jpg )
Are you a woman? You draw so elegantly!!! My brother is a huge Pikie Pie fan. And your picture of AnthroPinkie holding "TwinkiePinkie" had him fangirling for about 5 minutes straight.

I am not even exaggerating. We were in class and he had to get told to get back to work.
>> No. 120702
File 135976183347.png - (664.86KB , 1223x739 , pinkie 10.png )
nope I am male in mid 20, but I am very happy to hear your brother enjoyed my drawings
high res finished version of pinkie pie
>> No. 120706
great anime style you have there. i also visited your gallery and think you should expand your audience beyond the MLP groups. Anime group, for example.
>> No. 120708
File 135978049387.png - (484.70KB , 600x1138 , Untitled-7.png )
*** Commission information had been updated
it does not look like shit any more
find more details on Link :

thank you
I had older account with general anime fanarts
thought I erased account 3 years ago thinking I would never draw again

bad mistake on my behalf
>> No. 120778
File 136007589614.png - (446.73KB , 756x756 , Pinkie Pinkiebackground.png )
>> No. 120832
File 136028538475.png - (728.38KB , 900x731 , Luna 4.png )
Commission for

Tools used : Paint tool Sai, Photoshop CS 4

My Commission info
>> No. 120833
File 136029184051.png - (728.38KB , 900x731 , Luna 4.png )
(...) I dont know why it got double posted

Last edited at Thu, Feb 7th, 2013 19:51

>> No. 120968
File 136078115709.png - (54.31KB , 241x205 , 132645946036.png )
You should draw a human Dashy interacting a teeny itty bitty pony Dashy!!!

How much would that cost?

Itty bitty Dashies are so cute!!!
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