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#Digital #Comics #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hello, everypony! I'd like to make a little money to help out my sis, so I thought I'd look to taking commissions. I'm kinda a simple person, and this is a first- but I LOVE TO DRAW these ponies. I mean, dang- it's so addictive. So why not?

I can be contacted at my dA or Fiverr account mainly, but you can talk to me here to.

Here are the details:

-I work on a tablet with stylus, simple paint program.

-. Main characters, OCs, Personas,etc.. I'm cool with most things, but no porn. Nothing complicated like detailed backgrounds, mecha, etc. If your not sure about something, just ask! :)

-Prices: (general guideline, we can negotiate)
5$ .....for a sketch
10$ ......greyscale/Colored (+5$ for extra ponies)

Send me a message on the sites listed. Please provide the details you would think necessary, or I'll use artistic leeway. Photo reference would help, colors, age, facial expressions, spelling of name, etc.
I am setting up a Paypal, so that would be the main method of pay. Since these illustrations are simple, you would pay up front and I'll then send you the file. DONT WORRY, if there's something minor you don't like, or a mistake- I can fix it for you, and resend. :)
From there, you can use it for your own personal use, blog, etc.. just credit me, I ask please.

And that's about it! Here are some posted samples.

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File 136074359221.jpg - (88.24KB , 556x536 , pony sketches.jpg )
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File 136074373900.jpg - (741.82KB , 2464x1608 , college ponies.jpg )
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File 136074372401.png - (1.24MB , 3152x988 , trailerparkponies.png )
Last one for now
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This makes me grin like an idiot.
>> No. 120966

I'm glad! :)
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File 136078800816.png - (392.12KB , 1482x1142 , studiokillerpony.png )
Heh, I forgot about this one.
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File 136078910687.png - (460.50KB , 760x836 , Yakuza Pinkie.png )
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a WIP of Pinkie being creepy. Thats s'posed to be a flashlight.

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File 136078984531.png - (938.81KB , 928x1380 , Bizarro Pie.png )
Whoops! Fixed.
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