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File 136780653070.jpg - (146.30KB , 1088x1680 , pegasisters finished.jpg )
122972 No. 122972
#Digital #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

So,I'm new to Ponychan and never interacted with other bronies/pegasisters before..
I'm pretty nervous hehe..
Anyway I made my self and a friend a pony oc
and I'd like your opinions~
I'm the ram by the way ^^;
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>> No. 122973
Not sure why "the ram" is highlighted..weird
>> No. 122978
File 136782272467.gif - (475.46KB , 500x500 , hello dave.gif )
My opinion is that pegasisters is a painfully contrived term and only serves to segregate and destabilize the community as is only made more apparent by my response to it.

Apart from that, your characters are functional as a design, at least from profile, and I'm sure that your ram, which is a term for a male sheep so I'm unsure why you titled the picture as "pegasisters", fits into whatever canon you and your friend have going amongst yourselves. Assuming these are reference sketches as I imagine them to be, I'm sure it would be very rewarding to draw them out in several different angles, if only as an exercise.

As a sidenote, you may want to include shading or alter the color somehow of either the second character's hair and/or lineart to prevent them from becoming quite so indistinguishable.
>> No. 122979
Ah,well now I feel rather silly for misunderstanding the term 'ram' as a specific species,since my oc is female...I apologize for my stupidity.
Either way thanks so much for the comment!
>> No. 122980
File 136786638380.jpg - (8.31KB , 186x272 , imagesCA7OCT2L.jpg )
I think the artwork looks amazing!

Aside from that welcome to Ponychan! It's great to meet you.
>> No. 122984
Thank you so much!
It's great to meet you all.
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