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121879 No. 121879
So... I have a request...

Who'd be up to drawing Twilight (alicorn, obviously) in a barmaid's dress. Y'know, one of those lower cut ones? Why? Cause it'd be neat, I think.

Anthro or pony, doesn't matter which one.

If no one can, thanks anyways.
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>> No. 121883
File 136393629960.png - (9.72KB , 132x134 , 132175587259.png )
Please read board's guidlines before posting.
>> No. 121884
>obviously too late to do anything
Why would you even bother saying anything?
>> No. 121885
One would imagine for future reference. That he was unaware of:
> - Don't make a new thread for requests. Use the directory to find an artist who takes them, and ask in their thread instead.
Would suggest that, unlike many other boards, it may behoove him to give the guidelines in general a quick glance. I doubt any malice was meant by it.
>> No. 121887
File 136394478858.png - (26.13KB , 945x945 , 132622336393.png )

Thanks Anon, I was little tired
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