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File 136544766511.png - (55.07KB , 900x907 , Dash Avatar Silhouette.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

Hey look at me I'm doing art! Of ponies! Yay!
I do all this with my half-broken mouse which destroys my very soul and Paint Tool SAI in a span of 4-8 hours each (usually).
Here's my dA!
Do you want to see me make things LIVE in amazing HD quality? Of course you don't! So go to
Whenever I'm on!
Now I'm gonna get to posting some of my things I've already done.
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>> No. 122382
File 136544785234.png - (904.75KB , 1384x1400 , FLUTTERSHY WATERMARKED.png )
Fluttershy, as requested by my mother for the past couple of months
>> No. 122383
File 136544809243.png - (1.29MB , 1337x1393 , TaviScratch.png )
Simple un-shaded TaviScratch
>> No. 122384
File 136544826582.png - (551.68KB , 1216x1537 , TaviScratch Again Finalized.png )
More TaviScratch, from only last night actually.

sketching this made me hate myself quite a bit
>> No. 122386
File 136544872708.jpg - (2.91MB , 2488x2256 , rarity framed.jpg )
Pretty old thing I did for... one of my sister's daughter's birthdays I think?
>> No. 122387
File 136544935382.jpg - (1.77MB , 2516x2260 , pinkie.jpg )
The back of that, nothing special really
>> No. 122388
These are actually pretty cool. I like how you used layers of material. Especially on the Pinkie one, It appears to give depth.
>> No. 122392
File 136545150164.png - (3.70MB , 1205x1754 , compilation.png )
Compilation of old sketches, slightly recent sketches, and very recent sketches of things already prettified on my dA.

Oh and at the very bottom right that's a request from one of my Steam friends which I'm in the proccess of making pretty in SAI. I have a speed draw video of half of it from my last cast. I just need to add a hat, some magic, and a background.

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File 136545223386.png - (966.08KB , 1659x1802 , work of in progression Icycle thing yeah okay.png )
And that WIP from end of video

Thanks! The Pinkie in the clouds was a snowflake pattern I cut out for them.
Hopefully it didn't fall apart as soon as they unfolded it :P
The cutie mark was a layer of construction paper I glued on there, but the clouds Pinkie is held in is the one layer of paper cut up with the clouds slightly folded upwards. (IIRC)
The things on the Rarity side of it were loose and the drawing was (barely) held in place by them.
It didn't really work so well, but I had fun making it!

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>> No. 122397
File 136548887715.jpg - (3.63MB , 2512x3432 , IMG_0001.jpg )
Derpy drawn from 1/7/13 to today
>> No. 122427
File 136557505650.png - (3.07MB , 1015x1346 , TaviScratch Page With Super Noticable Seams WOW AMAZING 5 STARS WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY PROFESSIO.png )
♥ TaviScratch ♥

look at those seams (amazing editing)
look at that tear (erasing to the extreme)

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>> No. 122467
File 136571756011.png - (735.19KB , 1267x1096 , TaviScratch Relax.png )
Reading Allegrezza in one sitting yesterday got me in a TaviScratch mood.

...Who am I kidding, I'm always in a TaviScratch mood.
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