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File 136482299989.jpg - (143.18KB , 1374x1668 , fluttersakura.jpg )
122204 No. 122204
#Digital #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Here's a little of my art. I usually keep it to a tumblr blog, but why not share it?
I may take requests in the future, draw some OC's or whatever, but there'd be no guarantee
when I would finish it. If you have a request, maybe post one picture or something,
and I may get back to it in a day or a week. Somethings I probably won't do.

*** Note: I am currently open for requests, and I will shuffle through them to see what I am ABLE to do. ( I only started drawing ponies a week ago, and anatomy is difficult )

Ask here or go to my BLOG to ask, and I'll see if I'm able to do it. ***

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>> No. 122205
File 136482312380.jpg - (259.19KB , 2010x1824 , sunnysidedawn.jpg )
A fanpicture for Ponyshot/S&Q
Their OC, Sunnyside Up
>> No. 122206
File 136482326507.jpg - (180.54KB , 1352x1368 , Mayweather (2).jpg )
One of my first OC's
May Weather, a spotted unicorn with a thin mane,
She uses her optimism to turn any conundrum into
something nice or positive.
>> No. 122207
File 136482333722.jpg - (303.89KB , 1821x1317 , anatomypracticebackground copy.jpg )
A purple horned horse.
Twas anatomy practice.
>> No. 122208
File 136482337558.jpg - (511.01KB , 3000x3000 , lyrashoestringsmile.jpg )
A crocodile.
>> No. 122209
File 136482341788.jpg - (282.56KB , 2196x1842 , twispike.jpg )
A purple horned horse walking her crocodile
>> No. 122210
File 136482347383.jpg - (140.21KB , 920x745 , Puplesmarts.jpg )
An original character for Cygaj and her "sparkleverse"
so named Purple Smarts
>> No. 122211
File 136482353918.jpg - (840.10KB , 1740x1143 , 40winkstoPonywise.jpg )
A gift of fanart to "Ponywise"
Her OC, 40winks, whose talent is never being able to sleep, ever.
>> No. 122212
File 136482361764.jpg - (125.24KB , 764x634 , twiandshifi.jpg )
Twilight Sparkle and her husband, Frances Sparkle.
What a romantic couple. ( From MLP:FiW )
>> No. 122213
File 136482367483.jpg - (391.53KB , 1282x1089 , catnap.jpg )
One of my favorite artists OC
A fanart for Cygaj and her original character, Catnap
>> No. 122214
File 136482375827.jpg - (299.47KB , 1200x1600 , Gettingbetter.jpg )
A strange monster from the Everfree-forest.
It's a hairless hoofless monstrocity.
No name yet.
>> No. 122218
File 136484755188.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
i want Ticket
>> No. 122226
File 136489468238.jpg - (752.38KB , 2213x2265 , ticketleft.jpg )
My first request! Sorry it isn't the best, but a free request is a free request X3

Enjoy your Ticket!
>> No. 122227
File 136490104867.gif - (195.41KB , 260x195 , tumblr_mhr9gayllQ1s45dzzo5_400.gif )
>> No. 122228
File 136490340033.png - (558.37KB , 792x768 , Florid 2.png )
I an request Florid then?
>> No. 122230
Good effort :) May I make an OC request please?
>> No. 122231
Mind explaining who he is or what he does a little? I need a little bit of info in order to draw him in a different
pose or something, seeming how this character seems to already have a nice style and pose already.

Sure, just stack them in here and I'll try to draw them. I'm resuming work soon so there's no guarantee on what time
I'll be able to get them done, as I may just draw whatever is on my mind, but if I run out of things to do, It's good
to have a short stack of requests

Last edited at Tue, Apr 2nd, 2013 05:52

>> No. 122248
Florid is a former mafioso pony and now owns a simple cologne shop with many types of varieties from simple smells, to mood changers, aphrodisiacs (his favourites), and some with potion effects (such as healing or genderswapping) His mood is usually calm and cool and it takes quite a lot to get him even a bit upset.
But uh yeah...tmi?
>> No. 122251
File 136495463258.png - (60.90KB , 400x520 , Soft Chime and Creamy Delight.png )
Could ya draw Creamy Delight, the stallion in the picture in the picture?
>> No. 122261
Wonderful, I can wait as patience is a virtue.

The details of my OC are as follows

Characters Full name: Leo Heartship
Gender: Male
Age: Early twenties
Eye colour: Topaz
Mane & Tail colour: Orange
Fur colour: Lime green/grassy green
Pony type: Unicorn
Cutiemark: Filmreel
Height: About Shining Armors height
Body build: Medium build
Shape of face: Similar to Shining Armors
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