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File 136753217152.png - (615.51KB , 824x800 , scootalooscomicintro.png )
122927 No. 122927
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Anyone read this?
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>> No. 125750
Yes I do. I like it, good plot.
>> No. 125754
File 137733339125.jpg - (85.99KB , 336x346 , scootaquest.jpg )
Scootaquest, you say?
>> No. 125767
Yep! It's good! :D Character development is good, and the story keeps you thinking.
>> No. 125812
I believe they did! Ha ha! Let me join this quest of Scoota-dom!
>> No. 125891
Whens the next one coming?
>> No. 125938
How am I supposed to know?
>> No. 126303
There's a new part out. Someone should actually make an official topic for this comic. It's pretty good.
>> No. 126307
File 138063380430.png - (215.81KB , 543x442 , dasitmane.png )
>start reading it
>oh nuggets

oh wow, I must read all of this
>> No. 126322
The comic didn't take itself too seriously to begin with, but then it got a large following and it seems to have taken a real plot driven story! Lol! I find that funny.

It has a large fan following, yet it has never been featured in EQD, and it "large" fan following is still a lot smaller then those well known stories out there.
>> No. 126356
So wow, there are tons of story arcs here. I think I'm in love!
>> No. 126395
While the series is called Scootaloo's Scootaquest, it seems to have deviated away from Scoots as the main character. It's as much about everyone else as it is Scoots.
>> No. 126651
I'm going through Scootaquest withdrawl. I wish this series was updated weekly to be quite honest.
>> No. 126686
A new episode came out not too long ago. Go check it out.
>> No. 126692
Here's the link Episode 20 was really good in my opinion. I always like some SoarinDash!

Dash has been a b*tch up to this point, but maybe she is starting to realize she was wrong. I love how her being sick gives here these real innocent and vulnerable looks on her face. It's cute. Soarin' just has way too much fun being a knucklehead.
>> No. 126699
File 138363410090.png - (132.67KB , 500x444 , tumblr_muqwfyPGfL1rmnyh7o1_500.png )
This comic's content and quality keeps getting better. It was awesome to begin with, but now it looks more like the show with unique qualities. I really enjoy it. Thanks for posting it. I just read the whole thing!
>> No. 126722
New one soon?
>> No. 126809
New one is out now! It brings a lot of the story together if you use your brain. I think the story is winding down to an end.
>> No. 126965
Think a new one is coming soon. I can feel it. :)
>> No. 127113
There was a new one that came out seven days ago.
>> No. 127118
File 138915847290.png - (37.87KB , 250x223 , tumblr_mypotzuDWV1rmnyh7o6_250.png )
This is easily one of the most underrated MLP:FiM comics out there. It just keeps improving storywise and visually each update. I really can't wait to see what happens!
>> No. 127170
Yeah, Luna is getting jealous. I could sense it from the beginning of this series when she was first introduced.

From a series that started out quite comically, it seems to have a rather large storyline. One of the best surprises for a comic in awhile.
>> No. 127183
I've read a opposite opinion elsewhere and it makes sense too. Luna and Trixie could be trying to stop the outbreak from an unknowing Twilight and others. Think about all the sabotage they have done to stop Scootaloo and Twilight. You might ask why don't they just tell them to stop, but I don't have an answer for that.

So the alternative view is that they are actually doing good. Might explain why Luna put Celestia to sleep in the last episode.
>> No. 127193
Never thought of it that way. All I know is my fav character is Soarin'! Brilliantly written for!
>> No. 127201
File 138990091566.png - (359.99KB , 527x822 , mlpcep23teaser.png )
There was a new episode released today, and it was brilliant!
View it!
>> No. 127251
It was very good. I really like this series!
>> No. 127308
Wish this was a weekly series.
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