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Heyo, i got some questions. I do alot of sketchwork and when i'm finished with the basic sketching, i'm pretty satisfied, but i've tried to take it to the next step and finish on my comp and i keep failing miserably.

I'm super new to art and drawing and i've got the tools, but no idea how to use them. Is there a place that can teach me how to use editing software effectively?

For example, i drew a picture and wanted to do a lighting effect where they were underwater, but my brain exploded just trying to think how.

Tools-Scanner, Bamboo tablet(got it for christmas!), Photoshop essentials and Autodesk sketchbook pro.
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Well, there's two answers to ths.

The first is that there are tutorials buckin' all over the place. Generally, Googling for five minutes will get you some kind of tutorial of some sort. I can't really give you specific links, because there are waaaaaay too many to even start listing them. Youtube has a fair number of video tutorials, and DA has reams of them.

Some artists will post a step by step breakdown of their process, those can be really informative.

Second, rather than going for tutorials, try experimenting. Play with tools and settings just to see what they do. This will increase the chance that the next time you want to do something new, you'll be able to figure out a way to do it.

Third, you can do a lot of things without any fancy techniques. I do 80% of what I do with a simple paint brush, changing the size/opacity as needed, and just painting stuff.

Question: do you have a DA or tumblr or some such where you post your work? I might be able to give you more specific suggestions if I know where you currently stand.
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Yeah, i have a DA, been a couple weeks since i posted though, gotten a little bit better since then.

Any help, suggestions, or critiques are appreciated, but i don't wanna take up too much of your time.
Every time i draw something, i realize how very little i know about it, it's reather intimidating to say the least.
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