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#Traditional #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Well, I'm a FRESH Brony, (Fresh as in.... I joined the fandom Saturday) after a buddy of mine asked me if I would watch an episode. I reluctantly accepted and, well, I done loved it. Anyway, I really enjoyed the simplicity of the artwork and I figured, "Hey, I like to draw, maybe I can do that." So some research into the basic body shapes later, I was able to freehand draw my own OC. I'm pretty proud of it, considering it's my first pony in general. The only thing I'm worried about on it is the head shape and I /think/ the legs are too short.
S'basically just me as a pony, named Lian Arte. He does Line Art.
Anyway, I'm just looking for some second opinions on this because I definitely am enjoying drawing Ponies.
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