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File 136025744119.jpg - (696.58KB , 1744x1744 , image.jpg )
120821 No. 120821

This is me as a pony. :) Diamond Sparks! The magic unicorn. She's shy at first but really outgoing later on. She can be hotheaded at times but she's really quite friendly. ^D^
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>> No. 120822
File 136025768973.jpg - (30.22KB , 660x650 , are-you-fucking-kidding-me-cle.jpg )
>>Cutie Mark of Rarity
>>Name of Twilight
>>Looks like a poorly drawn Sweetie Belle

What are you, twelve?
>> No. 120823
>>Not Rarity's cutie mark
>>Twlight "Sparkle"
>>Forgot Sweetie Belle had a grey coat and purple and black hair

And so what if it's poorly drawn? /art/ isn't just for good artists you know
>> No. 120835
File 136029493047.jpg - (12.42KB , 220x229 , image.jpg )
I'm 15. You sir, are a retard and a blind one at that.
>> No. 120836
Thank you.
>> No. 120837
You shouldn't be rude either...
But you are welcome
>> No. 120841
File 136031335785.jpg - (78.00KB , 1000x561 , mlfw407_large.jpg )
Wow! This actually pretty good! I have no idea if your a beginner or not, but it's a nice design.
You sir, or mam, I believe you'll be sharing a few gifts with /art/.
>> No. 120846
I know. Sorry. Just hate when people judge beginners. :/
>> No. 120847
File 136034506510.jpg - (9.64KB , 300x168 , Brohoof.jpg )
Thank you. :D I'm sure I'll get better and better as I continue to draw.
>> No. 120851
I don't really care whether people are beginners or experts... if you're struggling to improve, you're in the same boat as everyone else.

Welcome to /art/, Diamond Sparks. Are you looking for critique/advice, or just here to hang out? :3
>> No. 120854
Quite alright :3 well welcome to art!
>> No. 120863
File 136035952321.gif - (684.57KB , 500x400 , Picture Unrelated.gif )
I'm not sure really. I'm new and my boyfriend just suggested this site for me. I thought I'd give it a try. ^u^
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