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File 136503486655.jpg - (216.53KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
122290 No. 122290
#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hello everypony!! Just a newbie here. Started to draw the other days because of MLP, and i just wanted to know what you all think. Thanks!!
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>> No. 122292
This is an amazing drawing man good job!!
>> No. 122293
Thanks man :D /)
>> No. 122294
File 136504828179.jpg - (193.74KB , 400x358 , everything is in reletive terms of course but I still think it's silly just how lightly we .jpg )
By the way, if MS Paint can rotate images 90 degrees, which it can, you really shouldn't have a reason to leave your scan sideways.
>> No. 122303
Well actually i posted it directly from my iPod, and its handmade. The picture is actually normal and vertical, but when I posted it I dont know why it twisted in 90 degrees. Sorry i had no control on it :(
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