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File 136272167282.jpg - (140.07KB , 1334x1086 , Ploomette.jpg )
121620 No. 121620
#Digital #Critique wanted

Can I get some feedback on this? Obviously not finished, but I'm a little scared to continue. I know there are problems in there, but I can't see them.

FYI it's going to be Ploomette, that pegasus blind bag pony only as a stallion.

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>> No. 121657
That's a pretty sweet bit of foreshortening on that one. Are you working from a reference or just winging it?

Been flipping it horizontally and I'm not really seeing anything that screams "fix me".

I say damn the torpedoes. Charge onward, and let us see what you have when you add the mane.
>> No. 121878
File 136392147737.jpg - (152.39KB , 1334x1086 , Blind Bag Apple Dazzle.jpg )

Yeah, I was working from a reference photo. So now he has hair and I decided to erase the cloud setting. He's going to be based off of blind bag pony Apple Dazzle in male form.
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