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File 136634871436.jpg - (50.10KB , 776x600 , sanctumgunship1_1.jpg )
122621 No. 122621
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Some stuff I'm working on for my upcoming series. Starting with this gunship.
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>> No. 122732
File 136654947809.jpg - (43.89KB , 776x600 , hephaestus1_1.jpg )
What's this? An antagonist?
>> No. 122769
File 136671517106.jpg - (52.45KB , 776x600 , BOTHROPSTANK1_1.jpg )

Bothrops tank. Inspired by the infamous Urutu viper.

And Russian tanks:
>> No. 122956
File 136768687745.jpg - (43.33KB , 776x600 , BITUS LONGFANG1_1.jpg )
I HATED drawing this thing, but I suppose every bad guy army needs ballistic missiles:
>> No. 123033
File 136805917179.jpg - (66.29KB , 776x600 , Powerhaus1_1.jpg )
The home of a new hero:
>> No. 123087
File 136824365107.jpg - (46.62KB , 776x600 , leoheartship1_1.jpg )
A skilled camerapony and a kind soul. Development of this character should be interesting:
>> No. 123109
Neat. I love that there is room in the pony fan art world for precise drawings of a milling machine.
>> No. 123111
File 136841217084.png - (175.41KB , 1000x1000 , mlfw226_Fluttershy09.png )
And I love how you know that's a milling machine! I know ponychan is awesome but I didn't know it was THIS awesome!

Anyway since each of the mane 6 has a specific profession, our "new hero" will need one as well so I decided to make this "new hero" a skilled mechanic/engineer/inventor. And that is why this new character lives in/manages a locomotive repair facility (and needs milling machines in addition to other industrial equipment/facilities) As you can see with some of the other stuff in this thread, those skills will be necessary in the coming days in Equestria.
>> No. 123112
My grandfather was a mechanic and machinist.
As was my father.
And uncle.
And older brother.

I just draw ponies. But at least my ponies can run a lathe.
>> No. 123113

>But at least my ponies can run a lathe.

I think your ponies and mine should get together and have a beer.

Personally my family comes from a hodge-podge of professions.

My father was a diamond setter, his father was a jeweler, and his father was a train engineer, my mother was a clerk, her father was a cable splicer/foreman for Pac Bell (now AT&T) and I am a mechanical draftsman. Its funny how these things turn out.
>> No. 123132
File 136860576528.jpg - (58.22KB , 776x600 , Baggiepack1_1.jpg )
Ok we're back on track and this time we would like to welcome Baggie Pack, the pretty passenger porter pony!
>> No. 123158
File 136866244369.png - (143.85KB , 450x340 , 21225874_2810307.png )
She might be pretty, but she can pull her own weight too, though sometimes she needs a cart to hall around the larger stuff :P

That's a lot of detail on that passenger car, really cool!
>> No. 123213
File 136885800020.jpg - (101.14KB , 994x768 , Lusha1_2.jpg )
I needed some time to design my own OC's and everyone is going to like this one, even though hes a bad guy. Hes a funny bad guy! Sorta...

Also he has a theme I "borrowed" (I play too many RTS games):

Last edited at Sat, May 18th, 2013 00:01

>> No. 123230
I cannot wait to see more!
(Also it's going to be interesting to see how you write the chocolate confetti into it)
>> No. 123231
I'm working on some test panels that shows this OC's backstory and how he and his compatriots fought off the changeling invasion of his country. The end result will be hilarious and awesome.
>> No. 123357
File 136921216044.jpg - (82.69KB , 994x768 , FOURBLOCK1_2.jpg )
I present to you Four Block! The best gamerpony in all of Equestria!
>> No. 123360
File 136921371916.jpg - (82.99KB , 994x768 , FOURBLOCK1_3.jpg )
Opps... "Four Blok" "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!"

Sorry Nerdpony... Anyway I fixed it:
>> No. 123361
Wow. Very well made! Can't wait to see more :)
>> No. 123362
You are next! After I get back from my trip.
>> No. 123363
Awesome ^^

Enjoy your trip! :)
>> No. 123595
File 137008099619.png - (658.66KB , 768x1024 , Lateralus.png )

"Everything that has transpired is of your undoing. Your kingdom has fallen as a result of your ineptitude. And the Elements of Harmony are now inconsequential to my designs. This world is mine..."

"...I know the pieces fit... I know the pieces fit... I KNOW THE PIECES FIT. I KNOW THE PIECES FIT. I KNOW THE PIECES FIT."

Last edited at Sat, Jun 1st, 2013 03:07

>> No. 123596
File 137009011575.jpg - (38.88KB , 591x510 , 544582_283533415113403_1911803857_n.jpg )
Wow... just wow
>> No. 123600

I wasn't kidding when I said Equestria was going to have some very serious problems.

By the way do you know the urban legend how The Wizard of Oz and the Dark Side of the Moon album are eerily similar in some respects? Well I can say the Lateralus album by tool has been giving me ideas. Dark ideas... And I made that painting while I was listening to "Schism". Music has played a big part in my ideas.
>> No. 123601
Very nice, yeah I've heard that. Cannot wait to see more.
>> No. 123635
File 137035236584.png - (2.82MB , 1380x1020 , 136428314813.png )
I posted this a few months back and it helped get EqD's attention right quick. And since more ponies are looking into what I am doing here's a Zeppelin with frickin' particle cannons and giant mechanical claws.

BGM for this piece:
Long intro, goes on to about 0:53. Gets better around 1:53 with teh missiles.
>> No. 123641
I understand why it got EQD's attention (and the music does help to add to the scene)
>> No. 123648
Now I just need to find a big enough hill to ramp a train into the scene :)

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 07:41

>> No. 123649
Zeppelin PA system: "Our merciful government in their benevolence has taken it upon themselves to restore order to your formal capital Canterlot. And yet you seem intent on wasting away your vital days playing futile war games!"

*Launches sidewinder missiles*

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 09:08

>> No. 123674
File 137050401662.jpg - (107.95KB , 994x768 , C-191_2.jpg )
Alright... I worked my flank off on this piece and I hope everyone appreciates it as much as I do. I never did agree with the train designs within the shows canon to the point where I wanted to gouge my eyes out after seeing "Over a Barrel" for the first time. This is a kids show but it is no excuse to lack prototypical elements.

Also, humor me by reading the drawing notes, you will learn something interesting. Maybe...

And humor me some more by checking this vid. You will see why I picked this design. (Skip to about 1:20 if you don't want to wait for it to finish taking on water)
>> No. 123675
File 137050627106.gif - (523.22KB , 288x170 , mind-blown.gif )
Wow, if the amount of detail you put here goes into the rest of this series, this pic will be very much related. :O
>> No. 123678
Whoops, my name fell off when I was having trouble posting the image.
>> No. 123679
O hai :D. I thought you were some random anon scud bucket :S Now you know a little more of what Baggie pack will be dealing with all day! :D
>> No. 123681
File 137051171357.jpg - (88.48KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )
Also, I had to "hoof-handle" one of my favorite/more expensive pieces of my collection to draw this. I didn't really like doing that. However every single bit of detail has been faithfully recreated thanks to my trusty calipers.
>> No. 123684
Oh wow. Is this yours? Is this based on some model?

My girlfriends dad kinda have a thing for model trains and have quite the collection, so I actually got interested in it as well :)
>> No. 123686

Yeah the one I drew for my concept art is essentially a real steam engine designed in the 1880's by the Baldwin Locomotive works. I just used that model to draw it to scale. It wasn't easy. I suppose the reason for that was I wanted to make the equestrian railroads somewhat "prototypical" in that respect. I'm not really changing the architecture or anything else. (Just adding stuff from here on out.) Another reason why I chose this design because narrow gauge seems to be pony-sized. Perfect fit for their world.
>> No. 123688
I don't have a reaction image that would suffice enough to show how much I think of this. You put in a ton of effort I can tell. When my father when over Stateside for a trip one he saw the C-19 that's at Knotts Berry Farm. I do appreciate a good steam engine and the engineering behind it (now my steampunk gears are turning)
>> No. 123689
I know what you mean. Those bubbly trains in Equestria are kinda dumb. I mean, they're cute and all, but I wish they were more like the real "old" ones. They are harder to draw though, so it might be because they're lazy :P
>> No. 123690
Then I notice the cheesy pun I make *facehoof*
>> No. 123692
I'm surprised nobody has asked about "Ironsight" yet. You see in the old days water level gauges used to blow up from time to time and they were made of glass tubes. Thats basically what happened to him in a nutshell.
>> No. 123695
In addition to that I am planning a scene in which the CMC accidentaly "hijack" a steam engine and are on a collision course with one one of these "K-27" Units:

Its going to be a high speed chase scenes involving a new "contraption" I am designing.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 19:23

>> No. 123696
File 137057242097.jpg - (155.63KB , 400x571 , spoiler.jpg )
Hmm.... go on
>> No. 123698

Nope! :) Gonna have to wait to see what happens. But I will tell you there will be some more steam engines. And some "Steampunk" contraption.
>> No. 123699
File 137057267948.png - (243.05KB , 1600x1386 , pinkie_pie_is_excited_about_something_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5012lz.png )
Gah! Can't you just be finished with the darn thing right now?! It sounds so epic! :D
>> No. 123700
File 137057281816.jpg - (741.60KB , 2100x2100 , steampunkleo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Now you have Leo's and my attention.... (as if you could have any more of it you HAD to prove us wrong)
>> No. 123701
File 137057296553.png - (416.27KB , 800x600 , 02_40_22_195_342075__safe_derp_drunk_insane_background_train_locomotive_run_railroad_artist_colo.png )
Will there be any more train designs or similar thing?
>> No. 123703

Allow me to answer that in the following manner:
>> No. 123704
Never have I been answered with more style...
>> No. 123705
Lol but seriously Equestrian rail lines are going to use equipment from the Denver & Rio Grande Western, and one or two narrow gauge steam engines from turn of the century Mexican narrow guage railroads.

Oh and the bad guys are getting BR-52's
>> No. 123706
Okay, forget everything I said before. Screw real life; finish this now!

(Just kidding. Do it in your own tempo)
>> No. 123707
This is my response too
>> No. 123708

I just wish I had a BR-52 to make a scaled drawing of one. But last time I checked I don't have $800 to drop on one like its no skin off my flank. I might skip on making a mechanical drawing of one of those.
>> No. 123709
Actually I think I'll just borrow this. Thank you.
>> No. 123710

And I'll borrow this as well... Thank you Enemy at the Gates.
>> No. 123711
Well that works
>> No. 123712
I'm missing all of the amazing stuff, durn it D:

Baggie really needs a steampunk getup herself, but I haven't requested art for her in a while. I'd imagine she'd more rags and wrenches though maybe even helping keep the trains clean rather than a Southern belle like dress.

I also shake my hoof angrily to get this done already! Angrily, but with love.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 21:58

>> No. 123713

I know I really need to get this whole shibang started. In fact I might just do that while I'm working on concept art. You see the writers and artists for the canon comics have it easier than I do because I have to invent two entirely new factions and new settings/places. And the writing is proving to be difficult as well. This isn't your average invader story like Red Dawn, Troy, and War of the Worlds. Its much more than that, its like an adventure epic never before attempted by the shows writers or even the comics.

All I'm going to tell ya'll is some really cool shiz is gonna happen and everything is going to be awesome you will see. :)

Last edited at Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 23:46

>> No. 123719
>epic never before attempted by the shows writers

"Woah, slow down Maurice."

I appreciate the enthusiasm, and I certainly don't doubt this project will be amazing, but careful about setting it on too high a pedestal. I'd really hate to see this crash and burn like Double Rainboom from over hype. Granted, I don't expect this to turn out even remotely into a meme-infested fan wank like that one did, but those are some mighty big words to throw about the fandom.
>> No. 123724
Valid point Baggie brings up. Also have you considered a few assistants? As you said this is an epic, and I don't want to see you toiling away for years at this (unless it's like 100 issues of some random comic deal)
>> No. 123725
I throw my bid in here. At the very least you could grab up a couple of editors for the writings. Maybe some people to color your stuff after your line work is done if you wouldn't like to collaborate. You are on a board full of artists, after all.

From what I gather, this sounds like an awesome undertaking. We just don't want you to get burnt out, nor (selfishly) do we want this project to take years to complete. We're all eagerly waiting!
>> No. 123726
I myself believe that he wants to do the writing himself. He seems to have a good idea where he wants this to go. But getting some help to finish some WIP's or just putting his ideas down on paper wouldn't hurt. It's all up to him though.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 12:29

>> No. 123729

Huh, thats interesting. I'll consider that. I'll take it easy with the memes too.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 13:47

>> No. 123734
Oh, you can have memes, just as with all things, moderation is important.
>> No. 123735
Yeah I never planned on putting too many memes in it because I don't want to muddy good story potential with internet shenanigans. Besides I wanted to utilize my own humor that includes physical comedy/slapstick. And witty observations.

As for how long this series will last, the first half will most likely be about 30-40 pages per issue but I'm not sure whats going to happen when "All Hell breaks loose".
>> No. 123736
Well, that's why I said EDITORS. Meaning, a finished rough draft is sent to them, they correct errors, polish off adjectives/descriptions, and send it back for proofing. I, personally, would never attempt to write something! I just draw lol.
>> No. 123741
File 137068759460.png - (2.45MB , 1680x1020 , Rising sun.png )
And when I said "All hell breaks loose"......

I know, re-post. I fixed something I didn't like besides, Derpy is on a Bouy your argument is invalid.
>> No. 123773

Stick around. Almost done with Sherms Diner
>> No. 123775
I can picture Leo being here trying to get inspired
>> No. 123776
Oh... ho ho ho. I have something very special in mind for you. Remember those "steampunk contraptions" I was talking about... But not today though. :
>> No. 123777
File 137083796067.gif - (1.24MB , 640x360 , 136770225765.gif )
I cannot wait!
>> No. 123779
File 137084701334.jpg - (110.11KB , 413x300 , fghjk.jpg )
This is gonna be beatiful!
>> No. 123780
File 137086940734.jpg - (95.69KB , 994x768 , Sherms diner1_1.jpg )

Hey what do you fillies and gentlecolts say we head down to Sherms for some pie? I hear its really good!

This is what's playing on the jukebox:

Last edited at Mon, Jun 10th, 2013 06:17

>> No. 123781
Ignore link 3, repeat. Take this instead:
>> No. 123782
I'd say I'd like a scrambled egg sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk.
>> No. 123784
I certainly hope that is corn that has been beefed... Also I would like the Spam + Eggs So hard to not go all Monty Python on this here
>> No. 123785
I hope Pinkie is just there with a knife, to take a slice of the pie o-o

Also, looks really good. Wish it was a real place ^^
>> No. 123786
Pietricide. She doesn't like how everypony is saying their pie is better than Sugar Cube Corner pie.

And I think ponies within Celestias inner circle are hiding something. (Article on the left)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 10th, 2013 13:04

>> No. 123790
I'll take a copy of the paper with my order please. Also do explain "The Challenge"
>> No. 123791

Eat 30 of Sherms Deluxe pies within 10 mins without getting sick. The only problem is the pies are so rich most ponies cant take another bite after 2 pies.
>> No. 123792
Swamp gas off Venus? Let's go eat some dumb-flank pie.

"Hope to dying railroads" I lol'd.
>> No. 123793

>Totally not a UFO, only swamp gas

They know about the Drakovian Republic... And they have been lying to us the whole time! Its a conspiracy I tell you!!!
>> No. 123794
What next, you're going to tell me that a galaxy is on Orion's Belt?

Also, when you take The Challenge, do all of the employees try to fight you in a giant brawl to keep you from being poof'd to a medieval knight where you must make the right choice or die?
>> No. 123795

Ah so you caught that MiB reference I threw in there.

And you are talking about regular show right?
>> No. 123796
Bingo on both accounts.

In fact, I tried to make a MIB reference with my first post concerning the subject, but the word filter caught me. Have you seen MIB 3?

EDIT: Nevermind, here you go: (Starts at 11 seconds)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 10th, 2013 21:53

>> No. 123797
Nopers. Havn't seen it. I heard it was alright.

There arent enough employees to be brawlin with. Just Sherm and Candy Cane. :S And of course Pinkie really wants to know why their pie is so good... Really really badly...
>> No. 123798
He he he. Dumb-a$$ pie...
>> No. 123799
I've just been raped by endless discussions about the E3 and how PS4 kicked Xbox one's flank. And it appears Microsoft made a raping joke.

Need to relax with some pony art, MiB references and pie.

Came to the right place.
>> No. 123800
>> No. 123801
I'm catching up on what I missed, thanks IGN! Hmm, I'm expecting Pinkie to go all Plankton with this pie situation.
>> No. 123802
Leo! Stick around for a few hours! I'm finishing that "steampunk contraption" as we speak! :D
>> No. 123803
Hours?... *Sigh* I'll go make some coffee..
(I know it's for Leo, but I wanna see it too!)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 10th, 2013 23:19

>> No. 123804
Its for everybody! :D
>> No. 123805
Speaking of which, I;m going to make myself some tea...
>> No. 123806
I'm making tea as well. I'll pop in from time to time during catching up with E3 (so excited)
>> No. 123807
Tea? Ya'll need caffeine.
>> No. 123809

Stupid distracting Adult Swim and their wise arse programs...
>> No. 123810
Lana hosting Ubisoft was amusing. Also I'm out of coffee and the stores are closed... CURSE TIME ZONES!
>> No. 123813
Almost there... Just 30 more mins.... (No distractions)
>> No. 123818
The crowd was kinda dull in my opinion :/
>> No. 123819

He! he! he! *Clasps hooves
>> No. 123820
File 137095166233.jpg - (57.64KB , 994x768 , steamdozer1_1.jpg )
Oh Leeeeeeeeeoooooooo!!!! I have something special for you!

I present to you the Steam Dozer MK I. Courteously provided by Morning Star Manufactorum LTD. Its a hybrid Steam/Electric. Electric motors power the hydralics, which are in turn powered by a steam generator.

@Equine Palette, Your OC "Shelly Shores" is very loosely connected to this machine. I want to know if you would agree with my proposal I have prepared. ;)

Last edited at Tue, Jun 11th, 2013 04:56

>> No. 123821
I know it's wrong, but I keep focusing on the "logo" in the left corner. What is it there for?
And the machine... it's a beauty.
>> No. 123822
That flag or "standard" represents the allegiance of that specific character or national user of said machine/object. For example The gunship up top, is used by the Pendulum rebels hence it carries their standard, The shielded Iron Alicorn is the standard of the Drakovian Republic. And the Sun/Moon and 16 beams is the Equestrian standard.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 11th, 2013 05:12

>> No. 123823
>> No. 123824
U leik steam dozer Leo? :)
>> No. 123825
*ahem* forgive me, just as I saw this I saw the reveal for The Order 1886....

Last edited at Tue, Jun 11th, 2013 05:24

>> No. 123826
That game looks awesome. but uh.. yeah here ya go! :D
>> No. 123827
File 137095361110.gif - (678.50KB , 250x138 , 137076802953.gif )
Very well done indeed
>> No. 123828
Oh... ho... ho... ho... Thats not the only thing Morning Star Manufactorum produces! THERE WILL BE MORE!!! (The next one will be more dieselpunk than steampunk)
>> No. 123829
That's fine with me. As long as it progresses the final product. (if not, it'll still be awesome)
>> No. 123830
Yes well during winter wrap up you cant use magic... BUT NOPONY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT USING TECH!!! >:D

Last edited at Tue, Jun 11th, 2013 05:55

>> No. 123832
Many valid points have been made.
>> No. 123833
Yes well that is the goal of Morning Star Manufactorum LTD.

They provide useful products for your average pony. (Maybe armaments too, not sure yet)
>> No. 123834
As if my steampunk gears weren't turning enough... I want my material to make stuff here now. I cannot wait for the next progress report.
>> No. 123835
Some BIG hints, the name of the company. "Morning Star". And I said that place is also the "Home of a new hero"... *Bites lip*

And that oil rig, some of the products "they" produce run on petrol... Hintity...hint...hint...
>> No. 123836
File 137095861659.png - (186.23KB , 614x354 , GAH!!!.png )
< Now I must look like this, wanting to know it all. Be epic to own a hard copy of this once it has finished
>> No. 123837
I wish I could do that but unless Hasbro comes up to me and says they want to buy it then sure. Hmm... I just hope when the time comes everypony likes what I am doing because things are going to change a wee bit and new characters are coming, (Such as Lusha the great! :D) new places to visit and some really mean bad guys who have it out for Celestia and Luna. But in any case, the house of Sovereign has got my back :)

Comic wise, That ol' buzzard of a gunship I did back in April 18 is bugging me so because I want to show everypony what it can really do. Soon.
>> No. 123838
All in your own time my friend. Don't want to rush you.
>> No. 123839
Yes I do have every day affairs I must attend to... So that sucks up some of my time. But to be fair when I said "Things are going to change a wee bit." I was mistaken because after all this is over, their world will be at peace once again. However there is one teeny tiny thing that will remain and I refuse to spoil that for now ;D
>> No. 123840
What I can say the next thing I am going to do involves this character:

Hes not the primary antagonist but hes a very dangerous one nonetheless. I can say his magical prowess matches if not exceeds that of Twilight. And his powers are electric based.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 11th, 2013 07:53

>> No. 123841
I know the feeling, I barely have time to write anymore, and I really want to get to writing Leo's stories (as you know there are some in the works.) Thanks to real life and stuff that takes up time.

Very interesting, has this fellow got a name (and does his magic outclass unicorn or alicorn Twilight?)
>> No. 123845
This whole shibang takes place six months to a year before MMC and long after the Sombra incident. So "this characters" magical prowess really only matches/exceeds that of unicorn Twilight. (He has one or two extra tricks up his sleeve that Twilight doesnt know)

Currently his codename is "Hephaestus". (Greek God who creates lightning bolts) And hes essentially the Drakovian (name of the bad guy country) student equivalent to Twilight since he has a "master". He is also one of the very few of his nationality to have a CM. I refuse to say more.
>> No. 123883
Any concept you have drummed up sounds awesome to me! I'm curious as to how you're going to connect her!
>> No. 123884

Ok, what if...

"Shelly Shores", the daughter of "Craggy Shores" and "Sandy Shores" is the wealthy heiress of the Craggy Shores Construction Company and her father has put in an order for a dozen Mk.1 Steam Dozers, manufactured by Morning Star Manufactorum LTD. Pictured here: ( That company, has strong ties to the mane six because the "owner and founder" of that company is (or will be) a dear friend of theirs. (He or she is also a new primary character.)

And basically all this means Shellys father was so pleased with the new steam dozers that he has invited the "owner/founder" and his or her FRIENDS to visit the Shores Estate on the coast. Where I will go from there I'm not to sure but thats the connection in a nutshell.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 13th, 2013 17:48

>> No. 123885
Actually I may know where to go from there. With Shelly unwilling to maintain her fathers legacy, he is going to announce his retirement and sell his company to a wealthy Pashabi Prince and his investment company (new nationality I am developing). The deal seems ok but something doesn't seem right with the investment company...
>> No. 123886

Ooh, that sounds neat, can I have any spoilers for what you are going to do with Baggie Pack yet?

Last edited at Thu, Jun 13th, 2013 03:50

>> No. 123914
File 137118931643.jpg - (29.35KB , 600x800 , IMG_201306132401.jpg )

I havnt thought of anything that specific for Baggie Pack but I do know she does something hilarious. Lets just say she doesnt like n00bs.

A vague preview of what im doing next. All I am going to say is were getting some heavy metal up in this beast.
>> No. 123915
Get engulfed by real life and come back to see updates...SWEET!
>> No. 123916
Oh hai Leo! How ya doin little buddy? :D
>> No. 123918
Good. Just slowly getting items together for my little steampunk business project. Working on a Brony Base "safe house" for the past few weeks and that has been picking up slowly.
>> No. 123919
Steampunk business you say?
>> No. 123922
Yeah, getting back into making steampunk and chainmail jewelry again. Going to stick with jewelry and small items as they can get done quick and offer faster returns. I'm doing it because I'm trying to get to the nearest pony con to me (which is in Australia)
>> No. 123929
File 137119544841.jpg - (134.58KB , 1680x1050 , 1_1.jpg )
Check it:
>> No. 123930
Molten ore for building?
>> No. 123931
Just wait and see Mr. Leo ;)
>> No. 123933
*sits and waits*
>> No. 123934
When you say that I imagine your OC sitting impatiently with glee. So adorable.
>> No. 123936
Yeah you're right about that. Or trying to bounce ideas off you whilst waiting.
>> No. 123938
File 137121713545.png - (1.54MB , 1680x1050 , 1_2.png )
>> No. 123951

Kinda at a crossroads where I have a ton of ideas and I don't know where to start. (This painting I'm doing is getting done either way) So lets take a vote.

Want to see more contraptions?

More of my OC's?

Or "tactical data" on this villian and his fighting style? (From the ideas I have so far, the show writers will never develop a villian of this caliber, never.)

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 09:15

>> No. 123954
I would like to see more OC's
>> No. 123961
I'd be interested in seeing more characters, though I'm also pretty curious about this villain here...
>> No. 123964

I can say this villian (Codename Hephaestus) will be the most dangerous, violent opponents the mane six will ever encounter. And hes not even the primary antagonist.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 10:13

>> No. 123972
I always like to see more OCs, so my vote is a little biased :P
>> No. 123997
File 137129412305.png - (377.40KB , 1323x1266 , Rip Curl.png )
Sounds great!

And... and... I know this isn't the place to post this, but... And, I'm not asking for him to be inserted anywhere by any means! But just know, Shelly does have a brother... I didn't post him, because his colors were too saturated and he's not my favorite. If you want, pass him off as the black sheep of the family. He spends all his time surfing anyway!

I'm so sorry! I should have at least mentioned it...
>> No. 123998

Stormy Shores?

I guess he can be a background character (Shelly is going to be the first to find out the investment company are crooks anyway)

I got an idea, do you want to design the rest of the Shores family? Craggy and Sandy? It would save me a lot of work and you seem to have a knack for it.

Btw right now as Im typing I am working on the Pashabi Prince that is trying to buy her fathers company.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 04:29

>> No. 123999
I'd love to! I'm a little busy with a commission and a couple of requests right now, though, so it might be a few days. But I already have some ponies in mind!
>> No. 124000
File 137129815792.jpg - (33.06KB , 600x800 , IMG_2013061545471.jpg )

Thats fine, please take your time. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the Shores family.

Oh and this is what I have so far:
>> No. 124002

Also I forgot to say, normally in a family business type situation the son would take over but I guess I could write that hes either too lazy, an imbecile, or just plain not interested in taking over as well. He does surf all day so maybe he is too busy trying to become a surfing champ or something. Although it would be funny if he was an imbecile, but its up to you.
>> No. 124014

Wow... MLP was on this morning and with everything going on and all this stuff in my head and these ideas, these new villians, settings, characters, and friggin' particle cannons... Particle cannons... PARTICLE CANNONS!!! I cant watch the actual show anymore, I just cant. It feels weird... Even after MMC I was still able to watch an episode from time to time but... Damn...

Sovereign needs hug...
>> No. 124018
File 137130871750.png - (59.09KB , 800x704 , 136770940797.png )
Did someone say hug?
>> No. 124019
File 137130909432.jpg - (12.72KB , 441x336 , Lushaparticle3.jpg )
>> No. 124020
At least it isn't the Orbital Friendship Cannon...
>> No. 124022

Its like my brain melts a little bit every time I try watch the show. Just recently my friend posted something on Facebook about Pinkies smile song. I watched it then I said: "Heh heh... I have to go listen to angry music now. :|"
>> No. 124023
Oh dear, I've been told brain melting is bad for your wellbeing...

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 08:49

>> No. 124024

It could be worse... Ever see "Scanners"?
>> No. 124025
File 137131197741.gif - (271.82KB , 330x248 , 1371179755719.gif )
Need I do more?
>> No. 124026

Yesh. Moar hugs.
>> No. 124027
File 137131220673.png - (161.98KB , 507x454 , 136770790373.png )
Just make sure you don't get your mind blown okay
>> No. 124028
Mkay. Tanks. *Hug*

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 09:28

>> No. 124029
File 137131575643.jpg - (40.68KB , 459x447 , Big_Kitty_Hug_by_Drunkbuddies.jpg )
Here is some more hugs.
Also, if you still need some "angry" songs, I got a few:

If you need more, just let me know. I have a giant stack with awesome music like this >.<

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 10:03

>> No. 124032
Sovereign! It's me, Eddie's creator. You can refer to me as Eddie just to keep it simple.

I heard Eddie was accepted as a minor role! I'm pretty excited to see what happens.

If there's anything I can do to help you along the way, let me know! I'm also interested in doing some concept pieces of my own, based on whatever role Eddie is put into, and I can either post them here or in my own separate thread if you'd like.

Thanks for the opportunity!
>> No. 124044
Tenk yous, hugs + musics helpful for war effort.

Oh hai how ya doin? Welcome to the House of Sovereign. You can start by giving hugs!

As for Eddie I had a couple ideas, I was going to make him a sailor (a turret gunner to be specific) or a porter to help Baggie Pack at the train station.

He would wear a hat leik dis:
>> No. 124046

Alright... I'm tired of just messing around with this concept art. I'm starting this goddam thing TONIGHT. I have what I need so far. I'll do more concept art as I go.
>> No. 124048
Oh. Best of luck then. We are all behind you *Salute*
>> No. 124050
I have one more piece of very important plot related concept art to release before I can start. Stick around.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 22:54

>> No. 124053

Woh. The Dark Knight Rises is on HBO and I got kinda pumped, I should relax a bit. Haste makes waste you know...
>> No. 124055
GOOD LUCK! Also remember to RISE!
>> No. 124056

Oh my gosh Leo... As you said that, the part where Bruce is escaping from the pit was on. Basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara... BASARA BASARA DESHI DESHI BASARA DESHI DESHI BASARA!

...I'm crying a little. *Man tear for epic coincidence.*
>> No. 124059
I guess the fates just meant for it to be.
>> No. 124063
File 137138598151.jpg - (77.97KB , 994x768 , prince Hassan1_1.jpg )
I said I was going to release another important piece of concept art. Announcing his highness Prince Hassan al Pashab. (And the jerks from his investment company) Maestro the Royal Anthem! 0:13

Lower left corner: What the heck are those two talking about and why??? Data Stream, How are you getting these photos?

Oh, another newspaper article.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 16th, 2013 06:54

>> No. 124064

Hmm...I Kinda didn't like how Shelly came out in this. Might try that again.

Also, still designing Shelly's Mansion, its been a while since I messed around with architecture.

Heh I bet you didn't expect all this did you Miss Equine Palette?

Last edited at Sun, Jun 16th, 2013 10:10

>> No. 124085
Hmm very interesting *sips tea*
>> No. 124086
Yes quite... *Sips tea* *Pinkie out*
>> No. 124089
AAAAWWWW CRAP!!! I think Equestria Girls may have just sunk me. (Or at least severely damaged one of my primary weapon systems and I am now taking on water) The main antagonist Sunset Shimmer is a former student of Celestia that has it out for her too.
And MY primary antagonist codename: Odin is just the same Except he is a ruthless dictator Alicorn equipped with cybernetic enhancements taking orders from a world consuming energy being of incalculable power from the far north with technologically advanced armies at his disposal and a weapon of mass destruction that renders the Elements of Harmony useless and friggin' PARTICLE CANNONS! HOWEVER I do have proof I thought of this scenario back in March, I made a post with that painting I did of the Drakovian Invasion force.


Itena's art thread made me curious to look it up. Also, F#@! you Flash Sentry... Stupid Bastard...

Last edited at Sun, Jun 16th, 2013 23:52

>> No. 124090
Also the proof:

And I have emails from EqD as well from the time.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 16th, 2013 23:49

>> No. 124091

And... After watching Saving Private Ryan (again) that movie helped me realize my mortality and flaws as a single human being and how great and noble things can accomplished when you work together. Therefore I have decided to take on assistants as several of you have wisely suggested. Its for the best since I was never really good with graphic software such as photoshop and whatnot. (I mostly deal with drafting programs) Next week I will start another recruitment thread.
>> No. 124092
I finished a concept piece. Lemme know where I should post it, please. Don't want to clog up your thread.
>> No. 124094

Right here is fine, I consider my casting call thread closed. Also did you see my post about possibly making him a sailor? (Gunner)

1:17AM Still waiting dude. Im getting anxious.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 17th, 2013 01:18

>> No. 124095
File 137145937797.png - (290.22KB , 1024x768 , MissileShadow.png )
Here you are. He apparently fell into the harbor and is noticing the first missile salvo heading his way.

Sorry about the wait. I was napping for a bit.
>> No. 124096
This is just so cool. Just for this, I'm assigning him to the "Molossus", Equestrias first Super Dreadnought Battleship with twelve 14" guns.
>> No. 124097
Glad to know you are lessening the workload my friend.
>> No. 124104

Also I have another piece of concept art coming out. Its a contraption... A REALLY BIG ONE.
>> No. 124106
*leans forward in anticipation*
>> No. 124110

If you have any more concept ideas, or would like anything else from me, let me know!
>> No. 124111
You could start by sticking around for a while. Your going to see what Eddie does. (The technical term for his position is fire control "pony")
>> No. 124112
Gotcha. I'll be here.
>> No. 124113
All I'm going to say is he gets a "crowning moment of awesome" award for his actions.
>> No. 124115

Sorry to keep ya'll waiting its just this thing has a lot of detail.
>> No. 124116
File 137149597420.jpg - (104.67KB , 994x768 , molossus1_1.jpg )

I had a lot of moral qualms about this and hopefully it will pay off as an essential tool for the battle to take back Manehattan.

Theres a reason why its called the "Molossus", and why those sketches have timestamps. This will be the theme as it does battle with the invaders: Trust me, I play Silent Hunter (Submarine warfare sim) and naval combat and Hans Zimmers music go together like peanutbutter and jelly)

@Eddie, see what happened to that zeppelin with the harpoons? Eddie fired the killing blow.
>> No. 124117
Oh hell yes.

This is turning out awesome! The universe you've created here is really interesting, and I'm excited to see more.
>> No. 124118
Didn't at all! I like how she turned out. Is hard to tell with such a small piece. Seems like you got her hair though! I'm going to work on the family portrait later!
>> No. 124120

Excellent I am sure the portait will turn out just fine, bear in mind when I imagined Her mother and father, Craggy is a bit rugged and in his 60's. Mid/early 60's same as Sandy except she is a tad dainty. And the family may be rich but they are certainly not snobs. Craggy had to fight hoof and nail for every bitcoin to build his company so he understands what it takes to rise from poverty and he will never forget where he came from (and with no formal education). Sandy always stood by her husband 100% even when they took out a second mortgage to start the family company. She is kind and loving and cares for her children and openly refused to hire a nanny after Craggy's venture became successful. The only thing that changed for them after becoming wealthy was they got to live in a bigger house.

Also, deep down Craggy regrets having to sell his company to these foreign jerks (Prince Hassan is a typical snobbish jerk) and those corporate representatives are a couple of shifty-eyed shysters. Craggy just wishes his children were more interested in preserving his legacy because he worked so hard to get to where he is so he didn't have to see his family struggle. And seeing everything he earned to be passed off to some jerk with excellent credit hurts him deep down.
>> No. 124122
Couldn't come up with a better story myself! And I really think you'll like how I'm doing Craggy. It seems we are quite like minded!
>> No. 124124
*yay* Character development!
>> No. 124125
Also the Molossus is amazing my friend!
>> No. 124127

The Molossus is a symbol of Equestrias strength and pride. Showing that even a small but determined nation can defend itself from all threats at sea. Its namesake was suggested by Luna, derrived from one of her favorite creatures of the night, the bat. And with Equestria being a benevolent nation, many critics openly objected to its construction and development. Some want the entire fleet disbanded for being an expense waste of public funds. However Celestia insists the fleet is necessary to defend Equestrias interests at sea and its trade routes. Celestia may be all powerful but she cant be everywhere.
>> No. 124129

But deep down Celestia knows a storm is coming, a storm that she created. And she is doing whatever she can to stop it from happening. Including providing aid to the Pendulum rebels All of this could have been avoided if she had only kept her promises...

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 00:33

>> No. 124134

Doing something Shelly related. Not her house though, still toying with designs for that. (I havn't done anything architecture related since college, which wasnt too long ago.)

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 05:37

>> No. 124135

Those gun turrets on the Molossus are essentially Vickers turrets from the UK and I have some photos of what their interiors look like, would you be interested with messing around with something like that with Eddie?
>> No. 124137
Certainly! Should I look up the interior or are you going to post concepts for me to work with?
>> No. 124138
Googled it, I couldn't find anything useful, standby.
>> No. 124140
File 137156361352.jpg - (141.68KB , 689x1024 , turretscan1_1.jpg )
Heres one, Sorry it's in Japanese. The Imperial navy had some of their ships manufactured in the UK.
>> No. 124141
File 137156395759.jpg - (115.82KB , 700x1024 , turretscan2_1.jpg )
>> No. 124144
File 137156474136.jpg - (104.31KB , 1024x755 , spoiler.jpg )
Some moar (spoilered due to non-pony content, sorry)
>> No. 124145
File 137156501575.jpg - (131.06KB , 1024x701 , spoiler.jpg )
Some moar:
>> No. 124146
File 137156548173.jpg - (110.29KB , 1024x677 , spoiler.jpg )
Shell elevator
>> No. 124147
File 137156576257.jpg - (115.10KB , 1024x675 , spoiler.jpg )
Breech reloading steps
>> No. 124148
Could you take a look at these videos please? They're 16" guns, not the Molassus' 14", but I figure they're similar enough from an art perspective.

I'd just like to know which of these videos is closer to what you're imagining, and if Eddie will be directing the guns from the mast or within the turrets themselves.
>> No. 124149
I found this video, although this is an American 16" gun turret they aren't all that different, by the way I think a better title for Eddie would be "Turret Officer" since that's the person who "pulls the trigger". Sorry I was mistaken.

@7:06 it shows the turret officer station:
>> No. 124150
Holy XD
>> No. 124151
>> No. 124152
Indeed, so basically he would be looking through a scope and press down a lever or a button or something. Its hilarious how we kinda posted at the same time.

I bet you didn't think he would get a minor role this cool did you? He gets to kill a friggin' zeppelin!
>> No. 124172

I have sort of a complicated question for you fillies and gentlecolts and all your input would be very helpful.

If you had the chance to play God and create the most beautiful place on Earth, what would it look like? What sort of geographic features would it have? What type of climate or perhaps biome? What type of vegitation and plant life? Or perhaps wildlife?
>> No. 124180
I imagine a kind of endless green field with a deep blue sky and towering white clouds on the horizon almost all the time.

There are fantastical rock formations sprinkled about, some of which spilling crystal-clear water from seemingly nowhere, since there are no natural irrigation systems such as mountain streams. The only trees in this place grow around these water sources, but not many.

After the sun sets over the horizon, fireflies and other night-bugs glow and chirp away, as well as frogs. There are no natural predators, but natural death-to-birth rates keep populations from rising or falling. Ponies are the only other inhabitants.

The ponies live in small towns, with no skyscrapers or pollution of any kind. The tallest things in the entire land, aside from the fantastically gargantuan clouds, are the rock formations.

Music for this next bit:

Every once in a while, some clouds will pass overhead, carrying rain or thunderstorms, but never anything damaging.

The climate is springtime all around.

These two images are the closest things I could find, but I don't think anything will ever be able to match exactly what I'm seeing.
>> No. 124181

This is good. In the next few days, you will be in for a real treat.
>> No. 124182
I would personally have a constant changing environment, with magma and water making new islands and such.

It would on one side look very dark with gray mountains and volcanoes. And on the other side it would be very silent, with just a huge sea and some islands scattered around.

Not sure about wildlife. It may be nice to focus more on the planet itself, rather than conscious beings.

I would find that interesting.
>> No. 124193
File 137161836483.png - (88.93KB , 1080x1080 , F5iqpMq.png )
I missed out on hugs D:

I'm sorry the show doesn't have the same edge to you anymore :(
Have you tried the comics? Some of them are really great! Surprisingly dark at times too.

Also, that's a pretty rockin' battleship.

Reminds me of Argatha from that recent anime movie, I think it was called "Kids who listen to voices from below" or something. It was a rough translation, not sure if it has a normal English title yet. I had it linked to me one time.
>> No. 124194
File 137161856021.jpg - (40.66KB , 357x480 , Journey.jpg )
Ok, it's just simply called "Journey to Argatha" now :P

It's supposed to be the underworld, sort of, but it plays out more like Atlantis with advanced tech and stuff, but with a hint of magic.
>> No. 124199

Oh hai Baggie Pack. I missed you! Where have you been?

Anyway yeah I read the comics. They are pretty good.

As for that battleship, its design was based heavily off of early post-dreadbought battleships of the British and Imperial Japanese Navies. The Molossus is the juggernaut of the sea and it will prove useful when the time comes.

Ill have to check out that anime.
>> No. 124200
Yer name fell off. Don't worry, I have that problem too =P

I've been taking care of my nephew for a few days, actually. I have to do that from time to time. Don't get paid, but he's cutie lil' guy, so I don't mind. :)

Yeah, the battleship did look older, but it always seems old machinery just has better designs, no?

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 22:34

>> No. 124202
Yep fell off. :S anyway *Hugs*
>> No. 124203
Yay! :D

So, whatcha up to now? Making that paradise place?
>> No. 124205

Before I do that, its getting to be difficult to release concept art. So in a few hours I am going to release somepony very special! :D (Knowing how long it takes me to do things, six hours or more :S) said: "paradise place will be the Pendulum valley
>> No. 124206
Ooh, sounds neat, though I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. 'Tis exciting.

Also, really cool the good guys get a fancy place to hang. I thought it was going to be for the enemy at first for juxtaposition or something. I sometimes have weird thought trains.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 22:45

>> No. 124208
The bad guys... Polar opposites. They live in a hell on Earth of which they have created. That place is the end of the world... Like North Korea but 100x more FUBAR

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 22:54

>> No. 124218
In a few more hours I am going to release the new primary character. As I was saying its starting to get difficult releasing contraptions without putting a face behind their designer. And I have contraptions up the wazoo, including land vehicles and aerial vehicles.
>> No. 124219
Wow... the progress is staggering. Give me some time to throw my input in too. I love me some world building.
>> No. 124220
I don't plan on working on that place until I have a pretty good idea of what I want.

As for the bad guys... I have a pretty good idea as to where I'm going with that. As I said its hell on earth. Miserable, polluted, overpopulated, and an overall sinister place to live. Its the literal end of the world, the lair of the beast...

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 04:24

>> No. 124226
The new hero is coming...
>> No. 124227
Sounds like a wonderful place for Data to set up shop, except he is a bit of clean freak. Plenty of profit to be made, but he'd be high strung nearly every moment of it.
>> No. 124228
He wants to live in the lair of the beast?

Actually what I had in mind for him was An underground bunker outside of ponyville loaded with advanced computers and illegal Drakovian technology, even particle cannon samples.

Edit: When I say lair of the beast I'm not kidding, there's something horribly evil about to turn said place into ground zero.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 13:46

>> No. 124229
Heck yeah, particle cannons

Well, what I meant was that it sounded to be full of unsavory characters in which to turn one against another for him to profit off of, but he wouldn't enjoy staying much.

Of course, despite being a clean freak, his own abode is rather ransacked from having to move things about so much. That, and since a lot of his stuff is acquired through not entirely legal channels, many of his machines are in various states of repair. They are some of the fastest computers in Equestria, even if they don't look like much, but it does tend to become a junky mess down there.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 14:16

>> No. 124230
Most Drakovian weapons platforms are equipped with particle cannons and are made possible by fusion drive cores. (He has samples of those too)

He wouldn't last long in the Republic, its not an anarchist state like Tatooine or Somalia. Its an authoritarian regime.

Edit: I think the only Drakovian weapons platform that doesn't have particle cannons are my upcoming "Boomslang" anti-air vehicles. They have flak guns and phased ion colliders.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 14:03

>> No. 124231
Ah, in other words, he'd get caught real quick, is that what you're meaning?

And would you happen to be familiar with expanded Star Wars universe at all?
>> No. 124232
Just the games.
>> No. 124233
File 137167694436.jpg - (73.90KB , 994x768 , Morningstar2_2.jpg )

His theme must be played! Take it away Jeremy Soule!
(Humor me plz)

The fate of the world depends on this young silver stallion... Who sleeps in a garbage can... We're bucked... But with the help of his new friends he will accomplish the impossible!

(No I probably won't ship anypony with him, its stupid and predictable ( maybe if its with a non-mane 6 character still unlikely)

Also, ppffffffppffffbbb!!! on Flash Sentry! Bucking blaggot!

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 14:23

>> No. 124235
Humored as I love IL-2 series of games. Just how deep does that trashcan of his go?
>> No. 124236

Lol its going to be hard not to make a Sesame Street reference. But its only temporary because it all leads up to a series of hilarious reasons as to why he cant stay at any of the homes of the mane six. Once he opens his shop hes good to go.

Edit: To answer your question, its an ordinary trashcan behind sugarcube corner.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 14:45

>> No. 124237
Cannot wait to see his interactions with all the other OC's
>> No. 124238

His interactions with the other primary characters will be hilarious as well.
>> No. 124239
But his design, Iz ok?
>> No. 124240
He clearly needs to be black and red with plenty of neon colors, while being related to all of the main 6 and become an alicorn.

It's the only way to be sure.
>> No. 124241

Hes not related to any of them. They kinda just found him wandering around like an amnesia case. Also he doesnt have a cutie mark.

Alicorn? I don't think the Alicorn thing is going to work, its leaning towards a stupid idea

Mainly because that idea is as predictable as a sunny day in Los Angeles

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 15:59

>> No. 124242
I like his design n.n
>> No. 124243
Totally not sarcasm

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 16:00

>> No. 124244
>> No. 124245
Hey, don't worry about it, just teasing you a little. I think the design is fine, and really shouldn't be worried about too much except it horrendous cases like I stated. The trash can thing is fun, I'll admit.
>> No. 124246

Its actually really really funny as to why he had to resort to sleeping in one for a short while. One of the secondary reasons is since he is a male it doesnt look right for him to be sleeping at some filly's house he hardly knows. Eventually he gets his own place to stay (A really big place too)
>> No. 124249
Character development:
He may look like the handsome type but narcissism is not one of his character traits. As for character development as I said he is an amnesia case of unknown origins with no cutie mark. Hes not Drakovian for they lack cutie marks as well He cant remember names well so he tends to give nicknames to other ponies. He likes the mane six but in moderate doses because he is known to get irritable after spending too much time with one pony. He and Twilight do share a special bond because she helped him get his business started by providing the necessary facilities for his venture. But this isn't the primary reason for their friendship, out of all of the mane six she was the first to accept him as a friend and show interest in him as a fellow intellectual. Morning Star also appears to be highly capable in the fields of engineering and mechanics and spends most of his time tinkering and creating new inventions. Morning Star claims to be professionally trained and educated but lacks physical credentials to prove this. When he is creating something new it is not without incident, he has moments where his clumsiness gets the best of him. Some of his bouts of clumsiness are so bad one of his inventions nearly destroys Ponyville and kills all of its inhabitants. But for the inventions that do work he takes great pride in them. And since he is a blank flank and appears to be in his twenties, he is often chastised for having no cutie mark but mostly ignores it. He feels he doesn't need a mark on his rear to tell him what to do. However as a dear friend of the mane six he has to spend time with them in moderation due to his disinterest in their group activities and how he is the only male. Nevertheless he does enjoy a few specific activities with the rest of the primary characters. For example with Rarity he likes to go gem hunting so he can use whatever gems he finds for his diamond cutting/drilling tools. Rainbow Dash had a hard time warming up to him at first but now they are friends he enjoys friendly flight races with her while using his favorite flying machines. As for Pinkie Pie he practically sees her every day since he first slept in her garbage can. But after got his own place he likes to stop at sugarcube corner for desserts and to try out Pinkies new recipies. Fluttershy well... Morning Star was never really into animals but he does enjoy having afternoon tea with her and he finds gardening very therapeutic. (Dont tell anypony that he likes gardening!) Since he and Applejack are both workaholics he will take his Hornsby Chain Tractor down to Sweer Apple Acres to help out with her chores. Morning Star also claims to have grown up on a farm which is why he is so used to a lot of the chores at Sweet Apple Acres. As for Twilight, since they are both highly educated they enjoy having intelligent conversations and mutual exchanges of ideas. Although this would be the basis for a romantic relationship and even though deep down Morning Star cares for Twilight very much he doesn't wan't to change the friendship status quo he has with the other primary characters as well. He is afraid it would alienate them.

Also, Morning Star is not the type to take a challenge lightly. When faced with an obstacle or a precarious situation he likes to approach it in a tactically sound way. He is not one to believe in naive ideals such as total pacifism because he is aware there are those who do not wish to speak, only destroy and the only way to get through to them is to stand up and fight. Which is one reason why this world needed him.
>> No. 124250
Glad you are not planning to ship him with the mane 6. That would be kind of lame to be honest. I just dislike when people create OC's, and then make every mare fall in love with him :/
>> No. 124251
Yep, like I said its stupid and predictable. Besides you dont see the other primary characters shacking up, they are all just friends. I intend to keep it like that.
>> No. 124252
Also there are some very profound reasons as to why he is not sexually attracted to any of the mane-six however I cannot reveal such reasons at this time. He isn't homosexual in this case, I suppose a vague explanation would be aesexuality by choice. (And no hes not Jesus or anything, hes far from that lol.)

Also they arent the mane-six anymore (at least not in this series) they are... The Mane-ificent Seven.
>> No. 124253
That was a hilarious bad pun xD

What do you think Flute-ershy?

Last edited at Thu, Jun 20th, 2013 02:30

>> No. 124254
File 137172063508.jpg - (67.08KB , 500x296 , flutershy.jpg )
>> No. 124255
More of a Fluttertree guy myself.

But uh yeah hes going to accompany them on their adventures. (and misadventures)
>> No. 124256
But his design, Iz ok? If theres anything I want make sure thats perfect its him and I would be more than willing to go back to the drawing board just for him.

Edit: Btw he is Heartstrings boss. So if she could just remember to put the coversheets on those TPS reports that would be greeeeaaat.....

Last edited at Thu, Jun 20th, 2013 03:33

>> No. 124257
His design looks good. He doesn't look too special though. Not saying he should be a rainbow coloured alicorn, but could be something with more... personality or something. Wait... he's my boss?!
...Oh, you look beatiful sir! Like a.. model. Coversheets coming right up! :D :D :D
>> No. 124258
More personality huh? Hmm... I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 124262
Warning! Minor Spoilers. Here is some more character development on Morning Star:

Although the rest of the primary characters took a liking towards him after a while they each share different opinions on him.

At first Rainbow Dash thought he was a freak and a wierdo, she brushed him off as a worthless interloper. (she accused him of espionage at first as well) But eventually she backed off after he got settled in and proved himself to be useful. Of course she does have fun testing the flight speeds of his aerial contraptions. (And beating him and machines as well)

Pinkie Pie took a liking towards him right away. (She likes everypony) In fact she was the first to meet him.

Fluttershy was intimidated at first (being the way she is) but after he revealed his gentler side and his interest in gardening she wasn't so put off by him. She just wishes he wasn't allergic to half the critters she keeps.

Applejack thought he was a bit strange because of his conduct and sensitivity to excitement when he first arrived in ponyville. But it turns out they do have a bit in common after he claimed to have grown up on a farm. He offers his assistance whenever he can on her Apple Orchard, his steam tractors have proven to be useful to her enterprise.

Rarity felt sorry for him when he first arrived in Ponyville because of the meager conditions of his living arrangements. (He spent a week in a trash can who wouldn't feel sorry for him?) But she saw his arrival as a unique opportunity to develop her line of gentlecolt wear, needless to say it was hit and miss venture and he was quite annoyed how BAD she missed. (I mean BAD, really BAD...) But as I stated they do enjoy gem hunting but she wasn't too happy after she found out he uses them for industrial purposes. After he explains to her he needs them just as much as she does for his business they come to an understanding.

Twilight was confounded by him at first because of his amnesia and his lack of an explanation as to how he arrived in Ponyville. However he has shown to to have only lost his short term memory, which is why he still maintains his education as an engineer and a mechanic and his memories of the family farm. And after she learned about his unique abilities she helped him start his business and for that he is in debt to her. One of the factors regarding her liking towards him was how much he reminds her of her brother, dependable and always there and willing to provide his assistance be it mechanical and philosophical. Even if he has to drop everything hes doing in order to help. (He has excellent staff at his business to make this possible, thank you Heartstring!) Although they do tend to disagree from time to time. One such example is the creation of the Equestrian Navy, of which he provided consultation to the ship builders. Twilight thought it was an unnecessary to develop a fleet because they are a peaceful nation. Morning Star on the otherhand believes Equestria has the right to defend itself even if it means developing such weapons platforms for violent interventions.

Morning Star comes from a world plunged into chaos, set on fire by "the beast". No its not Satan thats dumb, but it is something bucking horrible. So he knows first hand that sometimes you have to fight back because there is no reasoning with monsters. He has also seen places like the Drakovian Republic, in his world there were many miserable places like that.

He has experienced many things both good and bad from which he came and one of his contributions to the other primary characters consists of acts of wisdom and sage advice based on his experiences. After all, wisdom is the better part of valor.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 20th, 2013 14:00

>> No. 124263
Oh and that bit with him living in a trash can, thats not really a reference to Sesame Street. Its more of a joke tailored towards my future critics. If they don't like him then there he is in a trashcan, enjoy.
>> No. 124264
How long have you been making up stories like these? And how did you come up with all of this? It just seems pretty complex, so you must have been thinking about this for some time now.
>> No. 124265

For a while. I have been a Brony since late December and I started developing this story since late January. I was very upset with MMC and since then the whole thing has been kind of a nightmare. And I managed to channel those emotions into practical ideas over time. So in a way, my anger and frustration has become exemplified by the bad guys in this new series and their leader who is attempting to kill Celestia and Luna. Essentially, I'm Equestrias reckoning. (Please read that in Banes voice.)

As for my designs and concept art it takes hours sometimes days to develop this things because of the mass of sketches that must be done before hand. And out of those sketches I had to select one. For example that gunship up top, I must have went through 20-30 sketches before I picked one I liked. I went with that design because if you look at its profile, you can tell resembles a horses head.

Oh and you should see what Morning Star looked like at first. It was bad.

Edit: And after what happened in Equestria Girls and how they took away one of my ideas... They have my permission to die. (Again, Bane voice)

Last edited at Thu, Jun 20th, 2013 15:59

>> No. 124266
I see. Well, it's good you managed to get this thing going instead of just making it a project for the future, and then never getting it started... Not that I've ever done that <-<
>> No. 124268
Releasing Morning Star the other day was a big step towards that. He has turned out to be the most fluid element in this entire project and he is constantly changing, even now. Because of him its taking a long time to actually make the comics because I want to be sure he will be a welcome member of the cast of primary characters.

I would like to reiterate I never ever plan on shipping him with the other primary characters for many in-story and logical reasons. One reason like I said he doesn't have normal sexual attractions. He likes Twilight a lot for helping him out with everything and because of how much they have in common but thats about it. Although he does keep a picture of her on his desk in his office, its there to remind him that if not for her he wouldn't have his business, a place to live, and wonderful new friends.
>> No. 124275
I do like that touch with the picture of Twilight. I'm sick of projects which ship the character with the first member of the Mane 6 they find. I must say he is a complex character isn't he? You and I become fans around the same time it seems, I got introduced to the shown in the middle of January. I know I must sound like a broken record, but I cannot wait to see more.
>> No. 124276
He is complex, part of his complexities stems from his life in the other world, it wasn't easy and he faced many hardships. He comes from a world filled with death, destruction, and chaos. The same goes for why he doesn't have normal sexual attractions, the "other world" kinda ruined that for him. But nevertheless he does love the rest of the primary characters and cares for them deeply. They are like his family.

Also, in no way is he some sort of doppleganger of myself, (maybe a little since he does technical drawings) but in reality I'm more like Pinkie Pie! :D That's another mistake writers make is inserting themselves into a world they don't belong.

Also, I guess its fate that we became bronies around the same time Leo :) However I think after all this is over I may leave the bronyhood...

Last edited at Fri, Jun 21st, 2013 03:37

>> No. 124277
I'm curious, did you fill out a blank version of that character profile I sent you? Also why do you want to leave the fandom? You seem like a decent person, what's eating at you my friend?
>> No. 124278
Character profile? Refresh my memory, was it the thing from pastebin?

But I guess the reason why I want to leave the bronyhood is because I didn't like the way the show is going. Of course that doesn't mean I won't be sticking around here! :D I love you all and you ponies are like my family now.

After all this is over I plan on releasing a comic about Morning Stars past, its really sad and messed up but its a story that deserves telling.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 21st, 2013 06:08

>> No. 124284
Yeah it was the pastebin thing I linked you to.

Glad to know you're staying around though. Guess this is another case of... come for the show, stayed for the fandom.

Be interesting to see Morning Stars past a bit more too. Just curious, is his name based off the medieval weapon?
>> No. 124285

Alright I'll go look at his pastebin article, I didnt know I can edit that.

Yes I did have that specific weapon in mind when I gave him his name. But I cant give away his actual namesake for plot reasons.

The only thing I will say about his past was he was a warrior, and he saw a lot of his friends die.
>> No. 124286
You can just copypaste it, then delete what I wrote about my OC
>> No. 124287
What did you write?
>> No. 124288
Give me a quick moment and I'll put up the original for you
>> No. 124289
Btw he kinda reminds me of myself when I was in school, except I beat up my bullies or threaten them until they stop. Worked every now and then.

I guess thats another part of me that rubbed of on Morning Star, willingness to fight if challenged.
>> No. 124290
It is up now for you to use
>> No. 124291
Thanks, I don't really know what to add because nopony knows Leo more than you do but ok. When I think of something I'll see about adding some details.
>> No. 124293
I was meaning for Morning Star, but it can also be handy for parts of OC's that need to be changed slightly for the story
>> No. 124296
File 137185185079.jpg - (69.57KB , 768x1024 , IMG_20130621716.jpg )
Yes well... I dont have anything planned for the two as of yet but I am sure they will be good friends eventually!

And in about 12 hours I'm going to release one of his flying machines.

Edit: Ohhh... I get your angle now. You want me to fill out Morning Stars character profile in the same format in which you used for Leo. I'll see what I can do about that.

Edit: I hope you werent uncomfortable with this, hugs are great after all!

Last edited at Fri, Jun 21st, 2013 16:17

>> No. 124303
I agree hugs are always good, also I'm glad you got my angle. I hope it helps you out as it did me. Now we play the waiting game....
>> No. 124304
Here ya go Leo, some of this info has been stated before but there's some new stuff in there:

I'm not implying anything shipping related... And this is probably a biased opinion but I think Leo and Morning Star are the handsomest stallions around. ^.^

Last edited at Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013 13:03

>> No. 124309
I like those gunship designs especially the cockpit shot.
>> No. 124315
It took a while to get that one just right. It will prove useful when the time comes. Aside from railguns and gatling cannons it has adaptive camo.
>> No. 124317
Wow... just wow. I cannot wait for more on Morning Star.
>> No. 124318
Poor guy had a rough life back on his homeworld. Really rough after it was engulfed in flames...You dont even know the half of it... His arrival in their world is a second chance.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013 13:07

>> No. 124320
I hope to find out in time.
>> No. 124324
I alone hold the secrets of his past present and future, even his real name...

Edit: Actually my consultant "Bibliomanzer" (Not a user of this forum) knows everything about him as well but he wont tell a soul. ;)

I'll add stuff to his pastebin as I go. As brave as he thinks he is there will be some instances when he will be scared witless. One of which will be a visit to a haunted house. It is the former home of the Tyrant to the North

Last edited at Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013 13:08

>> No. 124325
Before I begin here's a funny Sunday story:

Grandma: "You know Sovereign you're a moron for not brushing your teeth over the sink like normal people."

Me: "I'm not a moron! I'm a highly intelligent creative person. You should know this!"

*I smile with Oreo crumbs stuck in my teeth*

Grandma: "No, you're a moron..."

*Realizes Oreo crumbs stuck in my teeth*

Me: "Sh*t......"

My next post will be a contraption... Soon!
>> No. 124331
File 137204784115.jpg - (68.56KB , 994x768 , tiltroto1_1.jpg )
Twilight: "Hurry up Morning Star we are going to be late! We are supposed to be in Cloudsdale by 2:00PM sharp!"

M S: "Alright alright I'm coming! By the way can you please stop waking me up by hovering over me like that? It's freaking me out."

Twilight: "Fine, but you need to learn how to be a little more punctual from now own so I don't have to wake you."

M S: "I'ts Sunday... I can sleep-in if I want to. But not today... They're expecting us."

About to depart for Cloudsdale:

M S: Wait, what the heck is that? Is... That... A hot air balloon?!"

Twilight: "Of course! How else can us flightless ponies get to Cloudsdale?"

M S: "A hot air balloon... Ha... Ha ha... Ha... Bffpppt!!! HAAAA HAAA HAAA HA HA!!! Ha!"

Applejack: "Whats so funny mister? Ain't you ever ride in a hot air balloon?"

M S: "Friggin' Hot air balloon! Hahahaahah! Ha!

Rainbow Dash: "Are you ok Morning Star? Do you need a shrink?... Or something?

Pinkie Pie: "I didn't know hot air balloons were funny...Are they?"

M S: "Yes because they are stupid and slow! We will be there by next week!"

Rarity: "Well, DEARY do you have any alternate suggestions for us flightless mares, and one crazy stallion to get to Cloudsdale?"

M S: "You bet I do! Wait right here, you're in for a real treat."

*Opens hangar door*

Rarity: "Oh my goodness..."

M S: "I present to you the worlds first Tilt-rotocopter! Now we can go anywhere we want whenever we want with this innovative design that allows for safe vertical takeoffs! Come on lets give 'er a whirl shall we?"

Pinkie Pie: "Oh... Iwannaride! Iwannaride! Iwannaride! Iwannaride! Lets go!"

*Pinkie Pie jumps into passesnger seat*

Fluttershy: "Oh... Is it safe?"

M S: "Sure it is! Thats what these parachutes are for! Here everypony take one but be careful, I havn't tested these but in the event of an emergency just pull the cord and pray an anvil doesn't come flying out."

Applejack: "Havn't you ever hear the old saying "If it aint broke dont fix it?"

M S: "Yeah, and have you ever heard the phrase "There's always room for improvement?" Trust me with this baby we'll be there in no time."

Twilight: "If you say so, I just hope this invention works better than the other ones..."

M S: "This is some of my best work. I guarentee this one will work well! If not... Well... We die... Ha...Ha... Oh... Anyway you coming Rainbow Dash? She seats seven."

Rainbow Dash: "Uhh... No thanks Morning Star, I'll go on ahead and I'll meet you all there in a bit. Good luck with your tilt-roto thingymajjiger...concopter... thing..."

M S: "Oh well suit yourself... Engauge the engines!"

*Ping! Whirrrrrrlllllllsoisoisoisoisoisoisoi*

Pinkie Pie: "Whiiiiiirrrrrl!!! Yay!!!!!"

M S: "Now lets get some tunes in."

*Turns on radio, plays this song*:

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 10:34

>> No. 124332
Many a manly tear was shed this day... I love the references in there as well. Just curious it looks like a mix of of P-38, T-33, and V-22. Am I right in saying that?

EDIT: Not sure who is more of a mad genius, you or Morning Star...

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 00:16

>> No. 124337
Depends on whos asking, based on that story I told before my family tends to think I'm a moron, for what reasons I don't know. But Morning Star is a bit of a mad genius and he has a zero tolerance for out of date, unreliable technology. Of course madness does unfortunatley run in his family...

And yes the V-22 and the P-38 were major influences on its design. This thing is going to be like the Millenium Falcon/time traveling Delorean in this series, the primary characters need it to get around efficiently.

Like its tail number? You can thank Indiana Jones for that. Also "Fortunate Son" by Creedance Clearwater Revival and "Break on through" by the Doors are quintessential helicopter music tracks, ask any American Vietnam veteran.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 07:40

>> No. 124341
File 137210317052.jpg - (158.85KB , 960x554 , 485497_522524407803689_1048431474_n.jpg )
Good job I say my friend. Also once I stop saving for a con I'm going to, I'm going to attempt to splice a few model kits together. These inventions are just too awesome to be ignored by my creativeness-ness
>> No. 124342
I can tell you right away the Drakovian tank chassis are very similar to the Russian T-72 variant and beyond. Except the turret is very unorthodox due to its wedge shape design. But the Fortunate Son wouldnt be too difficult because of its similarity to the P-38.

Also, I havn't done this yet but I am honored to call you "my friend". You have my permission to call me "AL".
>> No. 124343
Thank you... Al. Since I'm in the mood for references... I see this as the start of a beautiful friendship
>> No. 124344
Indeed it does. After all, friendship is magic.
>> No. 124348
Very cool things be happen'. I'm excited again.
>> No. 124350
Oh hai Baggie Pack how ya doin? Did you see my latest flying contraption?
>> No. 124353
That's why I'm excited :P
>> No. 124354
You should be excited. Its creator is very special.

Also no shipping for him, thats dumb. He has no story established sexual orientation just like the rest of the characters on the show.

Edit: Oh yeah, in case you saw my name is "Al". You can call me that too since its shorter to spell than "Sovereign". Besides you're my friend too.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 19:02

>> No. 124381
Well this is good. My associate/consultant came over today and we decided to watch MLP for research purposes. To develop character interactions for Morning Star. And the good news is my brain doesn't melt anymore!

Also, he knows about the tilt-rotocopter and that bit I wrote about it. At the start of the show we laughed our flanks off at the "stupid and slow" hot air balloon in the show titles.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 25th, 2013 22:57

>> No. 124439
Filled out a character profile for Lusha, there are some interesting things with this character you might like and you get an idea of what his home country is like as well:
>> No. 124462
File 137248336376.jpg - (132.19KB , 1024x768 , baggie_by_nekosparker-d6a5b8r.jpg )

And here I thought I would have more time during the summer, not less :/

I'm glad you think of me as a friend, and that watching the show doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out anymore :D

How are things going so far now?
>> No. 124466
File 137248506334.jpg - (120.03KB , 994x768 , flyingtanks1_1.jpg )

(To be specific it was "Over a Barrel" that made me want to gouge my eyes out, the show itself used to melt my brain)

Gonna do a painting of dis, Its a bit sloppy but you know, these things take time:

Last edited at Fri, Jun 28th, 2013 22:55

>> No. 124467
Also working on another painting that has all dat feels... You will see.
>> No. 124468
Well, they take time, but you can count to 3 at least, can't you?
>> No. 124469
Yesh, And the rest of my 8 fingers... Opps 7...
>> No. 124472
I love Lusha! Just sayin'
>> No. 124477
Another one of his talents is he likes to sing. His neighbors in his apartment complex get mad at him and holler, pound the walls, and scream at him to stop but he just threatens them with his military credentials.

Edit: He can dance too.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 10:06

>> No. 124490
File 137254946516.jpg - (45.17KB , 800x600 , IMG_2013062954938.jpg )
The bad guys are gonna get some new toys soon. Starting with a new APC with a mounted single phased ion collider.
>> No. 124564
File 137276078885.jpg - (88.94KB , 994x768 , Deathadder1_1.jpg )
This vehicle represents the backbone of the Drakovian armed forces because of its versatility as a multipurpose armored transport. Its standard variant utilizes a single phased ion collider and is frequently used for anti-infantry roles and crowd control/law enforcement.

The medium density particle cannon variant sacrifices its carrying capacity for its weapon systems and is used primarily as an anti-armor weapon and often used to clear and destroy structures.

The surface-to-air variant is equipped with twin SAM pods and can be used against pegasi if necessary.

The CIC (Combat information Center) variant is unarmed and is the rarest of the Death Adder series because only one is issued per battalion. It features long range telemetry equipment to establish wireless communication infrastructure for all of the Drakovian armed forces in which vasts amounts of combat data can be channeled and distributed to all friendly units on the battlefield.

Occasionally you will find a few of these APC's equipped with a mine plough as an intimidation weapon as opposed to its intended purpose. (Clearing mines)

Sov's notes: I can tell you all right away this vehicle is going to serve two important plot related functions, one of which has to do with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and will be hilarious. The CIC variant will play a very important role down the road. And no, the CIC variant is not the bad guys Achilles Heel.

Also I have to give credit to the German Panzer Marder for influencing this design.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013 03:29

>> No. 124574
Wow. That is... epic. Nice work :)
>> No. 124575
Every time I release stuff like this I kinda feel bad because I don't want folks to get the wrong idea of what I am doing, this is going to be part slice-of-life/adventure epic kinda like Star Wars. Not some sort of military drama, these are just tools that serve plot conflicts.

Also, the CMC are going to have a lot of fun with this APC...
>> No. 124576
I understand. But if we look through all your art work on this thread, I think one can put a couple of pieces together.
Not.. sure if I used that right.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013 23:06

>> No. 124577
No you hit the nail on the head. :)

Still have a couple things I have yet to do with the bad guys, one of which are their basic "hoof" soldiers, I can tell you right away they have a portable version of my "Ion Colliders" on their backs that kinda do a really cool "whirling" motion when they are deployed.

I suppose the idea that's hindering me from releasing them are whether or not they should have some sort gas mask but I don't want to play out a cliche others have done successfully like Killzone, Fallout, Red Alert, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013 23:47

>> No. 124578
As I was telling Leo, after I'm through with the vehicles I am going to talk to some model kit companies about licensing my vehicles, legally I might be able to get away with it as long as I (or they) don't market any pony related figures/accessories to go with the vehicles. It would be nice if I could because I would like to see a good chunk of the profits go to charity.
>> No. 124581
Would be pretty great if you could make a deal with some companies. Sounds exciting.
>> No. 124597
Gonna shake things up. Soon, starting by releasing at least one piece of concept art per day, in addition to submitted OC's from my recruiting thread. Some of which I have neglected and I feel bad for that. For a while now I have been enthralled with my contraptions which I love drawing so much.

As for starting the comic, I know exactly how that is going to work in the beginning its just Morning Star is such a highly fluid character but his quirky inventive personality will remain the same.
>> No. 124624
File 137310301540.jpg - (63.56KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )
You know I have a sinking feeling that everypony is starting to lose their attention as to what I am doing, therefore I decided to begin work on the comic today to shake things up even more. Thats right it has officially started. Heres a blurry prototype:

Edit: I said I was going to start it over a week ago but I still have everything I need to start.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 02:40

>> No. 124625
I haven't lost attention, I've been observing on the sidelines (and been REALLY unwell.) Cannot wait to see what you produce good sir
>> No. 124628
Sorry you havn't been felling well Leo. Get some rest, chicken noodle soup, orange juice, the works. Hope you feel better Leo :)
>> No. 124629
Thanks for the kind words. Starting to feel a lot better now
>> No. 124631
I find the more sleep I get the faster the sickness passes. Its 9:00am over there you can probably get a couple more hours in. School/work creates stress and I find that it can extend a sickness drastically. When I was in college I had a cold that turned into an infection because of this stupid paper I had to write. :S (Actually it wasn't that stupid, it was about illegal arms trading.)

Also I think I may have found something better for your OC, I was thinking of making Leo Morning Stars public relations pony. He makes advertisements and videos for his business. :D

And CC&HS, I was thinking of making Heart String Morning Stars lead electrician. I figure with the bolt cutie mark she would be perfect for that. Plus I need her to work on the electrical systems for my Uboats.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 14:08

>> No. 124650
A PR pony? Well his cutiemark does cover all things that are creative and artistic. A great idea I say. Run with it!
>> No. 124651
This way he could be around more often. And possibly get his own office too.
>> No. 124652
It's your vision so run with it. I'd like to see how you build Leo, also I have an idea for a fic once all this is done and done (and once I've finished writing Leo's story.)
>> No. 124653
Well I just want to be sure that whatever ideas I have for Leo are consistent with yours. And hopefully his experiences in this continuum will give you some ideas for his character development later. Hopefully he will have plenty of experiences to reflect upon as well.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 18:53

>> No. 124658
Also, once I get more in the swing of things I would like to do a cooperative project with you and create a short stand-alone comic about Leo and his Shenanigans. I would like to do that with the other OC's submitted with this project. Something like this though would be further down the line because I just started the other day and I have a couple pages in.

I must admit I do hold a very special place in my heart for Leo. I just hope that statement doesn't alienate the other submittees...

Last edited at Mon, Jul 8th, 2013 03:35

>> No. 124668
All I can say is that I'm humbled
>> No. 124698
Oh, dang. I usually check this thread 2-3 times a day, but I closed the window down, and couldn't find this thread again :l (Derp)

And Heart String would glady accept to be the lead electrician. She only got zapped and almost died once... No more toasted bread in the morning for her.
>> No. 124699
Great! Because I already started the comic the other day... Wanna see?
>> No. 124700
I wanna see it, then close it down, then look at again 2 seconds after. So.. yeah, I would love to x3
>> No. 124701
They are uncolored prototypes, give me an hour or two to scan them.
>> No. 124702
Sounds good. I'll be waiting.
>> No. 124703
File 137342595164.jpg - (18.15KB , 500x428 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-be-afraid-of-sweetie-belle.jpg )
>> No. 124708
File 137343013864.gif - (1.94MB , 480x480 , 136758764972.gif )
Cannot wait...much....longer
>> No. 124709
Another hour... Daww Leo... I'm imagining your OC bouncing off the walls with glee.
>> No. 124715
Dammit fellas its taking longer than expected...
>> No. 124716
File 137344110352.png - (445.06KB , 1366x768 , 20120205040046!Pinkie_Pie_about_to_cry_S2E13.png )
It's.... fine..
>> No. 124717
Sad Pinkie makes me think of this song....
>> No. 124718
File 137344181243.jpg - (32.47KB , 552x678 , pinkie_pie_cry__by_pinkiepiecry2plz-d523m7y.jpg )
Can't... hold it back..
>> No. 124719
All is forgiven, things like this happen.

also my OC would be trying his best Applebloom "BUT I WANT IT NOW!" impression (albeit after bouncing around)
>> No. 124721
Yeah I'm sorry guys I suppose I bit off more than I could chew when I said I would have it in a few hours...
>> No. 124722
File 137344555107.png - (86.63KB , 850x750 , pinkie_pie___nom_nom_by_cptofthefriendship-d4g64i9.png )
It's alright. I got some cookies and some "garage" so I can wait some more ^^
>> No. 124723
But I will have it soon! :D
>> No. 124724
Being a creative can do that to ya! We just don't know when to know enough is enough haha
>> No. 124729
File 137346146668.jpg - (129.63KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 124730
File 137346147684.jpg - (125.85KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 124731
File 137346148523.jpg - (102.48KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 124732
File 137346149341.jpg - (80.50KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
(That's all for now)
>> No. 124735
Those prototype trees xD
Looks great and really interesting mate. I can both compliment the art and the... how do you say.. text? xD

You know, the.. not dailogue but.... the.. text.
..Crap, I am horrible at giving compliments.

...U do gud bro!

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 06:51

>> No. 124736
Lol, wrong username. That is my little brother using that name I think. We are poor, and only have one PC :(

>> No. 124737
Ah so you're the Bruce Springsteen guy... xD
>> No. 124738
Lol, just checked that thread. Yes, "I" am that guy. I have three threads open at all time, and it seems he has no problem with going through them >-<

But it's alright I suppose. It's how he got interested in the show in the first place.

And for the love of god, he already have a Bruce Sprinsteen pony drawing!

But I hope that if I keep out of his business, he will eventually keep out of mine ^^

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 06:36

>> No. 124741
I see, its all good bro. Although back in the day my brother and I were at eachothers throats whenever we wanted to play Red Alert 2.
>> No. 124742
I had it like that, when we only had one PS3. We ended up going to our mother, and she'd always let him play, because I was supposed to be the "mature" one >.<

I just wanted to play Assassins Creed! Dx
>> No. 124743
I know that feel, went through the same thing with my Nintendo 64. The solution, got two Gamecubes when they first came out. x3 Ever since then we had two consoles.

But this year I'm getting the PS4 and hes getting the Xbox one.

We still share the Nintendo 64 to this day, we started collecting games for it recently.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 07:49

>> No. 124744
He wants an Xbox one? After hearing about how they spy on you in the shower, and wont let you share a snickers bar with a friend..

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 08:40

>> No. 124745
Yeah I know I think hes a fool. I suppose you can turn the camera around but I'm sure they thought of that ahead of time.

Aside from that, with all the spying and authoritarian neo-facist data collecting policies going on in my country I don't need one more electronic hunk-a-junk in my house watching every move I make.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 08:29

>> No. 124746
I just got suspicious of my fan...
>> No. 124747
File 137347183674.jpg - (41.66KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130710.jpg )
I mean.. look at that thing! Staring me down..
>> No. 124758
Even creepier how when the fan ocilates, it follows you around...
>> No. 124770
Leo, if you're reading this I got some cool stuff going on so far. Want me to make moar pages?
>> No. 124773
Hi, just managed to get a connection at the hospital (bless mobile internets.) I like what I've seen so far, so go ahead if you like. Admit it, you've made the fan the new main villain haven't you?
>> No. 124774
Oh Leo you're in the hospital? Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better. :(

And... The fan as the main villian? Lmao xD
>> No. 124775
Yeah could be worse, at least I can still use my hands. Got what I though *was* food poisoning. It's some long complicated name.
>> No. 124776
Oh no... I hope it clears up soon. Cant have you missing out on all the fun now can we?

Also, I'm pretty sure you have an idea as to where he's going to get his name.
>> No. 124777
As long as I don't have to go into surgery (50/50 it might happen) I'll try my best to stick around
>> No. 124778
Surgery? Aww jeez...

I think now I'm going to triple my efforts and hire on those assistants soon. I said I was going to try and develop at least one piece per day I am going to try and fulfill those promises.
>> No. 124779
Cannot wait to see how the story progresses my friend! Glad to know you're getting those assistants as well.
>> No. 124780
I already have a few artists in mind that I would like to work with. And as an industrialist, I have very specific standards that will have to be outlined if I am going to work with them. I'll go more into details further down the line.

Also, I hope no one gets mad but I don't plan on thoroughly explaining why M. S. arrived on their world for a long time.
>> No. 124781
Fair call, fair call indeed. Just builds tension and the like for the story as a whole.
>> No. 124782
I'm surprised nopony has asked about that satchel on page 4 ;) I plan on adding little details like that here and there further down the line.
>> No. 124783
I noticed it, but I thought it best to just wait.
>> No. 124784
Yep, it contains keepsakes from his homeworld. Its the key to his past, present, and future. I will reveal its contents when its all over. But further down the line it will create a source of great friction between him and Twilight.
>> No. 124804
File 137364804246.jpg - (95.98KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
Wish I had more, busy writing dialogue for now.

Leo if your reading this get well soon ok?
>> No. 124813
In case anypony is wondering. If I could cast one person to do this characters voiceovers it would be Ed Helms. You know, this guy:

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 00:02

>> No. 124822
File 137375739360.jpg - (57.16KB , 994x768 , cutiebike1_1.jpg )
I have been wanting to do this for such a long time, I know scootaloo uses her wings on the regular scooter but with the cutie bike it will give Applebloom and Sweetie Belle a chance to drive. (Even though Scootaloo is still driving in this pic)

Applejack/Rarity: "Don't be late for school again!"

Cue music:

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 16:17

>> No. 124835
File 137383314003.jpg - (43.65KB , 600x800 , IMG_201307141040.jpg )
I don't have much today but I can confirm I am still working on toys for the bad guys and this next one is the deadliest in their arsenal.
>> No. 124844
Aww, new memeber of cutie mark crusaders ^^

I can't figure out how to turn this xD
>> No. 124845
I'm assuming thats you CC&HS xD

But yes this new primary character is going to be a CMC and he is going to be subjected to a series of hilarious stunts.
>> No. 124846
Fuck dammit Dx
Luckily we recently moved the computer downstairs, up to his room. If we could just get it to work, there will be no more "hope-for-more" replies, on my computer.

But being a part of the CMC, does that mean that he actually is looking to get a cutie mark? He just seems like the guy that has no cutie mark for a reason, and has accepted it :)
>> No. 124847
Well hes going to be more of an honorary CMC. He really doesn't care about getting his cutie mark because in his homeworld there was no such thing. He kinda joined to humor them and play along with their games. It all started because he was the only one available to babysit them at the time and it kinda snowballed into him joining.
>> No. 124855
Well best let you know I'm out of hospital (ran out of internet there...) Like what I see and I can't wait for more character development
>> No. 124856
Oh Leo I'm so relieved that you are ok! I have been worried sick, literally I havn't slept well and I have been lethargic.
>> No. 124857
I'm so sorry about that ;_; I just got discharged earlier this evening
>> No. 124858
No no its ok, I'm fine. I'm just glad you are ok. :) I uhh... Overracting is kind of a bad habit in my family and I... I was afraid I was going to lose you... I have to admit I kinda cried a little... I don't do that often. I guess I'm just a big damn softy :P And you are like one of the primary forces driving me to do this project.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 15th, 2013 06:10

>> No. 124859
That's really heartwarming to hear that, I'm humbled my friend. Well just know that I'm at home recovering and remember to chin up and smile
>> No. 124860
I'll be sure to step lively :) And I should have done this a long time ago but if you like you can add me on Steam, my username is: WITHELD and in case you dont have steam that is also my email, with gmail.

Edit: Actually you should probably contact me via deviantart ill get you the link later.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 15th, 2013 06:33

>> No. 124861
Here ya go:
>> No. 124867
D'aww. True, it's a little overreacting, but sweet x3
I was more "Is Leo still in the hospital? Must suck not having internet"
Probably more calm, since I've had a bunch of friends and families, that got sent to the hospital, and they're all doing fine :)
>> No. 124868
Fucking names. Dueto is used for anything not related to art <-<

Last edited at Mon, Jul 15th, 2013 10:45

>> No. 124869
Yes well Denmark does have a fine healthcare system. Ours is a joke, and soon its going to get funnier...

But uhh yeah I overreact sometimes. But its usually out of anger. I don't usually get that sad.
>> No. 124871
We do have a damn fine healtcare system.
Should be like ours, all over the world. I think that would work out well. And I know about anger, and anxiety, but I don't get sad easily.
But to each its own ^^
>> No. 124872
Also, Denmark is the happiest country in the world. And the absolute least corrupt country in the world according to transparency international. (Its number 8 in the least corrupt list I think but mine is the most corrupt XP) If theres one place in Europe I would live it would have to be either Denmark or Germany.
>> No. 124873
Yeah, I know and I appriciate it every day. Though it's a boring country, it's a nice place to live.

I mean, having to pay to get medical treatment? That's just considered inhumane here.

Leo! Come to Denmark, and we'll treat you from head to toe, and place you in a comfortable bed with cute nurses c:
>> No. 124874
(Don't worry, I changed my name to mess with your heads)
>> No. 124875
Hi CC&HS x3

Some companies used to offer employees healthcare benefits but many dont do that anymore...
>> No. 124876
But seriously I was so worried about Leo I was experiencing pain in my thyroid and I had trouble breathing in addition to a lack of sleep. I get stressed easily, back in college every morning it felt like I had to throw up every day when I woke up.
>> No. 124880
Oh man. I had my share of anxiety attacks and general fear, big time. I am taking pills so I can fall asleep, so I don't stay up all night, thinking and worrying. My heart just starts pumping and I can't relax. It's just usually different things that gets me nervous, but I think I know where you're coming from.
>> No. 124881
File 137394036481.jpg - (64.04KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013071546667.jpg )
Yes well... This is actually kinda private (spoilered anyway) but my friends kinda went their seperate ways a long time ago and I... I don't really have anyone (coworkers are jerks not interested in them) and I'm not really in any into romantic relationships because I never really was into that sort of thing. The only other people I have is my family which is ok but I dont have anything in common with them and I dont have anything to really say to them. Except for my brother but our ideologies and egos clash, I think thats normal. I dont really care how pathetic all of this sounds but you guys are all I really have and care about... And the thought of losing Leo would be... Well devastating... I was really scared...

Aww jeez... Just thinking about it... :.( Dammit... I'm just glad he's ok and now I can function properly.

Speaking of functioning properly:

Last edited at Mon, Jul 15th, 2013 19:50

>> No. 124882
Oh and if you are taking Ambien (Zolpidium Tartrate) be careful, I stopped taking mine because it has strange behavior related side-effects, one time I wrote several chapters for an erotic crime novel on that stuff and ordered crap online I didn't want. Remember the Sherms Diner post when I said I wanted to hug and kiss (XOXO) Candy Cane? I was on those at the time.
>> No. 124888
Wow.... just wow, that is so heartwarming and sweet.
>> No. 124889
Heh.... :| I was afraid that was kinda pathetic...
>> No. 124890
It was nice, not pathetic thank you, but don't worry about me (that's now my docs job haha)
>> No. 124893
Well you are ok and thats all that matters to me. And I think I may have found a constructive way to channel those emotions into my next piece I will release in a day or two. After I finish this anti-aircraft vehicle.

And I noticed something, whats the deal with the little anchor next to the thread number? Is it because of the Molossus? :D (Probably not but still)
>> No. 124896
Would it be possible to remove the autosage if the users of this thread and I promise to keep the idle non art related chat to an absolute minimal?

Last edited at Tue, Jul 16th, 2013 08:41

>> No. 124905
File 137404223306.jpg - (93.73KB , 994x768 , Boomslang1_1.jpg )
The Boomslang Anti-air vehicle is considered one of the deadliest vehicles in the Drakovian arsenal because of its prevalent use as an anti-infantry weapon in addition to its primary anti-air role. It features four ultra efficient "particle repeaters", a toned down version of the standard particle cannon. Each particle repeater has a firing rate of 20,000 particle exposures per-minute and may fire continuously for as long as two minutes at a time without overheating. The particle repeaters also have the ability to pivot in order to fire upon close range targets. Its crews have given it the nickname the "Organ Grinder" because of its involvement in a massacre several years beforehand that killed thousands and the sheer carnage that was left over as a result of its use at the time.

Sov's notes: I developed this weapons platform out of PURE, INDISCRIMINATE, HATRED for so many things I would like to see obliterated by it. Starting with Trixie, Prince Blueblood, and now Flash Sentry. My thirst for carnage is at hand but I probably won't show anything that graphic of that in my series, trying to keep things PG or PG-13 at least.

Helloooo... Mods? Applejack? Shining Armor?... Pinkie Pie?... I don't ever want to see my thread get the chance to 404...I'm scared...

Last edited at Tue, Jul 16th, 2013 23:26

>> No. 124912
File 137410567792.jpg - (75.29KB , 768x994 , ActionMS1_1.jpg )
I don't know if I am going to really use this but a friend of mine said "this is the most awesome thing I've seen" so that's enough to get me to post this. Besides this new character loves his new friends and will do anything for them.
>> No. 124913
Also I dont think the mods are going to take off the autosage. Not sure if they dont like me or they dont care, probably dont care... I might just start a new thread and re-post everything if nothing happens in a day or two.
>> No. 125007
Hehe...haven't checked this in a while.

I have to say, this looks fantastic!
>> No. 125089
We moved to a new concept art thread. It should be on the top page of this forum.
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