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File 136805019970.jpg - (29.83KB , 430x555 , hope.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hello everyone.
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>> No. 123013
File 136805272826.jpg - (26.98KB , 600x357 , dance.jpg )
A late summmer dancer, greeting the first winds of autumn.
>> No. 123036
File 136806251647.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
can i request ticket
>> No. 123049
Sure. I'm slow though.
>> No. 123271
File 136896382938.jpg - (121.68KB , 653x1000 , ticket-small2.jpg )
>> No. 123273
Why are you so obsessed with pulling out Ticket at a moments notice, Kraggy?
>> No. 123345
File 136918619440.jpg - (15.23KB , 725x468 , chrys.jpg )
Season 1, episode 2. Mane 6 is making their way through the Everfree Forest, Nightmare Moon is trying to stop them. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia stays trapped in a Middle of Nowhere, a place with no magic, no life and no color - just basic time and space. Striving to keep herself at the brink of existence, she is waiting to be rescued by Twilight and her friends - or to stay there forever.
>> No. 123352
im always obsessed
i made her
>> No. 123376
May I possibly make a request?
>> No. 123377
Yes, definitely.
>> No. 123378
File 136931419984.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Thank you! Here is a reference for you. Much appreciated.
>> No. 123392
Could you please provide any background? Meaning of the cutie mark, an episode from the past, his occupation, favorite book/song, a hobby? Not everything, just something to understand what he might be.
>> No. 123420
File 136945353743.jpg - (22.33KB , 579x758 , giraffe.jpg )
Another old one.
>> No. 123421
I have a full character profile of him if you would like to have a look
>> No. 123425
Great, thanks!
Getting to the picture now.
>> No. 123552
File 136993244404.jpg - (228.47KB , 1200x1115 , leo2.jpg )
>> No. 123556
File 136993644915.gif - (2.16MB , 500x281 , spoiler.gif )
Thank you very much!
>> No. 123557
Hm, not bad. What program did you draw that with? And do you use a tablet or a mouse?
>> No. 123561
Thank you. It was drawn with SAI (+ CS6 for color adjustments) and Bamboo Fun A6 tablet.
>> No. 123562

Think you can do Lusha?

Posing in front of his tank?

I think it would be interesting to see him done from another perspective. Also I would have to give you the colors as well.
>> No. 123573
No idea how it will turn out, but I can try if you want.
>> No. 123574

Great! I'll get back to you with the basic colors by tomorrow. Also he doesn't have a cutie mark (nopony in his country has them) So you don't have to worry about that. Btw you don't have to draw the tank after all. I dont want to ask too much of you.
>> No. 123578
Don't worry - characters with some sort of "personal" background are much more pleasure to draw. Also, if he speaks Russian, I can translate something into it - this is my native language.
>> No. 123584
Sure that could work, I would have to think of something I would translated. Also if its not so much trouble, it would be awesome if you made him playing a balalaika. As for the tank, you don't have to do that if its too much trouble. You can if you want to though.
>> No. 123613
File 137017374247.png - (283.76KB , 640x480 , lusha colors.png )
I picked some colors for Lusha, Please feel free to do whatever you want with this character because I'm sure it will turn out great!. :D
>> No. 123788
File 137090118615.jpg - (33.11KB , 778x481 , lsh.jpg )
Hi. It's still in progress, sorry; here is a sketch. Any corrections/suggestions?
>> No. 123789
File 137090529380.gif - (31.94KB , 294x317 , russia_eagle2.gif )
Wow it looks pretty awesome so far! And I like how you managed to get the balalaika in there too! Just remember the main gun of the tank is offset to the far right. Its not centered on the turret like most tanks. (Such as your T-34, T-72, and T-90)

And the drawing makes me think of this song :)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 10th, 2013 16:02

>> No. 124519
File 137259594574.jpg - (187.41KB , 1100x681 , keeping_the_skies_clear.jpg )
It's more like this:
(Had to put drawing aside for a while; sorry.)
Also, do you play World of Tanks?
>> No. 124521
Ha ha this is so cool! You have done well, thank you very much! Also its funny how you posted that song because I have it in my collection of Soviet-Era music. Also when I developed this character, he dislikes propaganda music because thats all there is in his country, he comes from an authoritarian regime devoid of cultural references and decadence. So its very funny!

Also, no I dont play world of tanks... But I would if they put my tanks in the game >:)
>> No. 124523
File 137261650232.jpg - (29.24KB , 508x507 , i_am_photogenic_and_i_know_it.jpg )
Hm. Does he like classics or instrumental? (It's a little sad to think that he has nothing to listen to at all. What does he do for fun, if anything?)

Started to upload pictures to deviantart account (nothing but some pics from this thread yet):
>> No. 124524
Well he likes to cook, and he loves shish kebabs.

Also, he didn't start playing the Balalaika until after his country invaded Equestria. He found it in a ditch stuck in the mud. He was selected to monitor the occupation forces in ponyville and it turns out he really likes it there and he is very kind to its citizens. One of his own soldiers tried to harass the cutie mark crusaders and he stopped him. He has a soft spot for the younger ponies and he lets the CMC play with his surplus materials like his infared/night vision goggles and spare medical equipment/supplies. In fact there is one instance in which he lets the CMC have a ride on his tank and gives them a chance to fire the main gun. (A decision he will later regret)

Another thing he likes to do for fun is flirt with Equestrian fillies but they don't care for him much mainly because he comes off as a creepy foreign oppressor. But he really is a nice colt.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 30th, 2013 12:32

>> No. 124818
Are you still taking requests for ocs by any chance? I've been looking for an artist who might be able to do a basic sketch/color for me so I can try to make some of my own pics in gimp. I just haven't been able to really solidify this guy because I can't draw ponies that well XD

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 10:51

>> No. 124836
Yes, I'm still taking requests. Please provide the description of a character and of what you expect to see. :)
A thing you may like:

Last edited at Sun, Jul 14th, 2013 14:22

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