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File 136272987061.jpg - (134.18KB , 1512x1512 , flutte base.jpg )
121623 No. 121623
#Digital #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

I am working on this pic. Any suggestion to improve it before inking?
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>> No. 121624
looks good
>> No. 121625
Boobs are too high and way too huge for the rest of her body. In addition, her body looks like the one of a four-year-old. The right side of her head (from our point of view) is too flat in the comparison to the rest of the volume you've given her hair, her pose looks stiff and unnatural and her face is crooked,

Other than that, cute.
>> No. 121656
File 136288762047.jpg - (168.20KB , 704x948 , sexyorangy.jpg )
needs wayyyyyy more curve around the hips. Looks like you put huge tits on a tall ballerina 8 year old.

but yeah, other than that you got a great feel for all the other aspects of the pic. Cute face too. Nice facial contours. But you have to give the body contours to make it look presentable. Here's an example, although I suck at it too so maybe take it with a grain of salt (or a whole shaker maybe)
>> No. 125901
I love it
>> No. 128091
This dude wants to cause drama, careful
>> No. 128092
There aren't enough swastikas.
>> No. 128093
>wants to cause drama
Maybe he/she wanted to have a drama-free discussion on the boundaries between porn and art, but then other people go around making insinuations of drama?
>> No. 128094
File 139934384127.jpg - (42.54KB , 500x375 , 2qsapfa.jpg )
Did OP ever get around to inking the pic? It's been over a year.
>> No. 128095
File 139934389109.jpg - (239.01KB , 700x523 , mordekaiser_by_fokaron-d6bkmen.jpg )
Not metal enough.

Scalemail bikini, a horned helmet, a battle axe. The environment needs to be a steaming volcanic background complete with dragons made of obsidian wielding electric guitars advancing to feast on her soft fleshy butt.

Spike also needs to be in he scene and look like Conan the Barbarian.
>> No. 128096
I would personally reduce the breast size to balance it out. Other than that it's a lovely drawing.
>> No. 128104
File 139937038041.png - (296.81KB , 491x404 , 08f.png )
>Reducing breast size
>Not, instead, increasing hip size

We can all be eggheads, I guess, because this is over a year old.

It's so necro, the worms are already dead.
>> No. 128105
File 139939245636.png - (237.37KB , 1335x1005 , dramainternet.png )
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