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File 136434776209.jpg - (125.33KB , 1440x900 , satsfiedWP2.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Oop, no wonder i'm not getting any more feedback on my old thread, it's already on autosage!

Previous thread:

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>> No. 122958
File 136769202646.jpg - (326.89KB , 1024x768 , Maple_Forest_in_Purple_Fog_by_chuaster.jpg )
How about Queen Miasma out for a stroll in the park at night; a purple eggheadf incense, so thick that streetlights can't fully pierce it, veils the area. In the distance perhaps you could perhaps just barely make out the silhouettes of incense bearer changelings.
>> No. 122959
File 136769212041.gif - (468.05KB , 510x420 , 206889__UNOPT__safe_gif.gif )
>a purple eggheadf incense
I think I tried to say 'eggheadf'
>> No. 122960
File 136769295243.jpg - (49.07KB , 678x720 , mlfw5364-542436_324442467639115_687784111_n.jpg )

>> No. 122961
Ah well fool me once... Anyway I find that I have much better control over using pencils than a mouse. And if there are stay lines I don't like I just give it the once over with ms paint.

Last edited at Sat, May 4th, 2013 12:47

>> No. 122982
File 136786737678.jpg - (225.72KB , 2250x850 , cutiemarkswap.jpg )
might be a bit much for a tshirt.
oh make no mistake, it's still hand-drawn, only with a tablet. i know only very VERY few people who have a good degree of control when drawing with a mouse. (weaver for example)

I got the suggestion to draw the mane 6 with their destinies/clothes swapped. To say I had fun drawing this is way of an understatement.
>> No. 122983
File 136787075603.jpg - (1.46MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-05-06 13_00_24.jpg )
I have considered getting a tablet for those exact purposes, but for now I am going to stick with my trusty drafting table and T-square.
>> No. 122989
File 136793306600.jpg - (267.50KB , 2484x800 , humanizedC_all.jpg )
(i have never been able to make proper use of a ruler. godspeed. :) )

Coloured the humans.
Some notes:
Twilight is supposed to have a slightly sickly paleness to her because she often stays up (too) late, whereas Rarity carefully nurtures hers with sun-blocker ;)
Rainbow Dash and Applejack both have a tan because they're often out in the field (either doing sports or tending to the farm).
Same for the CMC (save Sweetie Belle, who is a little bit more sheltered)
Spike has a slightly green-ish complexion because he's a dragon :)

If anybody else wants to take a stab at colouring, they can download the lines here:
>> No. 122993
File 136794895117.jpg - (230.61KB , 2117x800 , cutiemarkswapC.jpg )
Lines for anyone else who wants to colour this:
>> No. 123000
File 136796091375.jpg - (63.01KB , 322x529 , cutiemarkswaplines_by_siansaar-d64fv6d.jpg )
I tried. The way you do lines is so different and kinda clashes with my shading technique (selection tools, selection inversion, mask, then transparency).

I like Pinkamena and I like girls who dress rural so I had to. I didn't look at your coloration before I did this, to see how much different our choices would be without any influence.

>might be a bit much for a tshirt.
I like my clothing to be like freakin' MURALS!
>> No. 123007
File 136803398025.jpg - (90.82KB , 580x735 , pinkiehugnew.jpg )
looking good!

Pinkie finds Spike's infatuation with Rarity so sweet.
>> No. 123059
Added a few more motifs to the t-shirt store!
>> No. 123120
File 136849599373.jpg - (198.02KB , 890x1200 , mortDA.jpg )
a cover image commission for the fanfiction "mort takes a holiday":
>> No. 123379
File 136932458779.jpg - (98.69KB , 873x820 , humanizedvelvet.jpg )
might add more characters later.
>> No. 123430
File 136948755181.jpg - (119.94KB , 1741x565 , velvetref.jpg )
this is the reference i sent another artist when i commissioned her for a velvet custom sculpt ( maybe someone else will find it useful.
>> No. 123450
File 136959823809.jpg - (149.00KB , 1659x800 , humanizedvelvet2.jpg )
next up: velvet’s folks.
>> No. 123461
File 136961901052.jpg - (210.23KB , 2296x800 , humanizedvelvet3.jpg )
and there we go.
colour some other time.
bebehs <3
>> No. 123468
File 136967722727.jpg - (231.99KB , 2296x800 , humanizedvelvetC.jpg )
Lines here if anybody else wants to try colouring:
>> No. 123567
File 136996501761.jpg - (83.35KB , 1392x670 , ajnhuman.jpg )
ridiculously photogenic - inspired by tex and his always entertaining little pony and human pictures. (plus what i consider to be the perfect pony-human size relation)
>> No. 123568
File 136996506795.jpg - (78.50KB , 707x720 , chubbitywetmane.jpg )
>> No. 123569
Yes, Yes, Yes!
>> No. 123570
Yes, Yes, Yes!
>> No. 123643
File 137037910711.gif - (354.96KB , 592x639 , spikeclothes_anim_sfw.gif )
“Hey Spike, cute outfit! A bit girly though…did Rarity make it?”
>> No. 123644
Aww... Im sure if Rarity made it he would love it forever and ever.
>> No. 123645
File 137039870010.gif - (598.24KB , 664x643 , spike_legwiggle_anim.gif )
he does. :)
>> No. 123646
File 137040107181.jpg - (108.60KB , 1659x535 , spike_tips.jpg )
and while i’m at it, some things i noticed/noted. the one with the diaper probably helped me the most, it makes figuring out his proportions a bit easier. a rather big a-ha moment for me personally.

aaaand i just noticed i forgot his back spikes in those last few pics.
>> No. 123647
File 137040307040.png - (169.16KB , 815x979 , Apple-Jack-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27781668-815-979.png )
This reference is quite helpful. Thanks for sharing that Carnifex!
>> No. 123654
File 137044197964.gif - (735.59KB , 843x612 , lavender_pounce_anim_sketch.gif )
my pleasure!

sketch for a lavender animation.
>> No. 123687
File 137056584847.jpg - (53.50KB , 651x505 , sinky_complain.jpg )
>> No. 123908
File 137117838738.jpg - (117.09KB , 1118x680 , humancmc_sap.jpg )
“Dumb tree sap!”
>> No. 123973
File 137124611712.jpg - (96.11KB , 961x720 , humanDiamondTiaraNSilverSpoon.jpg )
"Oh, but we're rich - you're not."
>> No. 124030
File 137131840028.jpg - (130.42KB , 1132x820 , humanzecora.jpg )
Mystic and not so mystic.
>> No. 124119
Two new pages for Elements of Discord!

(next page is in the description)
>> No. 124154
File 137157560036.jpg - (206.30KB , 705x900 , shiftNsoul_DA.jpg )
>> No. 124345
File 137210542902.gif - (34.76KB , 549x655 , chenillesurprised_anim.gif )
>> No. 124815
File 137372497200.jpg - (99.60KB , 706x1039 , nightmaretwi_DA.jpg )
Nightmare Twilight

"You will see true darkness before the end."

Available as print:
>> No. 124878
File 137391693280.jpg - (81.34KB , 749x600 , takingtheplunge.jpg )
i am now officially a freelance artist.
>> No. 124883
File 137394541774.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
>> No. 124906
File 137405652472.jpg - (78.71KB , 820x678 , beeskee_DA.jpg )
thanks! hopefully it'll turn out alright...

>> No. 124908
File 137406773064.png - (156.72KB , 900x900 , pinkie_pie_finds_your_actions_questionable_by_theholytuna-d5lu9w8.png )
Just got autosaged myself, asked the mods to take it off, no such luck. Do you think they would mind if I started a new thread?
>> No. 124993
File 137432569741.jpg - (97.07KB , 603x1000 , myxineanthro_DA.jpg )
why should they? be sure to give them the new link in the sticky thread with the artist directory.

2 commissions
>> No. 124994
File 137432574743.jpg - (125.54KB , 676x909 , chrysgloat_DA.jpg )
>> No. 125010
File 137436733810.jpg - (152.94KB , 738x1000 , miasmaanthro_DA.jpg )
and another.
>> No. 125043
File 137444304239.jpg - (147.61KB , 734x1000 , myxine_bodypillow_DA.jpg )
body pillow commission.
btw, if you need more info about these, you can check my deviantart or tumblr as linked in the first post.
>> No. 125044
Oh wow this certainly is quite naughty.

I kinda like it.
>> No. 125093
File 137451754798.jpg - (115.95KB , 940x800 , calliphora2.jpg )

A few months ago, Enchantermoonstone sent me an idea for a new hive that resides in graveyards. At first I didn’t want to do it because I figured I already had enough hives, but the idea was too cool to abandon, so I kept it stashed away in some txt file. Recently I found it again, and after some mulling over it, I figured “why not?". So let me present to you:

The Nekropolis Hive

The Nekropolis Hive and its queen Calliphora are probably one of the most elusive and least explored hives in all of Equestria. They make their home in graveyards, feeding off ponies’ love by posing as ghosts of dead relatives and loved ones. Their size is unknown.

Usually they move into already existing family graves and crypts and only set up rudimentary constructions and decorations. Although they use remains and coffins for this purpose, they don’t actually eat either of those to manufacture their building material, as many ponies believe. Instead it has been found their “changeling goo" is mostly composed of various moss and fungi types.

They have little to no contact with other hives and are actually often purposely avoided by them, for the simple fact that, even if it sounds unbelievable, even other changelings are creeped out by them.

Beside their macabre living conditions, the biggest reason for this are their appearance and their general behaviour. While they appear even more “perforated" than other changelings, with colours reminding of dead leaves and decaying matter, their most distinguishing and disturbing feature is what appears to be a second set of eyelids that they can close vertically and, while see-through, allows them to block out most light. This is important because the hive is almost exclusively nocturnal and thus reacts pretty badly to bright lights. Even their hive is kept in complete darkness (which is why they seldomly keep husks).

Their general behaviour has so far been described as “sort of otherworldly". They tend to buzz around with their second set of eyelids closed, seemingly without direction, or huddled in dark corners, humming quietly, as if listening to some inner voice. Perhaps this stems from the fungi they consume and the various gases present in a graveyard. Nevertheless the hive never falls into ruin or disarray. When an intruder appears, the hive is immediately at full alert and goes into attack mode without so much as a whisper. Many a pony has already found themselves thinking they just walked into a zombie pony attack when the coffin lid next to them flew off with a loud hiss.

One should take special precautions when a full moon is out. For some reason, it sends the hive into even more of a trance and a strange sort of dancing motion above the graveyard it currently resides in. Any intruder is immediately killed on sight, but one can usually tell and avoid these events by keeping a lookout for red eyes dancing in the sky like fireflies.

Some ponies refer to this hive as “the order of the fly", proving that they are rather superstitious, but given that anyone who would find themselves in the clutches of this hive would surely think themselves in Tartarus, it is somewhat understandable.
>> No. 125183
File 137478054397.gif - (427.23KB , 583x561 , preening_anim_web.gif )
twilight what are you doing you’re not a bird
>> No. 125184
File 137478126602.png - (40.89KB , 107x117 , 131622650689.png )
Dat's really cute.
>> No. 125447
Hello. I am looking for a commission, but I am not sure if you would be willing to take it. So I am asking around.

It's for a story I am writing, and though it's not just a gore story, I am looking for a gore cover.

So I'll just ask: Is a pony's head exploding, something you could do?
>> No. 125474
if i don't have to render bits of skull or eyeballs flying around (essentially reducing it to a blood fountain), i could see myself doing it. might need more info before i can give a definitive answer.
you can find pricing info, email contact and such here:
>> No. 125693
File 137691739610.jpg - (52.68KB , 663x565 , snailsNsnail.jpg )
sorry to say that i'm gonna stop posting art here. there's simply too little feedback, and posting itself is also rather slow (gets pretty bad when trying to make an image dump).
you can still find my stuff on tumblr/deviantart.
thank you to everyone who left a few friendly words, and i hope to see you around.
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