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123038 No. 123038
#Traditional #Digital #Comics #OCs #Taking requests

*Ahem* music first:

Anyway, I am working on a major comic series and I had an interesting idea, recruiting YOUR OC's to appear in my series. Now here are some ground rules,

1: No changelings
2: No Alicorns
3: No hybrids

In addition to that I will need a picture of your OC and a written dossier of your OC in this format:

Cutie Mark:
Political Affiliation:

And I will need brief bio of your OC as well.

(Most likely your OC is Equestrian so that will be the set default for residency and "Monarchist" will be the default political affiliation as well.)

Remember I cannot guarantee your OC will have a significant role in my series and some can be rejected on the grounds of being poorly designed, poorly developed, and missing significant data. I cannot guarantee that your OC will have a speaking role as well. If your OC is selected, I will make a profile drawing of said OC and post it in this thread or my concept art thread here:

Now /art/ lets see what you got.
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>> No. 123666
File 137048558415.jpg - (147.39KB , 1189x1214 , image.jpg )
I've been wanting to post a few of my OCs for consideration, but I was a little apprehensive... I might as well throw them in for consideration while I still can, though!

Name: Shelly Shores
Age: Young Adult Mare
Gender: F
Race: Earth Pony
Residency: Horseshoe Bay (She lives at a beach, so I came up with a name. An unnamed beach on the shores of Equestria otherwise.)
Political Affiliation: Democracy? (She's very free spirited, so I suppose this. Never thought of it... Monarchy if she does, indeed live in Equestria.)

"Shelly loves walking on the beach at low tide gathering the prettiest sea shells and sea glass. She has a real knack for it! Despite being of fine intelligence, she can be airy and absent minded sometimes, especially when she's relaxing on the shore."
>> No. 123667
File 137048598792.png - (206.10KB , 900x1653 , applejack_hugs_vector_by_kitsuneymg-d41gbej.png )
Apprehensive? Don't fear the reaper my child. Please keep the OC's coming! I like what I see.
>> No. 123668
File 137048636368.jpg - (350.60KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Darn. Forgot cutie mark. Well, you can see it, it's three different pastel colored shells: one pink, one yellow, and blue.

Only other one I'll throw in, most likely. But she has a lot of small role/BG pony potential.

Name: Purple Pansy/Pansy Petal
Age: Young Mare/Young Adult Mare/Adult Mare
Gender: F
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: 3 purple pansies
Residency: Ponyville
Political Affiliation: Monarchy

"Pansy is responsible for all the pretty flowers in Ponyville. Not necessarily shy, she still yet much prefers the privacy of a beautiful flower garden to the party scene."
>> No. 123669
Why, thank you! I'm very glad you like her :)
She's my favorite that I've made.
>> No. 123670
File 137048702579.png - (167.20KB , 834x957 , fluttershy__3_by_blastdown-d48c17y.png )

Oooooooo... Ahhhh....

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 19:55

>> No. 123672
File 137049975825.jpg - (49.62KB , 900x960 , 417869_331571930301808_886445324_n.jpg )
Ooh very nice
>> No. 123673
Standby... Incoming concept art...
>> No. 123682
File 137052272252.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , 136814665960.png )

Boom! Boom! Access approved for both! Welcome to the red army Equine Palette. Congratulations and thanks for your submissions! Shelly just gave me an idea for a whole new setting and I had to have her. Purple Pansy lives in Ponyville so I can find something easily for her.

Check with this thread for updates daily because theres always something going on in the House of Sovereign. :D And take a peek with my concept art to get an idea of whats up with this whole dealio.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 14:19

>> No. 123683
1940's were the best.

I wasn't alive but it looks neat on television.
>> No. 123691
Totally agree, where's the time travel button when you need it huh?
>> No. 123693
Thank you! I'm very glad she's well liked!

Oh, wonderful! Glad to be part of it, Commander :)
>> No. 123694
"When you need it" xD
Has there ever been a time travel button when you didn't need it? ^^
>> No. 123697
Okay, valid point right there
>> No. 123714
File 137058798618.png - (174.83KB , 909x878 , happy_fluttershy_by_junkiesnewb-d4cnt4x.png )

Please, call me Sovereign. :) (Or dude or guy or something to that capacity) I'm glad you want to be a part of my project and I hope you enjoy the finished product once it is complete.
>> No. 123716
File 137059814474.jpg - (61.59KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013060741448.jpg )
Heres a quick toxicant induced (Happy Sleepy slappy pills) sketch of Candy Canes new gig, Sherms Diner! Serving up the best pie in all of Equestria. Ill draw the final version later.

Love ya Candy Cane! xoxo..... Im going to go to lay down now...
>> No. 123717
"Best pie in Equestria. Seriously"
Ah man. This looks great. And it's open 24/7!
....I want some pie now.
>> No. 123718
>Toxicant induced pie diners

Why am I suddenly reminded of that one level in Destroy All Humans with the anti-commy brainwashing pie?
>> No. 123720
Damn. You're right! I remember playing that game at my grandma's. I never did win it though. But sending cows flying was always entertaining!
>> No. 123721
Ah, here we go.

Sadly, since all of the videos of it I could find were mostly about beating it as quickly as possible, they skip out the best part of the level, which is reading the minds of the brainwashed. Some of the lines they made for that are hilarious.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 06:59

>> No. 123722
Ah yes. I remember reading others people minds. They were just so twisted from time to time xD
I think I got stuck at some level, where I wasn't allowed to be seen. It was really hard.

But I loved the mission where you had to control the mind of the mayor or whoever he was, and then speak for the public. It was brilliant :)
>> No. 123728
What the buck happened last night?...

Anyway yeah, Eat at Sherms. In so-cal we have a chain of 24/7 restaurants called "Norms". They're not really nostalgic themed restaurants but its still my little salute to them. But they did start up in 1949.
>> No. 123737

I gave it some thought and due to time constraints I decided to discontinue accepting submissions by 6/15/13 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. I think a weeks heads up is fair enough and I believe it is with everyponys best interest that I discontinue accepting submissions because I don't want my workload to get to the point where I have to wait another month to release part I of this series. I appreciate the submissions and I look forward to seeing some more OC's soon.
>> No. 123917
bumping for comradeship
>> No. 123920
Yeah, this really got quiet all of a sudden :(

I was hoping for even more ponies to play with before the time was up.
>> No. 123923
Yeah, same here. We should spread the word more.
>> No. 123924
I know huh, oh well less work for me. :S Still when the times up, ill let everypony know who made it and who didn't (referring to the ones I didn't get back to) then this thread will be closed. :(
>> No. 123925
You had me at Hell March.

Name: Dreamsicle
Age: Currently a Filly/Foal, but you can make it whatever you like.
Gender: Female
Cutie Mark: Shoshinsha Mark (Wakaba)
Current Residency: PonyVale

Bio: A sharp-witted one. Likes to explore, and get things done quickly. Also will rarely ever turn down a call for help.
>> No. 123926
File 137119348211.png - (1.12MB , 1920x1058 , Snapshot_019.png )
>> No. 123927
File 137119359476.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )
Just in time.
>> No. 123940
Time is almost up, I will throw out some last minute approvals.

Eddie/anon: Alright I'll accept this character but I don't have anything in mind other than a minor role. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way with that joke btw, on my threads please use a name next time.

Patachu: Yo dawg I hear you like your CM on your CM on your CM... Yeah a cutiemark of oneself is going to be a problem. And I have yet to think of a role for Komatsu. Plus it would be nice if I had a bio.

@Da Krager, I wanted Golden Ticket this whole time but I barely realized shes an Alicorn. :S

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 07:10

>> No. 123945
File 137122453211.png - (189.28KB , 900x645 , sundae_breeze_it__s_cool_by_00tod00-d5lpiz3.png )
Name: Sundae Breeze
Age: 25
Race: Earth pony
Cutiemark: Ice Cream cone
Residency: a small house/ice cream shop in Manehattan
Political affiliation: Free spirited and never cared much for it.
Brief Bio:
can be found here
>> No. 123946
File 137122467435.png - (657.38KB , 1600x2250 , CompactDoubleRef.png )
Oh, why not. I've been debating this off-and-on for a while now, only now I have a couple of potential OC's to go with.

So here, have a brother-sister* combo:

Name: Sky Ribbon
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Cloud with a ribbon coiled around it
Residency: Equestria
Political Affiliation: Monarchist
Bio: Born in Cloudsdale, she never set hoof on the surface until she was 12. But when she finally did, she was amazed at the difference between the bland white clouds and the sheer color and spectacular beauty of the land around her. Since then, she's never wanted to live in a cloud city again, preferring to use her talents in cloud/weather management to help preserve the natural world around her.

Name: Criss Cross
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Batpony/Bat Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A horseshoe puzzle
Residency: Equestria
Political Affiliation: Monarchist
Bio: Adopted* at an young age, he never seemed to question his parents or where he came from. He just wanted to get by through life unnoticed and undisturbed so he could be left to his true love: puzzle solving. Logic puzzles, math puzzles, crosswords and more, he loves to practice his brain to think of new, creative solutions. As such, he works making crossword puzzles for newspapers.

*Criss Cross is Sky's adopted brother. His real parents, though no one knows this, were simply a pair of Luna's guards that couldn't properly take care of a child due to the stress of their jobs.

I'm open to discussion on details, given this is your thing.
>> No. 123947

Woooooaaaaaaaah. A cutie curly cue! I don't plan on spending much time in Manehattan (Well it will be the site of a major naval battle.) I'll see what I can do, in the mean time check out my concept art thread to see whats up with this whole thing.

Oh yeah, access approved. welcome to the House of Sovereign.
>> No. 123949

Wow OC's are pouring into the House of Sovereign like water. Welcome! Welcome!
>> No. 123952

Change your mind Snugglestia? Sovereign sees all.
>> No. 123953
Sounds like my OC is going to have plenty of new friends.
>> No. 123955
Just cropping the picture down a bit more to a dispute.

>> No. 123956
File 137122703402.png - (221.03KB , 415x602 , Honk2.png )
Name: Willy Nilly
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Clockwork canary
Residency: Equestrian
Political Affiliation: Monarchist

Bio: Raised on the surface by an Earth Pony and a Pegasus with his older brother, he never got a taste for the breeze running through his feathers until he was about 10. His first time out flying there was a freak lightning storm. His mother flew up, narrowly shielding him from the brunt of a strike which left her wings permanently paralyzed and his wings to become extremely sensitive. Tending to his mother after the incident tirelessly made him realize his special talent for caretaking and nurturing. After this he's rarely been able to stay in flight very long, but tries to remain chipper and lighthearted despite this, always wanting to keep his friends happy. Often times seen goofing off and eating ice cream.
>> No. 123957
What didn't we see? I'm sure Leo has it on film.
>> No. 123958
So these are in? If so, awesome.

Also, I just wanna add a little bit of info, just in case, for the two of them:

Sky Ribbon went a little too far once in her love of 'nature', and had something of an all-natural hippyish phase. Since then, she hasn't quite dropped all of the animalistic habits she developed, but she tries to catch herself. This includes her tendency to act wildly and on impulse.

By contrast, Criss Cross is very quiet and introverted, preferring the company of a book to most other ponies. He's not afraid to talk to others, but he'd rather not have to.
>> No. 123959

>You saw nothing

First thing you need to know about the House of Sovereign is I see everything because I am everywhere.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 09:26

>> No. 123960
Or you get the footage from us.
>> No. 123962

That info does help thanks for sharing that. Much appreciated.
>> No. 123963

If I keep getting more good OC's today I am going to resort to only doing profile drawings of Submissions that have a greater impact on the story. I hope nopony feels bad about that but I have a schedule to keep (trying to keep) and the workload is getting to me.
>> No. 123965

Also, this rule applies to everypony. Please don't just dump your OC's on this thread and never check in from time to time. However After 12:00AM pst I will request this thread to be closed so you can meet up and my concept art thread and if you like chat it up with the myself and the others, I don't mind.

Once you're in the House of Sovereign, theres no way out.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 09:56

>> No. 123967
No problem. After I posted it came to my attention that I forgot almost anything about their personalities. Whoops.

Having seen the extent of this thread, I can't even imagine... how many characters are you even up to at this point? I don't think anyone would blame you for lightening the workload.
>> No. 123971
I've been meaning to discuss more about Data Stream, but I've been rather busy :/

That and you didn't seem to have much use for him, and I couldn't think of anyway I might could be more useful.
>> No. 123980

Your OC has information on the Pendulum rebels. He is essential.
>> No. 123988

Time is running out. If you have not submitted an OC yet now is the time.
>> No. 123991

Notice to mods. Sovereign here requesting permission to have this thread locked.

I would like to thank everypony for their submissions and I look forward including all these wonderful OC's in my series. Although I cant promise all these OC's will have significant roles but rest assured each OC will have meaningful contributions to the overall plot. I can't tell you all how thankful I am to have you all part of a brand new adventure that will lead to new lands, new friends, and of course dangerous new enemies. All of which are of a caliber never seen nor attempted before that I intend to bring to the MLP world. Check with my concept art thread for updates or to just mingle if you like.

Welcome to the House of Sovereign.
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