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File 136634630286.png - (1.23MB , 1998x471 , Friendship.png )
122619 No. 122619
Meet my machete, Friendship! I just enjoying slaying my enemies with Friendship.

Waiting before I engrave my other machete, Magic, to see if a friend is going to finally pay me to get it.
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>> No. 122620
Oh yeah, since I see a lot of people on deviantart here is the link there.
>> No. 122686
Dude this is AWESOME!!! Where did you buy it?
>> No. 122717
I got it at a army surplus store. I'm surprised that this thread is still here lol.
>> No. 122727
/art/ can be fairly slow.

That's really cool though! Not often that you see something like that. I have no idea how you manage to get the lines so straight!
>> No. 122754
Straight lines are so much harder than the curved ones. I used tape and scratched a groove to help keep the engraver going straight.
>> No. 122755
Would something similar work on a katana? I have a small collection and some of them are just gathering dust, just haven't found anything to do with them. Seeing this has inspired me.
>> No. 122822
Engraving should work on a katana.
The blade I engraved has "1075 HIGH CARBON STEEL" the metal affecting how easily it engraves. I used a medium setting with the engraver.

Make sure you get or have a decent engraver with several intensity settings. I noticed the uniformity of the engraving changed the closer or further from the hilt I got. Changing the intensity setting higher or lower solved the problem for me.
>> No. 122824
I'm not so skilled at engraving as others that I know. I'll most likely get them to do it for me. If I can be bothered designing something that is...
>> No. 122829
If they use acid it will look the cleanest. If you ever get around to designing something be sure to share!
>> No. 122837
Will do!
>> No. 122838
hey mind checking your email for me?
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