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121032 No. 121032
#Digital #Discussion #Critique wanted

An animation i made. Enjoy.
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>> No. 121033
really good anon
top notch
>> No. 121034

thanks :)
>> No. 121035
i wonder if i could buy an animation from you
>> No. 121036

You mean commission something from me?
>> No. 121037
>> No. 121038

Depends on what you would want me to do lol PM me on youtube or something if you're really interested.

Also, I don't do this stuff for a living, so, me accepting commissions really depends on a lot of stuff.

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>> No. 121039
>> No. 121043
Was the "come inside" referencing a known meme on /mlp/
>> No. 121044
You know, it is pretty damn good animation, but you are giant fuaggot for not citing Madmax's comic and original idea.
>> No. 121045
inb4 banned for being offensive
>> No. 121046
Silly anon, that's not how you spell hugs.
>> No. 121047
Welcome to Ponychan!
>> No. 121050

In the video description it says "Based on a comic". I had no idea who did it so I didn't put the name in. I'm gonna do that now, so you stop being so upset.
>> No. 121051

Ye, kinda. I based this off a comic and I changed a few things to kinda get that subtle reference in. But it's very subtle so I hope no one gets offended or anything, for whatever reason.
>> No. 121093
I checked your channel - you a trying to be second tiara very hard, which is rather sad and pathetic. What's up, his popularity won't let you sleep? Or may be it is the insane bronybux? Either way it won't work. Examples: Atryl and Siden. Everyone knows Atryl, only insider aware of who Siden is. Same with Aphex Angel and that friend of him who tries to emulate his artwork, style and narrative.

But what is more important is not the fact that youp lay the same ideas, for the same public that is fine. Problem is that you try to copy his horrible animation, very bad, primitive stretching instead of tweens and incredible bad expressions. The latter is so damn crazy and inconsistent it is very easy to spot Tiara or his copycat(s). No other animators in the fandom has such issues.
>> No. 121103

I don't know any of those people or their work, I don't know what a bronybux is.

I'm a guy who, 2 months ago, started to get interested in animation and is learning how to do it properly step by step, very slowly. I've never done any animation in my life except for the last 2 months and, despite of what you appear to want, I'm not gonna stop.

I'm sorry you didn't like my stuff. I'll try to improve on whatever it is you don't like, even though I didn't really understand what it is.

I guess what I learned from your comment is I'll have to search for those guys and try to stay clear of their style cause apparently they suck. This is just about how useful your comment is to me.

Thanks for the input
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