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My fanfic, "Black Equinox," is currently hosted on EQD, and I've made a tradition of heading each new chapter with artwork that depicts a scene or element of the story. I did most of them myself, but as the story progressed, I found my limited artistic ability didn't serve the content as I'd have liked.

Thus far I've enlisted FacelessJr for two chapters, the latest of which is the image used in this post. I've been quite satisfied with his work thus far, but nearly a month after trying to get the latest chapter rolling, he's found himself struck by a perfect storm of real-life issues, art blocks and plain old exhaustion.

As he is indisposed, I've been trying to find a temporary replacement who can fill this commission.

To any suitable artist interested in making a good buck, I need a scene drawn depicting a battle in Canterlot, with ponies throwing-down with an army of robotic drones. This is not likely to be an easy task, and requires an ability to draw more than ponies and traditional MLP elements.

I'd like to keep with a traditional show-accurate style if possible, but I'm open to alternative styles on a case-by-case basis.

I have details and reference art to help anyone interested, but these details involve spoilers to the story, so I'll not reveal them here.

Price is negotiable with me, but anything over $120 is going to need multiple payments.

On a final note, while I know I want the piece to be OF the battle, the focus, angle and elements involved are very much open for discussion, which means potential for a great deal of creative freedom on the part of the artist.

I look forward to working with whoever steps up for the task, and I thank you for your time.

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