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File 136511125168.png - (366.64KB , 816x1300 , Impressed2_0.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hey! Commissions are back open from today on, hoping that they'll help out a bit with some things I have to save up for. I've bumped prices up a little this time, since I think I've gotten better and I can't currently take up a job due to bligatory after-school activities. As always, I strive for the user's satisfaction, so I intend to be very communicative with you. Please check out my gallery for examples, and to see if you'd like my style!
Check out my DA for samples of my work, as well as for swift contact!

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]
NOTE: This time around I will offer canon commissions too, though be warned that I won't take characters if I'm not sure I'll get them accurately!


Single pony: $8

Includes one simple pony; any desired pose; no clothing; no props.

Add to base price for:
Extra pony: $6
Simple Props/Accessories: $1
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $2
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $3
Shading/Background: $2-$5, depending on complexity.

Reference Sheet: $25

Includes pony front view; pony profile view; pony 3/4 view or back view; bio text; cutie mark sample; color pallette.

Add to base price for:
Simple Props/Accessories: $4
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $6
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $7
Extra View: $6

Age Chart: $25

Includes baby pony; colt/filly pony; mare/stallion pony; elder pony or teenage pony.

Add to base price for:
Simple Props/Accessories: $4
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $5
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $7
Extra Life Stage: $6

Icons/Cutie Marks/Banners: $3

Includes desired icon/cutie mark/banner at desired height and length.

Bust shot: $4

Includes upper body view of pony; customer's desired expression.


Payment must be received through Paypal before the work starts. If the user is not satisfied with the product, it will be reviewed and redone based on their observations. You may decide if you want a constant progress update, which will take longer until completion, but gives you more control over what's done.
Thank you for considering me!

Last edited at Thu, Apr 4th, 2013 14:37

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>> No. 122309
File 136512498539.png - (1.66MB , 2863x3000 , kingleo.png )
Adding a piece I made!
>> No. 122310
i want
will talk more after work
>> No. 122319
File 136513527935.png - (77.68KB , 400x378 , wysteria400.png )

Great! ^^
>> No. 122321
im back
>> No. 122328
File 136519763229.png - (1.29MB , 2500x1625 , finl.png )
This is one of the commissions from last time.
>> No. 122341
File 136528348518.png - (393.34KB , 2030x2019 , innocent.png )
First commission from this round's DONE!
>> No. 122363
File 136538023707.png - (473.67KB , 2500x2519 , flowerpon.png )
Another commission!!
>> No. 122466
File 136571449218.png - (71.34KB , 400x531 , Avarick.png )
Just a little bump~
>> No. 122528
File 136586943515.png - (652.38KB , 1274x1748 , humanizedandpony.png )
Something I recently made.

Commissions still open!!
>> No. 122545
File 136593589260.jpg - (410.34KB , 881x686 , mass effect reaper sovereign.jpg )
I like your OC's, very well made. Before I go any further I wanted to ask if it would be ok if I showed you a sample of a Male OC I have been developing over a month to see what you think.

>> No. 122546
File 136597816362.png - (346.92KB , 1947x2249 , Blink.png )
Of course, that'd be perfectly fine. You may e-mail or note me on DA, if you wish!
>> No. 122850
File 136719766210.png - (494.78KB , 2306x3020 , emmycute.png )
Latest commission's done!!
>> No. 122851
Welcome back Kimono :) Did you get my email?
>> No. 122971
File 136780134359.png - (360.41KB , 1544x1040 , here and now.png )
Don't think I did, and sorry for the late response!

Here's my next completed commission, a pair of ponified characters from Bioshock Infinite.
>> No. 122987
File 136789666909.png - (486.26KB , 3155x2769 , light cloud.png )
>> No. 123091
File 136824747502.png - (306.22KB , 2025x2499 , stargazer.png )
Latest commission, Stargazer~!
>> No. 124173
File 137158129902.png - (0.99MB , 2192x2500 , Dewdrop Dazzle.png )
It's been a while since I updated, but here's a pony I drew today.

Still taking commissions!
>> No. 124593
File 137290862502.png - (310.66KB , 1752x2500 , Flitterheart.png )
Another update. Commissions are still open, and the queue is currently clear!

E-mail me or visit my gallery at

Thank you!
>> No. 125132
File 137461109604.png - (373.28KB , 2098x2500 , Twisted Forte.png )
Haven't updated in a bit! Latest commission to date!
>> No. 125137

That is one hell of a sea pony!

Or What is it? I like the design a lot.
>> No. 125179
File 137476976279.png - (450.99KB , 2000x1895 , Clover the Clever.png )

Thanks! That's how I thought King Leo would look before the Aquastria book released. Nothing like him!
>> No. 125443
File 137564048848.png - (413.37KB , 2128x2512 , Zioko.png )
My latest commission has been completed! Pretty proud of this one, myself.
>> No. 125444
Hello. I am looking for a commission, but I am not sure if you would be willing to take it. So I am asking around.

It's for a story I am writing, and though it's not just a gore story, I am looking for a gore cover.

So I'll just ask: Is a pony's head exploding, something you could do?
>> No. 125446

I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable with drawing content with gore in it. I do hope you find the right person for it though!
>> No. 125456

Hello! This is my first time commissioning a photo but I'm really hoping that I could have one done. Although it'd probably be a delayed pay as I need to transfer the money out of my bank account and onto Paypal!
>> No. 125459
File 137567265562.png - (391.71KB , 2112x2073 , show stopper2.png )
Next commission done!

Hello there! Feel free to e-mail me the details to [email protected] so we can discuss it. I should go ahead and say, though, that for security reasons I won't be able to start working on the piece until I receive payment! I hope that's understandable!
>> No. 125461
File 137567656805.png - (706.08KB , 830x650 , Sunshine Sherbet.png )
How much would you want me to pay for a drawing of Sunshine Sherbet greeting a customer at Sunny Scoops ice cream (the place she works)? You can make the customer look however you want, it can even be you. Here's a pic of Sunshine Sherbet though, so you know how to draw her.
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