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File 136713718333.png - (393.39KB , 1280x1024 , Charmer 2 Charm Harder.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

Here is my DeviantArt:

Just going to use this as a Gallery to show off some random art from time to time.

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>> No. 122841
File 136713732939.png - (410.34KB , 1159x805 , PONYSONAS ARE DUMB BUT I KINDA LIKE DUMB.png )
OC work
>> No. 122842
File 136713743899.png - (658.39KB , 1280x1054 , dokidoki.png )
Canon Character work
>> No. 122843
solid smash ref and great prices
already sent you note on deviant
>> No. 122844
Thank you. I look forward to... Working with you? You get the idea.
>> No. 122853
did you get my last message?
>> No. 122854
Oh jeez I'm such a spaz! I have ADD and I got distracted before I could click the submit button. So sorry :x
>> No. 122862
File 136735500696.png - (223.52KB , 341x311 , thumbs up.png )
Oh now this stuff is really good. I'd be more than happy to discuss a commission with you if you were so inclined.
>> No. 122869
LOL. I remember that pic from the official website. I think it was a Smissmass comic, no?
>> No. 122872

I actually don't know, I picked up the picture from one of those >yfw threads on /pic/ a long while back. I've since forgotten when or from whom, so I'm afraid that I have no information on the subject.
>> No. 122881
File 136738417318.png - (1.82MB , 1920x1200 , CALL ME BACKGROUND PONY ONE MORE TIME.png )
I'd love to but it seems I am currently now from 0 commissions to backed up. I will post on my DA journal once the current set of commissions are done. I think possibly by the end of the week or early next week depending on the requests I get of course.

Also here is some more arts for gallery purposes.
>> No. 122949
File 136765677824.png - (1.10MB , 1920x1200 , golden ticket flight.png )
>> No. 122950

Just post in the thread when you get the chance to take some more commissions. I understand you're a busy person.
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