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HEY ALL YOU FILLIES AND GENTLECOLTS! This here thread be about the discussion of Cutiemarks, mostly of the Piraty variety, but feel free to discuss the fine art of the the show and whatever else you may feel that is relevant to these mysterious little things.

SO, my purpose for making this thread is I have been sitting here on the couch for the past few weeks and this question just keeps worming it's way into my mind:

Besides the general symbol of the skull and crossbones, how would one go about making a cutie mark for a piraty type pony? And what would this, or these, cutie marks entail? Would they simply mean that the pony was born to be a pirate? Or perhaps something more specific that has to do with a pirate type life?

So pretty much, I want to discuss some ideas of what a few good cutie marks would look like if your character where to find out that he/she were born to be a pirate. I've been interested in coming up with a cutie mark that would be obvious in it's meaning, yet not be the traditional skull and crossbones. A google search of 'pirate symbols' provided me with very little, and was littered with the usual flag sign of the skulls.

So ya, let's get this discussion underway!
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>> No. 121218
File 136160157164.png - (151.57KB , 875x913 , pinkie pleeeease eyes.png )
I guess I kinda started this a little late huh? Doesn't seem like to many people are up heheh.
>> No. 121219
don't worry. /art/ is a sloooow place. flintlocks, sabers and bottles of rum comes to mind as piratey things. maybe parrots and peglegs.
>> No. 121234
hmm...I think I'm going to have to look up what a flintlock an saber is again hehe, but interesting. I keep trying really hard to think of how the cutie marks usually appear in the show, and how one might incorporate a pirate theme to them because I'm interested in making my own pony that has some kind of pirate theme.
>> No. 121235
>Looks those things up in google images
Oh dur, how did I not know what those were...Hmm, that right there is actually giving me an idea. I think I'm going to mess around in gimp for a while and see if I can create some kind of cutie mark with those...
>> No. 121240
Two thoughts:
A bit cut into eight wedges. (Pieces of eight, y'see.)

A simple black spot.

(Unfortunately, all my piratey knowledge is pretty much RL Stevenson.)
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