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Hello Ponychan /art/ists!

I come to you from a brony radio podcast, Pregnant Stallion Radio

Recently,we've been offered the opportunity to potentially get our podcast onto a large-scale Brony radio website, which is essentially a very big deal.

Now what I need is this; a talented artist willing to join the team. We need someone who will

- Be able to meet deadlines (roughly a week),
- Be willing to be officially a part of our team (and join us for the occasional podcast, if you'd like).
- Make us up to three simple posters each week, usually involving whatever guest or topic we have at hand. (As we have three different segments.)

However, keep in mind that you will likely be working with other artists, and will not be expected to pull the weight of this yourself. Worst case scenario, we cut back to 1-2 posters per week.

You'll get the chance to have your art seen by a large audience, and you'll be a part of a very passionate team.

However, what we're interested in is a 'Partnership', not a 'Contract'. I am not going on a commission basis.

If you would be interested, or know anyone that might be interested, you can email us at [email protected], or contact me directly via this thread.
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Who ever heard of a green Shuckle?
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Bumping, because we're still looking.
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