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File 136163030212.png - (446.93KB , 1920x1080 , 170 Lines.png )
121222 No. 121222 (Pic without lines/Render)

I'm painting a pony for the first time ever using a Wacom Tablet for a friend. I'd like to know how I'm going so far, and if anypony can throw out some critique or advice on the digital painting process.

Right now all I've done is render a pony in a rendering engine (see imgur), and am sampling parts of that render whose angle and thickness match that of what I'm trying to paint, using a brush setup to change opacity with pressure.
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>> No. 121223
Oh, and I *am* aware that the edges in the lineless pic are painfully not staying in their bounds, something I'll fix after all the shading is in place.
>> No. 121244
File 136170151511.png - (1.49MB , 945x795 , fluttershy sketch color.png )
If you figure it out, lemme know. Been trying to figure digital painting for a while, and this is the best I've managed to do. After eight months, I almost get defining forms through value. Still not any good at tightening up the edges with a tablet the way I can with pencils or charcoal.

One thing I can pass along: I would recommend *not* tying opacity to pressure. Color theory is hard enough, but now things are too dark because you don't have steady enough hands for the tablet? It will drive you mad. Use the sliders for value or set your opacity to the number keys or something. It could be just me, but it's worth trying if you're struggling.
>> No. 121246
Thank you, but from what I've seen, it ends up tying opacity to pressure is the standard way of doing things, that's even how it works with most traditional mediums. If you're having problems with not having steady enough hands I'd recommend turning down your programs pressure sensitivity in some way and remember not to press down too hard at all. I can help you turn it down if that interests you. What program are you running.

Is there anyway you can turn off the canvas filter on that painting? It's hard o see what's going on with your shading beneath all the noise.
>> No. 121281
For pen work I agree, but paint doesn't get darker when you push harder. So long as you're comfortable and not fighting the tools, though.

You can turn canvas and brush texture on and off in SAI pretty easily. But I don't think you can remove the textures you've already created.

(I agree though, it looked neat in the early stages but as the brush got smaller for details the texture started to overwhelm.)
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