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122986 No. 122986
#Gallery #Critique wanted

I know it isn't pony related but I would still love some feedback. This is the first thing I have really taken time to draw and I'm pretty proud of it myself, just tell me what you think.
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>> No. 122990
Cool idea. I like Vaporeon's background the best.
>> No. 122997
i think the drawing is really nice. evee looks really cute(and i mean really) and the general idea of the drawing is great. the way the layout works makes it seem slightly 2 dimensional. overall nice piece though.
>> No. 123332
ZOMGZ This is glorious. I'm liking Eevee's pose there. Also, nice positions of the Eeveeloutions.
Eevee is one of my faves. Keep up the good work!
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