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File 136581727996.png - (216.18KB , 3300x2550 , April 12 (Puddle) - Copy.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Critique wanted

So I decided to try to draw an OC, and then I tried to lineart it (my first one, too!).

I'd like some critiques, mostly on style, lineart skills and design (I personally think these colors are too dark).
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File 136593026138.jpg - (33.85KB , 166x167 , you are in the matrix, neo.jpg )
There. That's my critique.

Technical details aside, your style could use a good read on structural anatomy.

Just some friendly advice.
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File 136597883102.png - (71.34KB , 400x531 , Avarick.png )


If you want critique, here you go. I'm not too good at that, but I'll try, kay? Kay.

First off, the colors aren't that bad, though ponies tend to look nicer the more colorful they are. That said, if you like them this way there's no need to change it.

Now, for the head. If you're going for the show's style, or something resembling that, the neck usually leads up to the ear, and there's little to no roundness between the two. Otherwise, it looks too much like a human, as it does in your picture. The muzzle on your pony, while not show-accurate, looks pretty nice if you want to draw in your own personal style. Lastly, the neck would usually be more curvy.

For the legs, the front ones are usually curved very slightly in a C, to give it a cartoony feel, and the hindlegs act the same, though much less. The end of the flank itself, where the hindleg bends slightly, is usually slightly lower than it is in your picture.

Lastly, the belly could use a slight curve, to make the pony a bit chubbier and cartoony.

Here's a picture of my OC, where you could observe these details.

I hope I've been helpful!!
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