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#Digital #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Howdy everyone! I'm new here on /art/, kinda glad I had some nerve to click it (as I usually hang around the /merch/ board)
So anyways, I'm a low-noticed artist. I've been drawing ponies for about maybe three months now. Seeing how I have improved greatly on my art, just thought I'd share it here and get y'all to help me out with fans and critiques. All help will be appreciated, and I may take commissions/requests in the future ;)
Have a nice day!
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>> No. 121255
i like what i see
>> No. 121256
What I've seen so far is brilliant. My only nitpick is that the ponies themselves are a little tall and gangly than ponies on the show, more like Fleur de Lis or Snails.
>> No. 121257
My style isn't exactly meant to replicate the show's however.
At least not completely
>> No. 121260
File 136176907332.jpg - (41.36KB , 415x600 , image.jpg )
A big thanks to everyone for their comments and critiques so far! Much appreciated.
(Art attached not mine)
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