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File 136485531227.jpg - (177.10KB , 1199x1574 , RD Cloud.jpg )
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I was thinking of a way that I could show my appreciation for being a brony without making it obvious to the world. You know, something like a hat or a shirt that other bronies would recognize or at least know the meaning of without any non brony knowing. So after about thirty or so minutes of messing around on a photoshop program this picture is what I came up with.

What do you all think?
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>> No. 122246
File 136493364906.png - (404.95KB , 1031x2045 , Untitled-3.png )
There was a t-shirt that was pretty popular a year or two back. It used to have some text on it as well. But I guess he's been forced to remove it. (It was "20% cooler in 10 seconds flat")

I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of t-shirts and stuff out there that's pretty subtle if you go have a look.

Anyways. I think yours need a bit of work before it's ready to print so to speak.

I banged my head on the keyboard for a while (Or something like that :p ) and ended up with something like the picture I have attached.
>> No. 122247
File 136493575404.png - (82.42KB , 757x774 , Untitled-4.png )
>> No. 122250
Now that looks much better than mine...

I know it it looks a bit messy, but I did only just learn how to use this crappy version of photoshop I have like two days ago and I did make it in like 30 or so minutes. So you cant expect too high of quality

Anyway, this was just an idea that I had and depending on the responses I would have not only patched this one up but I would have also tried to make others. Cause I know that it is encouraged to be an open brony and making these "hidden" references is kind of against that.
>> No. 122256
File 136496833969.png - (31.79KB , 208x159 , drawwritethingy.png )
I can post a larger version and a link to the illustrator file. if you wan't it. :)

But if it's one of the first things you've done I think it looks fine. I remember back when I started playing with photoshop.. My things didn't look good at all hehe.. But it has gotten better.
Also.. I've watched this show since the first season and been around on this chan for years.. I'm not an "open brony" at all.. I don't think you should worry about being open, if you like the show/community it should be entirely up to you how you show it. If you choose to show it at all.. That's how I feel about it at least..

You say you have a crappy version of Photoshop. Mind if I ask what version?

Also.. Two small hints. When you save your images it's a good idea to save them as .png-files as it's a better format than .jpg .
When you create a new file there should be an option to choose the background color. Choosing "transparent" there is is preferred because you dont have to worry about the white background if you copy your image into another image/on to a custom t-shirt.
If you need a background to work on you can usually create a new "layer" and paint it white with the bucket tool. When you're ready to save the image you can hide/delete your background layer.
>> No. 122260
File 136499726167.jpg - (7.08KB , 165x305 , images.jpg )
Nah that wont be necessary... If I am going to make this into a shirt or hat I want it to be my work 100%.

The photoshop i am using is called The Print Shop 21.

Thanks for the tips! :)
>> No. 122268
File 136501244477.png - (35.80KB , 211x218 , drunklook.png )
That's ok, I totally get that.. :)

I had to look up that program. Any particular reason you use it? Anyways.. I think you should check out GIMP. I'm pretty sure it's the best free option (Apart from pirating Adobe software.. ) Here's a link for you:

They also have a bunch of tutorials on their homepage ( )
>> No. 122289
The reason why I am using this program right now is because currently my laptop is broken (It has been broken for a few weeks. Saving up for new one!) and I have had to borrow my roommates computer. This is the program he has on it and he doesn't like me downloading things. So thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely look that up when I do get a new laptop, but until then I am stuck with what i got.
>> No. 122296
File 136506013515.png - (34.32KB , 158x202 , Hugbeersorry.png )
Aww shucks.. :(

At least you can use the time to sketch up a bunch of ideas and such.
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