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File 136383196750.png - (2.46MB , 1680x1020 , Rising sunfinalpng.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon

Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh, I am Sovereign. And I present to you a teaser rendering (I did on artrage) of my upcoming comic series. It involves a "new hero", an ancient evil and a dangerous new enemy, and a perilous journey Twilight Sparkle and her friends must endure to unlock the secret of the "Lost Element of Harmony".
Additional renderings will be made soon then later compiled into a video teaser trailer.

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>> No. 121852
I forgot to set the mood:
>> No. 121865
Perhaps a more in-depth explanation?
>> No. 121868
Hmm... Much of the character and story development is still in the works. And I am very reluctant to spoil much of what I have so far but I can elaborate on the synopsis.

But essentially, A technologically advanced Dystopian Republic long shrouded in mystery has resurged. Their leader is a former student of Princess Celestia much like Twilight Sparkle, however he abused his power and retreated far off into the West. And now is is the time to exact his revenge by ursurping Equestria. Simultaneously, a dark shadow looms over the land. So ancient, it is immune to the Elements of Harmony... It will take a new hero, prophesied to be born from a falling star to unlock the secret of the "Lost Element of Harmony", But must first understand the power of friendship and love to restore peace and freedom throughout the world.

I know I am treading of dangerous waters here but I promise much of what I am doing will not deviate from themes established within the shows canon and this project will be taken very seriously and I promise to uphold a majority of those ideals established by the shows creators. An adventure of a lifetime awaits! Expect delivery May 2013.

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>> No. 121873
I am now incredibly interested. One thing I would suggest is that you would call it something instead of the Lost Element of Harmony.
>> No. 121874
>Lost Element of Harmony
It has a name, and technically it isn't really an "Element of Harmony" because it predates the current 6 and is independent from them as well. You will just have to wait and follow my work to find out about its secret ;)

Here is my Deviantart profile btw:

And my Twitter:

And thanks for your support, I have contacted Equestria Daily and they said they want to host my comic series and they too are "Incredibly Interested."
>> No. 121892
Are you fleshing out all off the details for characters/vehicles etc?
>> No. 121900
Yes in fact, standby. In a few hours I will release a new rendering.
>> No. 121902
Also, with the direction I'm going with this series, Things don't get too "dangerous" until the later half of the series. Most of the stuff in the beginning will focus on slice of life/comical situations that will lead towards a major climax.
>> No. 121904
That's an interesting way to do things. Are you going to slowly start having the characters realize something is happening, or have it step up really fast?
>> No. 122051

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File 136428314813.png - (2.82MB , 1380x1020 , KillerZeppelin.png )
Another rendering, took me 3-4 days
>> No. 122082
So they're vehicles are kind of kludged together?
>> No. 122085
Not the response I was expecting but no. They are not. Youll see.
>> No. 122090
I chose to utilize a zeppelin airframe because Zeppelins are a seen as a symbol of frienship and commerce in our world (and in the pony world) but I wanted mine to show how they can be ruthless killing machines as well. This particular design has a dorsal mounted anti-air batteries and flak guns, and a flight deck/carrier island so that it may launch smaller aircraft and pegasi squadrons. It is also equiped with 4 pulse engines, both anti-surface and anti-air missile launchers, two particle emitters, (weapon being fired in painting) emp/proton bombs, and mechanical tentacles so that it may land and embark/disembark ground forces. Its tentacles may also be used to cause catastrophic physical damage against large ground targets. All thease features make it the deadliest thing in the sky and the workhorse (No pun intended) of the Equestria attackers.
>> No. 122091
You've really put thought into this.

Most my story ideas die in a week.
>> No. 122172
I have been out of town this week on a business trip, gonna try and post some drawings. Probably not renderings. Totally drained of my energy.


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>> No. 124098
File 137146816041.png - (164.45KB , 900x750 , 136806714157.png )
Real life makes me disappear from the fandom for a day and this happens! MARVELOUS A PROGRESS REPORT
>> No. 124099
No Leo this is a bad thing. Hasbro has got the jump on one of my ideas! And I dont know what to do! Im panicing here!
>> No. 124100
Damn, Celestia is at least 1000 years old right? Who says she has one student at a time, you could go the whole secret apprentice route?
>> No. 124101
Actually one of my other ideas was to make codename: Odin Celestias illegitament son to counter this mess THEY cooked up. Another thing that pissed me off was the whole flash sentry/twilight bull$hit[?] in Equestria Girls because MY new character is obviously a male and I intend on making them special friends, not romantic just close. (Romance is not my style)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 17th, 2013 05:46

>> No. 124102
Argh, it can annoying when wrenches get thrown in places they don't belong. Still haven't seen it yet so I'm looking for somewhere I can.
>> No. 124103

Im sorry if I spoiled anything for Equestria Girls Leo but this whole this an outrage and I am very upset at them for getting the jump on my ideas and all for a marketing ploy. I don't intend on making a cent off of this. (Well actually I could license my vehicles and it would be rediculously awesome to have model kits of them but thats about it) And for that reason I can think outside of the box. Although I am afraid now that when this thing comes out the fandom will grill me for the whole apprentice thing should I go along with it. But like I said I have proof I thought of it before with this thread being one of said exhibits.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 17th, 2013 04:53

>> No. 124105
That's okay, explains what I'm also raging at. Just no-one is distributing the film here. I would so buy the models if they were made. A few artist friends of mine have had similar things happen to them, but they have soldiered on and they discovered greater things because of it. Good luck my friend I say!
>> No. 124107
>model kits?

When all this is over, I'll talk to MENG of Hong Kong and see if they are interested. They make some BEA-UTIFUL models of the Israeli Merkava tanks and soon, Russian T-90 tanks

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>> No. 124108
Very nice, I was thinking of model splicing a few kits.
>> No. 124177
>> No. 124179
Where have you been Nerdpony? You're missing out on all the fun! Well actually this old thread of mine was resurfaced because Equestria Girls (stupid a$$ movie) got the jump on one of my ideas and this thread is proof of that.
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