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File 136457302517.png - (1.02MB , 1241x679 , Brainspc1.png )
122140 No. 122140
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted

It looks like I fell down again and can't seem to get back up... whatever.

Taking requests, but I can turn them down if you're a jerk or completely disregard the site's rules.

You speak, I draw.

This thread is CLOSED

Last edited at Fri, May 10th, 2013 21:34

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>> No. 122141
File 136457395489.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
can you draw Ticket?
>> No. 122143

I'll start them soon then, and any people want meanwhile.
>> No. 122145

Streaming this request, will take requests if anyone gets in.

Ignore the music if you want.
>> No. 122147
Darn. Seems I missed it.
>> No. 122148

Still running, if it's not, poke the chat so I can reset
>> No. 122149
File 136461019135.png - (189.58KB , 966x1139 , mjolna5.png )
hay how bout you draw Mjolna
>> No. 122150
File 136461076080.png - (319.71KB , 1200x1059 , TACKET.png )



Still streaming
>> No. 122151
File 136461392582.png - (504.81KB , 1200x1203 , SV.png )
Request from Knight in the stream.



Still streaming.
>> No. 122153
File 136461756820.png - (1.29MB , 2000x3500 , MJ.png )

Last one for today.

Thanks for coming to the stream, things got a little more bearable.

Any other requests will take me a little more time, but I'm still open
>> No. 122157
File 136464926005.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1774 , _want_some_gum___colored_by_anobviousdecoy-d5smofj.png )
Could you draw the Blue pony in this picture? Perhaps holding a screwdriver and duct tape with magic
>> No. 122160
File 136466521606.jpg - (240.12KB , 900x800 , Knit Knack.jpg )
Could you try a reference for Knit Knack over there?
>> No. 122161
File 136466578226.png - (440.13KB , 1200x1045 , NR2000.png )


I'll try
>> No. 122169
Thank you! This is perfect!
>> No. 122187
File 136477432130.png - (145.03KB , 626x698 , 644595.png )
These look absolutely stunning! If requests are still open, could I maybe request my Joke pony?
>> No. 122188
File 136478168343.jpg - (80.34KB , 1366x686 , sketch copy.jpg )
wanna try your hand at my little OC?

her name is Creative Flow~ <3
>> No. 122189
File 136478731856.png - (570.70KB , 1618x1114 , ARARARA.png )

Starting these, going to take more time, hope you don't mind
>> No. 122244
Oh dear, you seem to be very filled up already. Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

If your not too busy with requests already, I have been trying to expand my art gallery of this pony over here:

I would give you the actual pic but I'm not on my own laptop.

If you would like to draw her, I would love to have one of your arts to show off, but please, don't do it if you feel that you are too busy at the moment. I can always come back at a later time when you are not quite so busy.
>> No. 122308
Getting choked on work, but I'll do the request I'm missing, and if I did your request and didn't notice, please check the whole thread.


It would be my pleasure.

I haven't resumed work on these because of my work, but don't worry, I'll do them.

I would post an image, but I don't have any right now.
>> No. 122362
File 136537819621.png - (491.96KB , 1200x1428 , ARARA1.png )

I'm sorry, didn't have internet.


I'll do yours as soon as I have time.
>> No. 122366
Take your time :3
>> No. 122375
File 136544180803.png - (542.98KB , 1200x971 , ARARA2.png )

Don't worry, I'll have it soon.
>> No. 122465
File 136570978645.png - (1.08MB , 1200x1136 , ARARA4.png )
It's ready!
Sorry for taking my time, hope you like it!

I covered all of the requests, if you haven't seen them I suggest you looking through the thread.
>> No. 122468
File 136572351035.png - (209.21KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream Pony.png )
Have I asked you for art of Rainstream yet? If not, would you mind very much? Here is an image with color palette, cutie mark, and I'm including a full character bio (the important bits, anyway)

Rainstream is usually a very happy and fun-loving pony. She would attend any social gathering without a second thought, provided she already knows the attendees. She holds on to a select few friends, but rarely gathers any beyond that. She loves meeting new ponies, but is very shy and demure at first. She may take awhile to warm up to ponies she has not met before, but enjoys their company all the same. She is very playful—once she has become comfortable with opening up—and loves to tease. She doesn’t look it -- and rarely shows it -- but is a very powerful flier. She graduated Flight School in Cloudsdale with flying colors, having won the Best Young Flyer competition during both of her final two years.

Rain is a talented weather pony, working at the weather station in Las Pegasus, and can often be found outside of town playing in her rain field. Rainstream has an extreme fondness for rain, and finds every excuse to create it. She can be found on slow walks when sad -- with a raincloud following her around -- and will frolic in it when happy. She appreciates the beauty of it, often playing with the clouds to create an artistic display. Rainstream takes great pride in her weather making duties, hoping that others might share her admiration of the rainfall.

Rain is very disorganized, and tries not to keep a schedule. Rainstream is very spontaneous and naive, often traveling around at the drop of a hat. However, she is very loyal to anypony lucky enough to call her friend, if even for a moment, and will put herself in harm’s way to defend them. She would rather feel pain herself, than see it inflicted upon others.

Rainstream has a very low tolerance for two things above all else: She has a strong distaste for unicorns in general. They tend to be very uptight and too rich-and-snooty. She doesn’t trust them either—to be honest, or kind. The other thing is dishonesty. Rain will feel very betrayed when lied to, and can become scornful if she finds that somepony has gone back on their word. There is no quicker way to make an enemy of her than to lie.

Due to her spontaniety, Rainstream may give little thought to the consequences of her actions, and can make some very rash decisions. Nopony really knows what her dream is, however. Some would argue that her dream is simply to live happily -- as she always has -- playing in the rain at every given opportunity, but nopony has ever gotten a straight answer out of her.

She grew up in Applewood, just outside of Las Pegasus, having moved away from her parents’ home in her adolescent years. She managed to get a job with the Las Pegasus weather team after running into the manager while playing with the clouds one day. (it’s not a very entertaining story, somewhat of a “Hi there” friendly conversation, manager happens to like personality, offers job due to needing another weather pony—right place at right time) They have enough workers -- and she’s skilled enough -- for her to be granted several weeks vacation time, which allows her to go traveling around like she likes.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 11th, 2013 16:39

>> No. 122472
Well, for a long time I wanted someone to draw my 2 OC's ( in a funny or creative way. If you feel like it, then it would be much appreciated :)
>> No. 122495
File 136574139097.png - (959.67KB , 2000x1231 , ARARA5.png )
Finished this one.

Moving to this one.
>> No. 122496
File 136574576303.png - (787.04KB , 1200x1101 , ARARA6.png )
Here you go.
Playing Ping Pong because I'm not creative at all.
>> No. 122497
Hey man, thanks. Got a DeviantART or something I can follow? :)
>> No. 122500
File 136577950580.png - (2.02MB , 981x981 , Sketch59r.png )
If you think it's worth it, I'm at
and I try to update this regularly
>> No. 122507
This is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so very much, I'm completely in love with your style!
>> No. 122509
File 136581544816.png - (46.23KB , 519x515 , 134740671961.png )
Whoa... Her snout is square-ish. Is that just a style choice/drawing quirk, or is there a specific reason for that?

On a side note: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. It's not even been a full day and you're finished, with such detail as well. You're quick.
>> No. 122512
File 136581829824.png - (655.81KB , 1200x1156 , ARARARA3.png )
I tend to do that, I'm awfully sorry if you didn't like it :(
>> No. 122513
File 136582251954.png - (152.85KB , 670x960 , 487853_441958209213563_148682620_n.png )
No, it... it's just different. I mean, that combined with the hairstyle makes her look like a guy, but the body style is that of a mare. Then there's my rule of "when it's free you don't complain". However, if you'd like me to search for things to improve I could deliver this with a bit less tact.

Thank you. It was done swiftly and not without quality. I appreciate you giving it so freely. Thank you again.
>> No. 122514
File 136582479737.png - (51.29KB , 628x752 , DAAV2.png )
Well, all I do is free always and has been since I got here almost two years, no need to point that :)

And please, if you have suggestions or any kind of feedback, I'll take it, even if it's just comments or hard blurts, I can get the good out of it, I wouldn't be asking for it if I couldn't.

And you already know me anyway Bleeding
>> No. 122515
File 136582612068.png - (74.25KB , 448x473 , Wait, What~.png )
That's so cool!

Could you maybe do something for me and my boyfriend? Just something with us cuddling, I think it'd be super adorable. As long as your cool with drawing gay stuff (Not explicit, mind you). I'd understand if not.

Here's my OC~
>> No. 122516
File 136582672594.png - (78.37KB , 500x557 , sugaaaaaar.png )
Well, when you put it that way... [insert freaky knowledge of sewing Fluttershy rant here]

It's mostly the mane and the snout. I swear I wasn't sure if you were aware Rainstream was female when I saw the image. Then there's the left back leg. Why is it flopping backward like that? I thought it was a pony dick for a second. Like you'd drawn a guy pony and he has just had sex or something, and then he's smiling at the camera like "That's right, I just got some." I'm also curious about the choice of background. Truly curious, as in, I only want to know why it was chosen; I don't have a particular problem with it.

Past that I think it looks great.

I do?
>> No. 122517
File 136582725116.png - (84.76KB , 460x455 , WireLord.png )
Here's Zach's OC.

I'll forgive you if you don't make his coat so dark. It's not an OC he takes seriously, just one someone made as a 'ponysona' type thing to to represent him.
>> No. 122518
Allow me to correct myself.

Please don't make his coat so dark! I hate that colour!
>> No. 122519
File 136582835016.png - (265.07KB , 529x517 , Brainspc2.png )
I would take a good while, as I don't have any time this weekend.

First and foremost, thank you for the comments, and I'm appalled you thought that, it certainly shows I still suck the same as I started, but I did read the whole thing and I wanted to do her in a confident way, and flying, because that was a very important part of her, but I didn't want to draw her diving, or in any other particular way, as I didn't have any other indications from you (the more indications you give me for drawing the better), and for the appereance I went for the pic you posted, which by the way lacks eyelashes, a commonplace in mares,which is one of the only ways to differentiate a male from female, because of the way I do snouts, and I'm practicing colours and shadows, that's why I did the background that colour, trying to do a sun setting sky with shadows a different colour with different textures.

And thank you for replying in a kind way, It shows I'm still going nowhere.

I was more active back then, but really, I met you in the /art/ /fic/ collab, I was the other one representing this board besides White Fox
>> No. 122520
File 136582882089.png - (51.86KB , 234x216 , Cupcake party.png )
>replies in one long run-on sentence. Plus a poorly edited second one.
I know a pony who would murder you for less.

...YOU! I remember you, now. Hi ^ ^. The eyelashes thing is an interesting feature that I never noticed before. The pony creator program covers them up when the upper eyelid is dropped like that. If you think the eyelashes would help, go ahead and go with the simple three-lash pattern that is commonly used.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 12th, 2013 21:55

>> No. 122521
I've waited three weeks for a commission before. I'm quite patient.

>> No. 122522
File 136582976706.png - (52.79KB , 720x686 , Shining-Armor-1-1.png )
um wait, okay? are you requesting again?, or trying to murder me now?

I'm a bit lost here...

My english editing skills aren't the best
>> No. 122523
File 136582994467.png - (210.82KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream Pony.png )
>are you requesting again?, or trying to murder me now?
hmm, take your pick.

I was actually asking whether or not you wanted to fix the eyelashes, but then again, that would give you the opportunity to try to fix the other thing I mentioned.
>revised image because eyelashes.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 12th, 2013 22:13

>> No. 122524
File 136583042121.png - (351.32KB , 931x851 , A7.png )
I will only say it once, I don't correct pictures, I do them all again from scratch, if you're not happy with what I did, I'll make another one, I made a mistake with that picture so I'll do another one for you, not forgetting this >>122515
of course it would also be great if you gave me a good idea of how you want it too

Last edited at Fri, Apr 12th, 2013 22:25

>> No. 122525
Hm...just the two of them together, laying down really close and snuggled up against each other.

Honestly, I leave to you for what feels natural. Just something really cute.

If you really want me to be specific; Have my OC leaning it to kiss Zach's head, but Zach is kind of blushing nervously while I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks again! Really looking forward to it.
>> No. 122527
File 136585910547.png - (73.20KB , 125x125 , 132631965934.png )
Huh. I can respect that. Okay, um. After you get Sarf's done—because if you're making two for me before you make one for him, I'd feel bad—any flying shot will do, so I'll leave that up to you, but if you could have it be raining, and her look either joyful or content. I'd like that very much.
>> No. 122529
File 136587428959.png - (538.16KB , 1200x1196 , ARARA7.png )
Finished it before leaving.

I'll get to it.
>> No. 122533
Holy crap! That was freaking fast!
>> No. 122537
You probably (don't) remember me, but I posted a few times in your first and second threads. I'm gonna sound rude here, but while it's good to try out new styles, I have to say I very much preferred your older ones. Anyways, I hope you go back to that kind of simple style once in a while. :V
>> No. 122541
File 136590809364.png - (1.41MB , 1200x1361 , ARARA8.png )
I did it, I hope you like this one, I apologize for the last picture, I don't know what I was thinking :(

That's sad to hear, as I do remember you, I've done a lot of requests for you and I remember them fondly, but I hope you find my contributions to this blog more to your liking
you will have to search a little bit for mines, remember to press the arrows on the pictures to navigate through them.
>> No. 122542
File 136590928436.png - (331.35KB , 830x960 , Holy Twilight.png )
... wow. Those eyelashes really do make a difference. Love it, thanks.
>> No. 122543

If you know the Venture Bros canon, Henchman 21 or Henchman 24 or maybe even both as ponies? If not that's cool.
>> No. 122548
Sorry but I think I'll let this thread die here, I just don't feel good anymore, hope everyone I did something for liked their drawings.
>> No. 122549
File 136598121890.png - (533.46KB , 1280x720 , Trixie_can't_believe_it.png )
Aw man you're not going to post drawings any more, that sucks, but i hope you feel better bud.
>> No. 122561
File 136606415434.png - (1.41MB , 1200x1361 , Bluelulzy 2.png )
Good luck with your endeavors.
>the irony that this was the perfect image

Last edited at Mon, Apr 15th, 2013 15:16

>> No. 122583

Thank you for your understanding, I will hopefully be still drawing, but I don't know If it's good enough anyway.

You can see the rest of my lousy artwork over these pages.

Take care everyone
>> No. 123037
File 136806276004.jpg - (112.01KB , 961x832 , mlp_colt_shizuo_by_monicathecat-d4rlk31.jpg )
I can't give you an picture but I'll describe it as best as I can.
Oh and please e-mail me if you decline or accept I hate not knowing
Things like that :).

Take a normal changeling base broaden the shoulders and lengthen the wings. His eyes are a blood red and the wings are the same color. All of the shell should be midnight black while the tail length should be doubled and snow white. His fin should be replaced with the mane of the colt in the picture but snow white with a blood red streak on the right side. He is also wearing a horizontally striped hoodie with colors going in this order. White,light grey,dark grey,black,dark grey,light grey,repeat.
His horn is about 3/4 the size of Luna's and thin,sharp,and katana like. His is also holding (or floating you choose) a scythe. The pole is 5 feet while the blade is 3 feet length horizontally 1 foot vertically.
The blade is made of onyx the handle is solid ebony with a barbed spear head at the opposite end of the blade that is embedded with ruby cut into a crescent moon on one side and a Sun on the other.

Thanks but please e-mail me if you can :)
>> No. 123056
File 136812829524.png - (66.29KB , 446x590 , 9th 4.png )
I would like to request Eccleston!Pony doing something
>> No. 123080
File 136819801442.png - (563.61KB , 1200x1082 , ScatterCH.png )

What is this?, this thread was supposed to be dead, and I'm still really busy, not to mention the chunk of work I still have left.

So sorry, but I'm not doing these, and I apologize, but I don't have the time to mail people about these things, please read the rest of the thread.
>> No. 123081
I was talking with some others elsewhere, and we came about the idea of talk shows with various villains, and combined them into one talk show with all of them. Think you could make an image after this idea?
>> No. 123090

Please, read the last posts, I'll ask for this thread to be deleted then.
>> No. 123092
File 136824834124.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , daaaw ~.png )
Bluey has requested the thread locked. It will be so! Thank you all ever so much for participating!
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