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Hi everypony. My friend made this picture, but she is realy shy, so... Please, give a helpful advice. In's important. She want critic. And sorry for my bad english)
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File 135992690882.jpg - (191.95KB , 469x469 , icon_crop1.jpg )
Your friend need not be shy, that picture looks excellent!
It looks like she has a solid idea of the ponies' anatomy, which is always a great start. I'm also impressed by her simple yet very emotional choice of color scheme. The shading on it looks very, very good. She could have perhaps deepened up some of the values to allow the character to stand out more--his legs start to blend into the background a bit.
I really love this picture. Your friend must be very talented. I hope she feels comfortable sharing her work in the near future, because this piece is amazing!
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