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123038 No. 123038
#Traditional #Digital #Comics #OCs #Taking requests

*Ahem* music first:

Anyway, I am working on a major comic series and I had an interesting idea, recruiting YOUR OC's to appear in my series. Now here are some ground rules,

1: No changelings
2: No Alicorns
3: No hybrids

In addition to that I will need a picture of your OC and a written dossier of your OC in this format:

Cutie Mark:
Political Affiliation:

And I will need brief bio of your OC as well.

(Most likely your OC is Equestrian so that will be the set default for residency and "Monarchist" will be the default political affiliation as well.)

Remember I cannot guarantee your OC will have a significant role in my series and some can be rejected on the grounds of being poorly designed, poorly developed, and missing significant data. I cannot guarantee that your OC will have a speaking role as well. If your OC is selected, I will make a profile drawing of said OC and post it in this thread or my concept art thread here:

Now /art/ lets see what you got.
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>> No. 123039
Also I WILL NOT take credit for creating your OC and if possible credit will be directed towards your name or alias if you wish. And when filling out the dossier if there is any missing info on your OC just leave it blank. But I still need a short bio.
>> No. 123040
I have a full character profile written up for my OC. Would you like me to send you a link? This could work for a future plan I have for a story I'm planning.
>> No. 123041
As you wish. I would prefer that information in the format I outlined but if that data is already applicable then there shouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 123042
And by political affiliation do you mean like the Solar Empire and NLR?
>> No. 123043
Leave it as monarchist for now (show canon). I'm building profiles for my OC's as well and many of them are Socialist and this is my way of keeping the dossiers organized.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 07:16

>> No. 123044
Ok I'll just dump some pics of my OC and put a link up. Is that alright?
>> No. 123045
Yes its fine, fire away.
>> No. 123046
File 136810929060.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo.jpg )
>> No. 123047
File 136810932471.jpg - (485.76KB , 1800x1800 , leofaces.jpg )
>> No. 123048
File 136810946702.jpg - (741.60KB , 2100x2100 , steampunkleo.jpg )

Hope this helps, there are some synopses of some fics I'm working on. They are easy enough to notice. If you have any questions let me know.
>> No. 123050
File 136811072311.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )
Excellent, this subject is hereby approved. WELCOME COMRADE

>> No. 123051
*salutes* Thank you comrade
>> No. 123052
That's one down, who's next?
>> No. 123053
File 136812005911.jpg - (79.01KB , 900x942 , glam_rock_pony_commission_by_lyericponyart-d4qin3k.jpg )
Name: Glam Rock
Age: Late teens to mid 20's, or w/e the pony equivalent is.
Gender: F
Race: EP
Cutie Mark: Sham rock musical notes
Residency: Monarchist
Political Affiliation: Monarchist

Brief Bio: She's a very Irish rockstar; so she loves to rock and drink ale.

This doesn't have anything to do with 'Papers, Please', does it?
>> No. 123054
No, I have never heard of that. I suppose a brief explanation of the upcoming crisis in Equestria is in order.

There is a powerful technologically advanced nation lead by a former student of princess Celestia that vanished without a trace years ago is threatening to invade Equestria with weapons of incalculable destructive capacities. They are also threatening to KILL princess Celestia and Princess Luna in the process. They also claim to have technologies that render the Elements of Harmony useless...

And before all this happens an ancient prophecy of a "New Hero" born from a falling star on the dawn of the rising sun will emerge. This "New Hero" is the chosen offspring of heaven that will wield a powerful weapon against the profane and malevolent forces that threaten peace, freedom, and the sanctity of life itself. That weapon is the lost Element of Harmony, the “Element of Valor”.

My thread here has some samples of my designs for my upcoming series:
>> No. 123055
File 136812265124.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )

Btw I love your OC and this subject is absolutely approved! Also I wasn't clear on the instructions. The default for residency is: "Equestrian" My bad.


Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 11:08

>> No. 123057
File 136813371390.png - (374.77KB , 1000x700 , Four Block Trading Card Full small.png )
Name: Four Block
Age: Average (You know, Mane 6 kind of age)
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: 2 Tetris Blocks
Residency: Ponyville (Probably)
Political Affiliation: Monarchist

Bio? It's on the card!
>> No. 123058
File 136813663393.png - (60.07KB , 185x183 , 185px-GenZH_Thrax_Victorious.png )

This is a recolored RD...
>> No. 123060
File 136814278394.jpg - (13.54KB , 301x305 , Yay.jpg )
General Thrax!
>The suspense... it's killing you! Hahaheh!
I miss that game, but I've lost the install disc and I'm not sure if it's made easily available through digital distribution.
>> No. 123061
File 136814385922.gif - (610.31KB , 333x328 , 725448986_762504.gif )
>It is so hard to find a doctor these days who will make house calls, BUT DR. THRAX STILL DOES! He heh ha ha ha!

Reaper of my behalf.

About your OC, I already thought of a scene in a pub I am developing and since your OC is musical,is your OC part of a band?

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 17:01

>> No. 123062
File 136814442497.png - (107.09KB , 600x438 , 136578743265.png )
Interesting, didn't notice this until now. Then again, I mostly stick to oat.

Name: Baggie Pack
Age: 22-ish
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A yellow luggage suitcase in front of a blue one
Residency: Los Pegasus
Political Affiliation: Mostly Neutral/ Monarchist

Works at the train station delivering luggage. Loves chatting with tourists while delivering, and has a well rounded knowledge of all of Equestria thanks to hearing about it from all over. Has also developed a love of traveling thanks to her this, and is stronger than she looks thanks to carrying around heavy luggage all day.
>> No. 123063
Would it ok to use creator art for the sample? I know it's usually frowned upon, but I can't draw :(
>> No. 123064
File 136814492200.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )
YES A RAILPONY! I have so many railroad ideas its not even funny! In fact I am outfitting all Equestrian rail line equipment after Denver & Rio Grande Western equipment. They will be getting C-19's to replace the horrible looking steam engines within the shows canon:

I am absolutely sure I can find something for your OC. Anyway, Congratulations:
>> No. 123065
Oh wait, blue is in front, silly me :P

*salute* I hope to serve you well.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 17:20

>> No. 123066
Just show me what you got friend and we'll see what happens from there.
>> No. 123067
File 136814597980.png - (438.61KB , 830x650 , Pony1.png )
Fudge it, I'll toss one in anyway. Just because I can't art doesn't mean I'm talentless. True, doesn't make me stand out from the crowd much either, but I'd feel bad if I gave up just for that.

Name: Data Stream
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Image cutie mark is just a placeholder, finding clipart of an old paper-puncher computer (like Twilight used in Feeling Pinkie Keen) was practically impossible
Residency: Drifter, often gets run out of towns, grew up in Manehatten
Political Affiliation: Capitalist

Data Stream is a rumor mill, he gets info on ponies, like embarrassing secrets, and sells it to the highest bidder. He'll act like your best friend to your face to gain your trust, but secretly sell all he learns behind your back. He'll even turn friends against each other in order profit from both, being sort of a middleman for the two. He wasn't always this way, just a friendly guy that had a knack for earning others trust (His special talent of being a minor empath being a huge boon to this knack) but fell into the wrong crowd from a young age, and now he does what he does almost instinctively, sometimes regretting the decisions he makes when he turns in for the night, knowing he's slowly painting himself into a corner.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 17:48

>> No. 123068
File 136814665960.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )
This OC would make a good spy or traitor. He seems like too much of a capitalist to be a Socialist though if all he cares about is profiteering. So far there are relevant scenarios within the plot in which I have selected ponies on this thread so far. I'll approve yours for now on the grounds there is significant potential for this OC.
>> No. 123069
Well, profiteering isn't all he cares about, it's more of a habit at this point, however you're right I did have a bit of a brain fart. Politics is not my strong point, and I don't look into them much. Capitalist is far more fitting.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 17:47

>> No. 123070
File 136814777270.png - (340.16KB , 1280x720 , S2E22_Crying_Fluttershy.png )
>Your face when:
I think I might make an exception for Changelings. That is if you don't mind watching your changeling OC getting maimed or dematerialized by particle cannons and Ion colliders from my tanks and anti-aircraft systems. Still not sure yet.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 18:10

>> No. 123071
File 136814872250.jpg - (13.97KB , 243x287 , enamored_by_lyericponyart.jpg )
She can either be part of a band or a solo act, though I imagine she's the singer in a band of big-haired rocker ponies.
>> No. 123072
Excellent, I can work with that. I have a scene I am developing in which she is playing a gig at a pub and I am not sure if she will be part of a band or not. We'll see what happens.
>> No. 123073

Also everypony, I have neglected to inform you all that I have spoken to Equestria daily about my upcoming series after sending in some renderings back in March and they are interested in hosting my series. Real-life stuff has gotten into the way and because character, vehicle, and setting developments take so long its now May and I still dont have panels in. However there is a chance that a very large audience will see your OC in my upcoming series. No promises though.
>> No. 123074
File 136816070323.png - (173.91KB , 2000x2294 , bbbff_baggie_pack_by_scourge707-d62cdlh.png )
Well, for me, it's not about being famous, it's about having fun! And what you're putting together does sound really interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
>> No. 123075
Totally agree with you, it'll be nice to get exposure. But it's about having fun
>> No. 123076
File 136819301835.png - (156.95KB , 940x850 , twilight_sparkle_by_crusierpl-d4kpbdp.png )
I know, its not about getting famous for me either. What I am doing is straight from the heart and I feel I am going to give the fans something great. Something that will hopefully restore their faith in the series. I can't tell you how glad I am that you ponies decided to join the Red Army. (Metaphor for being part of the project.)

Last edited at Fri, May 10th, 2013 06:41

>> No. 123077
Fine, just give her a new hair cut or something. Just wiping out my OC for being a "tacky recolor" is a tad unfair, but if you want to think that way, sure.

Last edited at Fri, May 10th, 2013 06:57

>> No. 123078
>Fine, just give her a new hair cut or something.

I can do that.
>> No. 123079
I understand, share your talents as a creative person. I love the passion you have for this project. It annoys me when people only put a subpar effort into their projects and have NO passion for it.
>> No. 123084
File 136821664323.png - (351.14KB , 556x556 , 5.png )
That was not the answer I was expecting. Thank you!
>> No. 123085
File 136821824682.png - (416.84KB , 1600x1390 , Epiphany.png )
Name: Epiphany
Age: early 20s
Gender: Male
Race: Pony- Earth pony
Cutie Mark: Box w/ rainbow above it, Imagination
Residency: Baltimare
Political Affiliation: Monarchist
Quick Bio: Epiphany, commonly called Pip, moved around a lot as a child. Going from Baltimare, Appaloosa, Coltago to Baltimare again, Pip honestly found it troubling to make friends. While being painfully polite and friendly, he can be aloof and sarcastic towards those he dislike, and is sort of two-faced as a result. He is a skilled artist and writer.
>> No. 123086
File 136822618715.png - (452.02KB , 1800x1200 , ref_sheet1_by_rainbowscreen-d63umcv.png )
N: Florid
A: 28
G: Male
R: Earth Pony
CM: Black cracked heart
Residence: Applewood, Equestria
PA:None, doesn't really care for that stuff.

Bio: To keep it short. Florid is a mafian gangster. He'll stay loyal to you but...only if for a good reason or if you have the right amount of money. Gentlecolt, charmer, and criminal all in one.
>> No. 123088
LEO HEARTSHIP, your character drawing is complete! Refer to my concept art thread below:

Welcome to the Red Army
>> No. 123089
File 136824427940.png - (74.69KB , 256x256 , nickprev_2.png )
Why do I imagine this pony talks like Nick from L4D2?

Anyway, I don't have anything written yet that requires an organized crime pony, I'll have to think about it.
>> No. 123093
I cannot wait!
>> No. 123094

From what I understand he likes to film stuff so I made an animation of him shooting scenes for "How its made, Equestria Edition" lol. You cant tell because its distorted but it says "Ponysonic" on his camera XD
>> No. 123095
Sounds good, I was wondering what that was on the camera. You got it about right concerning him.
>> No. 123096

Well I really like this OC and I think he will be an excellent addition to my series. I read his entire bio as well, I can give him a job at a small film production company in Ponyville, if he doesnt mind relocating for now. (Half of the plot takes place in Ponyville.)
>> No. 123097
That's okay, he is going to be living in Ponyville soon anyways.
>> No. 123098
The part that I'm up to is him getting into shenanigans while looking for a job. Which winds up him ending up in Ponyville
>> No. 123101
File 136833823443.png - (408.46KB , 1600x2824 , surprised_applejack_by_thatguy1945-d5pqinu.png )
Music of the day:

Its been a long and hot day where I live, I couldn't get much work done. Btw Infernal Dalek your OC is next. I started working on yours and you are going to love it. Just check with my concept art thread tomorrow morning and I should have it. Also with your OC it looks like her hair is parted to the side in some of the other pics however the first pic you sent its kinda spikey and meets at an end point like RD. Which is correct?

Sorry for the delayed response. I am going to need some time to think about this subject too. As I don't have anything written for a creative pony.

So I have permission to give her a new hair cut Nerd pony? Because I thought about it and I WANT HER IN. I have developed a scenario for this pony and even a speaking role!
>> No. 123114
File 136842214882.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , 136814665960.png )
Knight, I gave it some thought and I decided to approve Florid on the grounds that he is well developed and I managed to come up with some ideas for him. Welcome to the Red Army.
>> No. 123119
File 136847395331.jpg - (30.95KB , 211x170 , four_block___tetris_with_____by_sddpw__by_nerd_pony-d5i3nv9.jpg )
That sounds awesome! Give her all the hair cuts you'd like!
>> No. 123121
File 136850296451.jpg - (21.54KB , 776x600 , Fornerdpony1_1.jpg )
Which one you want out of these three? Or should I keep going? (Personally I like the one in the middle)

By the way, what I had in mind for Four Block was giving her a job at a video arcade maintaining the arcade machines and collecting the bits.

Last edited at Mon, May 13th, 2013 21:39

>> No. 123126
File 136855521271.png - (611.66KB , 900x1002 , mlp_fim__baggie_pack_by_ouyrof-d64sfs7.png )
This is really coming together nicely, I'm excited!
>> No. 123127
File 136855628167.gif - (50.25KB , 238x250 , bouncybouncy.gif )
I know right!
>> No. 123128

Baggie Pack you're next please standby. I should have your profile drawing done in a few hours.

Last edited at Tue, May 14th, 2013 12:33

>> No. 123130
Great to hear, if you need any more specific info on em just ask.
>> No. 123131
Taking a bit longer than expected, you will see why in a bit Baggie Pack.

Excellent, check with this thread often for updates.

Last edited at Tue, May 14th, 2013 19:04

>> No. 123133
BAGGIE PACK, Your OC profile is ready! Report to my concept art thread at once! It took much longer than expected because I had trouble configuring her "forward hairstyle". That, and drawing that passenger coach was tedious...
>> No. 123157
File 136866221569.jpg - (64.02KB , 1024x768 , oc_baggie_pack_comission_by_melodyraichal-d63wr2i.jpg )
Ooh, sounds neat, I'll give it a look. Sorry her hair was a hassle, but I'm glad you took the effort to try and do it right :)
>> No. 123159

I hope the other ponies don't feel jelous but I want to do another drawing of Baggie Pack waiting at a station platform for an incoming passenger train.

As for that passenger car, the reason why I drew it because I was thinking of giving her a home made out of a decomissioned passenger car like the one in the drawing. I thought that would be cool.
>> No. 123161
I had a request for that once, but it never came in :(

As for the home, that might be kind of interesting. I'm curious now to see your interpretation.
>> No. 123162
File 136866742115.png - (284.70KB , 1600x1600 , tumblr_static_rarity__you_look_dashing_fabulous__by_ginototman-d5f0oh6.png )

Well its pretty obvious of how much I like trains so fulfilling that request should not be a problem for me. As for her house, I am super confident that you will love whatever I come up with. ;)

Last edited at Wed, May 15th, 2013 18:24

>> No. 123172
File 136870767038.png - (787.04KB , 1200x1101 , 136574576303.png )
I have 2 OC's. As you can see here... playing ping pong and everything :D

Right. If you can't take both you can just choose. But here is ruley things:

Name: Candy Cane (Black/red one)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A candy cane (How creative) but it's black and red instead of white and red (Creativeness overflowing)
Residency: Ponyvillie
Political Affiliation: Hm?

She is a pretty normal pony. Down to earth and friendly. Also, she is bi-sexual and currently dating my other OC (Oops)

Now, the white one!

Name: Heart String
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A blue lightning with some ice crystals across
Residency: Ponyvillie

She is more out-going and not afraid to speak up. Kinda like Rainbow Dash. She is not bi-sexual, she is in fact lesbian. (Buck me right?)

So I can imagine you don't want my OC's but you know... I would be happy if you chose them. (Or one of them) Thank you :)
>> No. 123179
Well I may be old fashioned but I don't have a problem with same sex couple ponies. I think most of us around here are first world 21st century ponies here. I'll consider them both but I'll have to find something for them. Also I am asking for any additional images you have of these ponies if you please.

And if they are selected (they probably will) their relationship will be as obvious as Lyra and Bon Bon. Might see cuddling here and there but thats about it. Trying to keep things PG. (Probably PG-13 because of the coming invasion.)
>> No. 123180
Sounds perfect. Thanks again. Best of luck :)
Here are some links to images of them
And good ol' pony creator:
>> No. 123181
File 136872468938.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , 136814665960.png )
Alright I'll allow them. Welcome to the Red Army. Check with this thread often for updates.

>Check with this thread often for updates.
That goes for the rest of yous!
>> No. 123182

Thanks :)
>> No. 123183
Reminds me, congratulations!:
>> No. 123184
File 136872765910.png - (231.77KB , 724x1104 , rarity___yay_by_quanno3-d53k0k5.png )
Yay ^^
>> No. 123185
Stick around for a spell, I'm working on one of my own OC's and I managed to squeeze Candy Cane into an animation.
>> No. 123186
You know RTS aren't generally my thing, but this one does have Tim Curry leading the world, also George Takei is pretty awesome too. I might give it a shot sometime.
>> No. 123187

Dr. Frankenfurter vs. Sulu vs. Cave Johnson.
>> No. 123188
Oh yeah, J. Jonah Jameson is in it too. Forgot that.
>> No. 123189
Oh wow. Keeps getting better :)
Thanks again, again :D
>> No. 123190
Ill probably have it later on today or tomorrow. Check back with my concept art thread as often as you can.
>> No. 123191
Ooh, possibly as soon as today? I haven't seen any of your animations yet.
>> No. 123192
Well... Animated scene. The one I drew of Baggie Pack heaving Rarity's Louis Vuitton steamer trunk into the baggage car was one of them. As was Leo Heartship filming that milling machine.
>> No. 123193
Ah, gotcha.
>> No. 123204
Still working on that scene with Candy Cane. Its supposed to be one of my OC's having a brief conversation with her. Not quite a profile drawing. Ill probably have it noon PST. Trust me you will lol. I think...
>> No. 123207
File 136880934077.png - (126.88KB , 4200x3800 , four_block___8_bit__hub_promo_style__by_nerd_pony-d56k2s3.png )
Sorry for the late reply!

That job sounds awesome!
I have to agree with you about the haircut, the 2nd one is definitely looking the best of the 3!
>> No. 123208
File 136881264585.png - (177.35KB , 900x1102 , dat_eyes_pinkie_pie_by_slyfoxcl-d5d4wqd.png )
Thanks for getting back to me Nerdpony, now I can get back to work on Fourblock. I have since made changes to that haircut for the better and I think you will be impressed with the end result. Please dont be a stranger! Stick around and check with updates to this thread.
>> No. 123212
Sorry I haven't been talking much, I'm not exactly too social, but I'm still here too.
Thanks you so much for giving me a shot, even though all I had was a pony creator image, and that it didn't exactly work into your plans.

Last edited at Fri, May 17th, 2013 23:10

>> No. 123214
Just finished one of my OC's that will be featured in my upcoming series and co-starring along with yours. You ponies are really going to like him and his comical obnoxious antics.

Btw CC&HS, Check out your OC Candy Cane in his profile drawing in my concept art thread.
>> No. 123215
"Care to share an apple malen'kaya shokoladnaya konfeta"

Oh dear xD

Looks great. Can't wait to see more :)
>> No. 123216
I don't think he knows hes barking up the wrong tree, no amount of sexy foreign talk is gonna work this time. xD (Rough translation: "My little Candy Cane")
>> No. 123217
Not gonna work, no :)

If I had to guess I thought it meant something with chocolate confetti or something xD
>> No. 123218
Chocolate Confetti... Why is that not a thing?!?!
>> No. 123219
File 136886179682.png - (243.05KB , 1600x1386 , pinkie_pie_is_excited_about_something_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5012lz.png )
Now that you mention it!
>> No. 123220
File 136886208888.jpg - (64.49KB , 983x812 , twilight_sparkle___at_the_crystal_empire_library_by_mysteriouskaos-d5kqack_png.jpg )
I am totally writing that for my series. Thank you so much.
>> No. 123221
Haha, only good can come from this xD
>> No. 123225
File 136888748825.png - (629.65KB , 830x650 , Jade Pixelpilot.png )
Her name is Jade "Technoheart" Pixelpilot, and I can't draw on the computer for my life, but I'll tell you that her Cutie Mark looks like a scroll with a green paintbrush painting a musical note on it.
>> No. 123226
File 136889454987.jpg - (4.46KB , 152x200 , 2nd+one+reminded+me+of+Vito+Scaletta+from+Mafia+II+_13064243de8553311966760b017300fd.jpg )
Not sure if its important but he's actually got more of a Vito accent > >
>> No. 123269
File 136895472640.png - (125.96KB , 900x721 , twilight_sparkle_by_shelmo69-d3ip97r.png )
Pack a lunch this is a long post:

>>123212 You are welcome Data Stream, I don't mind if anyone uses pony creator. But I do mind if I have multiple OC's that are similar in design. Which reminds me anon >>123225 I have a similar OC I approved and we may need to talk about this one. But you will all find I can be fair and just. As I was with Nerdpony when I felt Four Block was too similar to RD. But I am working on Four Block now and you will all be impressed. Also, if I cant find a specific role for submitted OC's I am willing to negotiate within those parameters as well.

As for everyones OC's in general and even established characters, what I am doing is not going to make them break character. For example Twilight and Applejack are not really going to fly around a gunship and Pinkie Pie isnt going to pick up a rocket launcher and start busting tanks. As cool as it sounds its not the way those characters would deal with those problems should they arise. And those weapon systems I have designed and/or currently in development serve specific plot functions and arent necessarily the focus of my vision. Even though a lot of what I am trying to do would not be executed in the show nor within the canon comics I felt it would be interesting to take mlp to grittier settings, intoduce dangerous new enemies, and catastrophic problems far more challenging to the mane six that have yet to be seen within the shows canon (Sombra, Discord, and Nightmare Moon are trivial compared to these new enemies and their leader) and use their given abilities to overcome those problems.

Another issue that will be difficult to overcome is I am about to introduce a new main character. This has been a challenge for the past few months because I am deathly afraid of the negative reception I might receive because of the Sunset Shimmer fiasco. But If I can "generate" this character properly, I hope the fandom will accept his/her presence within the mlp realm. The primary reason for introducing this new character because like I said, there are going to be some extreme circumstances within my plans that call for this "new character" and his/her skillsets and abilities. (This character will be much more than what I have let on so far.) And unlike Sunset Shimmer or the Twilicorn scandal, my plans are not financially motivated. This gives me a unique opportunity to think outside of the box. As for how this new character will develop relationships with established characters, about half of my series will deal with just that in the beginning because I feel it takes more than 40 minutes to gain someones trust and become friends. (referring to the shows pilot episode part 1+2) This way the readers will hopefully better understand his/her presence and I can properly explain why this upcoming character was chosen for their world. And your OC's will help set the stage for some of the situations I have planned for this new main character and the mane six.

Although my upcoming series may or may not be featured on Equestria Daily or receive postive reviews, I still would like to thank everyone for participating in my endeavors and submitting your OC's for this project. I suppose the reason for the lengthly post was to clear the air as to what I am doing and express how your participation is crucial to this new story. And with that I would like to announce I am currently working on some prototype panels and I will gladly share them some time this coming week. I will continue to accept submissions for OC's for the rest of the month and possibly through June.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 02:21

>> No. 123277
Great to know the basic outline of what you are doing. I hope that the fandom enjoys what you do, I think it would be okay to add a new antagonist, because you're not from Hasbro and stuff. I'm really proud for my OC to be a part of this project. In fact it has given me motivation to continue writing Leo's fanfics (I decided to write other stuff for a while)
>> No. 123310
File 136902277944.jpg - (124.74KB , 700x700 , 0.jpg )
Name: Estrogen
Age: Late 20's, about 27
Gender: Female
Race: Earth
Cutie Mark: The estrogen hormone
Residency: Canterlot
Political Affiliation: Monarchy
>> No. 123311
Its not so much developing a new antagonist that is bothering me so, its developing a new main character that has proven to be very difficult because everyone knows and loves the current mane six (The Twilicorn thing is still a matter of conflict) and dropping a potential interloper in can be inherently dangerous if my writing isn't up to standards. As for the primary antagonist, I have some details on that specific character I have yet to release but I know for a fact everyone is going to despise him as a villain, hopefully not as a character.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 21:48

>> No. 123314
File 136902548518.png - (822.89KB , 1148x1020 , republic flag1_4.png )
I didn't think I would have to do this so far but sorry I cannot accept this subject. On the grounds that it is poorly developed and inappropriate for my plans. Thank you for submission.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 21:52

>> No. 123315
I'm guessing this is about the hormones part. Estrogen is a mood hormone which causes mood swings, and sadness.
>> No. 123316
File 136903056143.jpg - (63.73KB , 558x531 , Twilight_Sparkle_is_smug-(n1299468485642).jpg )
Yes. It is unusal to have pony with such a name and I cant think of a role for such a subject. The others have useful talents and abilities that are essential to my designs, and with all due respect some of them are just downright adorable in my opinion (Cough! BAGGIE PACK cough! LEO HEARTSHIP cough!) However like I said in an earlier post, I can be fair and just. If you are willing to cooperate with me, I can help you design a new pony that would be useful and appropriate for my enterprise. Just tell me what you want within reason and I will make it so.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 00:32

>> No. 123317
File 136903292618.jpg - (42.20KB , 873x556 , BadlyDrawnUnicorn2.jpg )
Name: Badly Drawn Unicorn
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: The Crystal of Peace. (might get confused with something else)
Residency: The U.S.S. DawnBringer (in orbit)
Political Affiliation: None.

Btw: you have my permission to change his appearance. He is supposed to look like a normal unicorn, but all his photographs make him look bad.

Despite his appearance, Badly Drawn Unicorn is a wise and powerful unicorn who helped the ponies escape their old nations during a great war, and helped found Equestria. He has a battleship known as the U.S.S. DawnBringer, and has virtually limitless wisdom.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 23:57

>> No. 123318
File 136903385057.png - (822.89KB , 1148x1020 , 136902548518.png )
Sorry but I cannot accept this subject because he is... well...badly drawn. I don't have much to work with to begin with and although I have use for a naval pony, as far as I know those types of weapons platforms where not used during the pony unification wars within the shows canon. My designs rely on the shows canon history and I can't change much of that except add some details. Thank you for your submission and have a nice day.
>> No. 123320
Well, I do have another one, but I still don't have a name for her.
>> No. 123321
File 136903963154.jpg - (103.49KB , 700x700 , 0.jpg )
Here's the pic
>> No. 123322
Glad to know you love my OC almost as much as I do
>> No. 123327
File 136906545322.png - (97.70KB , 1077x991 , 2KQV8Qi2.png )
Your pony is indeed pretty great, though I'm going to have a biased opinion toward my own :P

It'll be fun to serve along side you, if at least from a 3rd pony perspective from his writing.

Just don't get off the wrong train, motherbucker.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 08:59

>> No. 123328
File 136906670555.png - (29.20KB , 250x177 , spoiler.png )
I think we have a name for that. We call it the "pain train":
>> No. 123329
File 136906785921.png - (178.05KB , 334x366 , 282239__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_edit_hat_team-fortress-2_idw_51550f12a4c72d81b0000191.png )
>> No. 123331
*salute* I totally agree.
>> No. 123333
File 136912648479.jpg - (1.54MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-05-21 01_54_01.jpg )
Do dee do dee do... Making teh comics while Bane reminds me to rise every day.

Fillies and Gentlecolts, I found out I have to go away on a trip for a few days and I am leaving Wednesday morning. I'll try to update wherever there is wifi. Hopefully before I go I will have these rough draft panels done.
>> No. 123334
File 136912769993.jpg - (30.20KB , 479x358 , deb.jpg )
Sorry for this, but. QUADS.
>> No. 123335
All is forgiven
>> No. 123336
Just make sure to get plenty of fiber.
>> No. 123337
File 136913827676.jpg - (99.02KB , 900x507 , fixin___ma___dispensa___by_crococomics-d5b0be7.jpg )
Also, not sure if I made it clear in my last post, but I friggin' love TF2.

Hope you have a safe trip and all, Sovereign.

Last edited at Tue, May 21st, 2013 05:11

>> No. 123358
NERDPONY. Your new and improved Four Block is ready! Check it in my concept art thread below. I hope you like her new look! In your profile drawing I left some clues as to where Tetris comes from in the MLP universe. Its going to make a great story when the time comes.

Also I never got to tell you, Congratulations! And since Four Block likes Tetris: (These are the real Tetris songs they used to make for the game)

Congrats theme A:

Congrats theme B:

I love tf2 as well Baggie Pack, you just got 20% cooler in my book. And thanks for the wishes, I'll be on my best behavior.

Last edited at Wed, May 22nd, 2013 01:43

>> No. 123359
Opps for got to use my forum name on both posts :S

I hope you all don't mind if I make these profile drawings for your OC's out of sequence. I cant help it when I get an awesome idea for some OC's before others.
>> No. 123364
File 136924423021.png - (1.85MB , 2090x2090 , Four Block - Block.png )
I friggin LOVE the new Four Block design!
I know it may be a long way off, but I still can't wait to see the finished comics!
>> No. 123365

You do? Oh that makes me so happy! :D Anyway what I had in mind for Four Block was the Ponyville arcade just received a shipment of mysterious arcade machines made by the same "organization"that made the original tetris machines. And the new mysterious arcade machines cause the players to have psychotic episodes and Four Block is immune. She is going to help figure out how and why the new arcade machines are causing ponies to go crazy. Trust me there are more details but I don't want to spoil the surprise. By the way I kinda got the idea from the Polybius urban legend.
>> No. 123367
File 136925126036.gif - (77.36KB , 1687x1786 , hiResPony.gif )
I knew it sounded like Polybius even before you mentioned it, but the idea still sound original enough, and the story behind it sounds really intriguing, I MUST KNOW MORE!!! :D
>> No. 123368
You made that Png quick like that? It takes me hours to hand draw these things. Anyway you will know more about the mystery arcade machines when the time comes, they do MUCH more than cause psychosis. (Not kill or anything but something cool.)
>> No. 123369
I didn't draw the full thing, I just had a blank body template and drew in the mane/tail. It isn't very good if you look closely on the flicks in the hair, but it was just to give me an idea of how it'd look in colour.
>> No. 123370
Ah I see... Another detail I neglected to tell you was I got the idea for her wings from the hyrulian emblem from Legend of Zelda. I hope she likes those games too ;)
>> No. 123371
I've just noticed that now! They look awesome! I guess she likes the Zelda games too!
>> No. 123372
Now I have to think of a good scenario within her arc so that she uses those wings... It will be something really cool trust me ;)
>> No. 123374
File 136926240068.jpg - (98.88KB , 720x540 , spoiler.jpg )
The reception isn't as bad as I thought up here. It looks like I can still keep up with this thread. I just can't draw anything while I'm here. So if you have questions regarding your OC's or if you would like to submit some more fire away.
>> No. 123393
File 136938937866.jpg - (105.33KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013052459834.jpg )
I know I am supposed to be on vacation but what can I say, Old habits die hard. <3

I just thought of something. A musician, a God tier gamer, a tank commander, a filmmaker, an information broker, (not sure what candy cane and heartstring do besides lovey-dovey stuff) a porter, and a gangster are at my house... What could go wrong? :S

Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 03:58

>> No. 123394
I'm currently involved with a national short film competition which Leo would be proud of haha
>> No. 123396
File 136939641055.jpg - (13.54KB , 301x305 , Yay.jpg )
You're just tempting Murphy's law, aren't you?

I like the bg. I can't do those well.
>> No. 123403
Just checking in, have you thought of something for Epiphany?
>> No. 123405
This looks really nice, you've managed to keep Data Stream fairly in character from what little I gave you. He's friendly in order to get information, but tends to stick to the background unless it's absolutely necessary to make his presence known.

I agree with the others, you did a pretty good job on the background. Seeing all these ponies together makes me intrigued for the final product.

Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 15:45

>> No. 123406
File 136943816017.jpg - (218.94KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )

Well the real thing is really something. Its nice to come up here and unwind every now and then. It helps gives me ideas.

I don't have any ideas for Epiphany yet. Maybe when I get back to LA I will have thought of a role for him. It is a lengthly drive after all.
>> No. 123407
Ooh, that's a nice little place there :)

I can see how you managed to do the background of this one >>123393 so well, it really turned out great. It's really cool seeing all the ponies in a group like this!

Also, lacking inspiration for "Epiphany", lol. No insult to leAloha, just the irony is really hilarious.
>> No. 123422
File 136947293020.jpg - (106.51KB , 768x1024 , IMG_201305256371.jpg )
I hope you both dont mind but this quick sketch seemed like too adorable of an idea to pass up when I thought of it.
>> No. 123424
I don't mind, Leo is his own freeminded stallion. Must admit, it is adorable
>> No. 123432
Snuggles! x3
>> No. 123435
File 136952706117.jpg - (75.34KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )

Well I made it home safe and I am back in the saddle. (Pun intended) I will start pumping out the pony drawings and teh comics momentarily.

I apologise in advanced for posting non-pony pics. I suppose I just like to express visual dramatism.
>> No. 123437
If it helps with the creative process, spam to your hearts content
>> No. 123438
Traveling in general helps a lot of authors and creative individuals develop ideas both amateur and professional alike. Honestly the last time I was up there in March that gave me an idea for an entirely new faction.

Thats a useful tip for your back pocket fillies and gentlecolts.

Btw leAloha I may have thought of something for Epiphany. Ill approve him for now.

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 19:37

>> No. 123445
File 136956053298.png - (318.82KB , 1600x900 , 37003+-+4th_wall+pinkamena_diane_pie+smirk+wallpaper.png )
Oh yes... There will be snuggles. Lots and lots of snuggles... *Rubs hooves together*
>> No. 123471
File 136970299654.png - (88.77KB , 663x776 , baggie_pack_by_realorunan0459-d66jg1n.png )
If it's good enough for Disney even in it's golden ages and for Studio Ghibli, I'd say traveling is pretty alright.

Also, snuggles are pretty alright too ;D
>> No. 123472
File 136970962286.png - (134.63KB , 883x1080 , fluttershy_geme_a_hug_by_scotch208-d4gwcxb.png )
>> No. 123473
But on a more serious note, I am working on some comic strips with Baggie Pack and Four Block and both have speaking roles. I'll have them sometime this week. After I finish this next piece of concept art I'm working on. (Which is taking foreverrr!!! XP )
>> No. 123474
Ooh, more stuff along the way, even better that it features Baggie Pack! :D (Totally not biased)

Would this "concept art" have anything to do with finding something to do with Epiphany?
>> No. 123475
This next piece has more to do with Baggie Pack :D. And so far it is turning out to be the most detailed, labor intensive drawing I have ever done. (Next to the oil refineries and mechanical parts I have drawn in the past.)
>> No. 123477
File 136972003228.png - (164.45KB , 900x750 , 136806714157.png )
I like where this is going
>> No. 123478

I miss /oat/'s embedding.
>> No. 123480
File 136972383934.png - (308.16KB , 925x621 , tumblr_mau7sih1tW1rfn6d4o1_1280.png )
The way of the mechanical draftsman is a tedious one... I will probably have it tomorrow or something...
>> No. 123481
File 136972498385.jpg - (55.42KB , 460x539 , 104514__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_go-to-bread.jpg )
No seriously, sleep is more important and stuff. (I have no current obligations, so I'm exempt)

Last edited at Tue, May 28th, 2013 00:10

>> No. 123482
File 136972541844.png - (70.01KB , 512x512 , mlfw5169-twi-nosleep.png )
Its about 12:15 where I live. (Los Angeles) My bed time isn't for another hour. :)
>> No. 123483
Dem timezones. I'm up an hour after I usually turn in, but I'm about to head off. 2ish here.
>> No. 123484
File 136972631615.png - (52.87KB , 1000x800 , sleepy_pinkie_pie_vector_by_ikillyou121-d4yuear.png )
Mkay Baggie Pack, good night and don't let the bed bugs bite!
>> No. 123492
12:10 AM here.

Hey, also: Didn't you mention that you were working on some animation? (Not to fill your head with stuff to do, just curios. I'll give you some smiley's to show you that I mean well)

:) :D :3 ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
>> No. 123493

Well... No not really, what I meant was the little scene I did of Lusha hitting on Candy Cane with apples seized from Sweet Apple Acres. I dont really have the software or the know-how to make actual animations. If I did, this would not be a comic.

....Why am I still up?

By the way, Lusha is going to get his own sub-series, Cooking with Lusha! And I have some fantasic recipies that will actually work.
>> No. 123494
Oh, yeah yeah :P

Cooking with Lusha you say... Imma try those recipies and sue you if they dont' work xD
>> No. 123495
I hope you like Miso soup. Its my... Ahem, Lusha's specialty.
>> No. 123496
Never heard of it... *Google it*
...Why are there cubes in the soup?

Last edited at Tue, May 28th, 2013 03:31

>> No. 123497
Its Tofu. It's gewd.
>> No. 123498
I've tried something that looks similar, but had meatballs in it.
>> No. 123500
I find myself now making miso at 5am. Just because I can't get to sleep. Stupid weather....
>> No. 123501
You should do "Cooking with Lusha" in a style similar to yonkoma.
>> No. 123502
How is the weather keeping you from sleeping? :o
>> No. 123506
It couldn't decide if it wanted to snow me in, flood the house, or blow my windows in with high winds...
>> No. 123507
Makes me feel bad for complaining about our weather.
>> No. 123508
Really damp and hot here, messes with my sinuses at night, but otherwise not all that bad. I can't imagine snow at this time of year, but I've heard a few places got several inches somehow.
>> No. 123509
You live down south in Dixie Baggie Pack?
>> No. 123510
Suppose that's what I get for living in the one country that gets the leftovers from Australia, the Antarctic, and the Pacific.
>> No. 123511
New Zealand? Anyway, you and Leo would love it out here, Hollywood is only a 30 min drive away! (Probably an hour on the dreaded 101 freeway) Although you would be surprised how there are more workey jobs out here as opposed to jobs in the film industry.
>> No. 123512
Yeah I'm a Kiwi (I funnily enough live in a province called Canterbury) lucky lucky. I figured that it would be more industrial and such, you need someone to build the sets and such.
>> No. 123513
New Zealand is lovely. One of my top ten places to visit someday. (Totally not because of Lord of the Rings) And that is hilariously coincidental you live in Canterbury. As for what is available out here, you will find a little bit of every industry out here. Heck, have you ever heard of that famous brand of asian chili sauce "Sriracha"? The plant that makes it is five minutes away from where I live. Of course we do have more important stuff like manufacturing/machining, oil refineries (my area) sea ports, rail hubs, and there are some places that even manufacture armaments, and design systems that enrich uranium. (I had an interview at one of those companies once, they are a bunch of jerks)
>> No. 123514
File 136982544145.png - (258.28KB , 1280x1377 , 132579593127.png )
Also, they have oil drilling operations less than a mile away from where I live. I know I know I keep mentioning it but what can I say, I love all that gewd black stuff. (I just don't like paying outrageous prices for petrol. Grrr....)

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 04:19

>> No. 123515
I see an oil rig showing up in this comic of yours. I hope that New Zealand can provide ideas for you
would be pretty cool
>> No. 123516
When I was a colt I used to go up into the hills just to watch the pumps go up and down. And you're right, I stuck a rig in in one of my concept art pieces.

As for New Zealand, heck Peter Jackson had the right idea to use it for his designs. I will do the same because although I havn't gone to that point yet, but there are going to be some new settings and new lands. One in particular called "Pendulum Valley". It's situated between Equestria and the bad guy country. (I havn't thought of a name for the bad guys yet)

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 04:52

>> No. 123517
Great! How are the concepts coming along?
>> No. 123518

This next one I'm doing is driving me nuts and quickly sending me to the crazy house because of how precise it is. I'll be vague as to what "It" is exactly, lets just say I am fixing something that was rediculously wrong starting with "Over a Barrel".
>> No. 123519
I know the feeling. I almost lost my mind the weekend just gone... Was involved with a film competition which had you create a film in 48 hours. My team got distracted by Steam and KSP. I was at the verge of throwing myself in a straitjacket because of editing. I hope you fix the problem soon.
>> No. 123525
I was visiting New Zeland for 4 months a while ago. It was weird celebrating Christmas with a trip to the beach...
>> No. 123530
I live in the ballpark of such, yeah.
>> No. 123531
File 136985606016.jpg - (363.85KB , 1131x707 , spoiler.jpg )
Kinda makes me wish I wasn't a Yankee. I think...
>> No. 123532
Very nice! Where did you visit? Encounter many bronies at all?
>> No. 123534
I'm already away from my computer, so i'll just put this down for now and upload images tomorrow morning.

Name: Eddie
Age: 15-16
Gender: M
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: Three Red Balloons
Residency: Equestria
Political affiliation: Monarchy

Bio: Eddie was raised to value life and all its preciousness. He finds new friends and cares greatly for them, staying as loyal to them as he can. He is very playful, much like a child.

However, his care for his few close friends leads him to worry more often than not, and his playfulness and loyalty are hard to bring out; his trust has been toyed with before

TL;DR. Eddie loves his friends but is an anxiety-driven worry-wort.
>> No. 123535
Well until I see some images I'll let you know what I think of this OC. I can tell you right away the cutie mark is going to be a problem because of Pinkie Pie. But when the time comes I suppose I can arrange something.
>> No. 123538
Ah man, the names were so weird, I can't recall what they were named xD

I was there before I became a brony, so if I did meet anyone, I wouldn't have noticed. We were on the road for the first 2 months in this traveling van. The last 2 months we were staying in a house. And who would have guessed it; there were sheeps all over. We couldn't leave the house without stepping in sheep poo >.<

A cow also gave birth close by, to where we were staying, but the calf got stuck in a fence so we had to free it. Good times.
>> No. 123539
File 136990828256.jpg - (57.01KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013053030693.jpg )


My lament:

Last edited at Thu, May 30th, 2013 03:15

>> No. 123541
You can do it *raises sign of support*

I must admit it is amusing (sometimes) to try and hear foreigners pronounce Maori names, does Christchurch ring any bells?
>> No. 123542
File 136991291236.png - (156.72KB , 900x900 , pinkie_pie_finds_your_actions_questionable_by_theholytuna-d5lu9w8.png )
Thats not even the half of it. That is for a diagram that is part of the drawing...

Also I thought it was hilarious when you said "Does Christchurch ring any bells?" Get it? Church, Bells?
>> No. 123543
Well at least you go a laugh, don't worry you will get it done. (Amusing you got the little joke there)
>> No. 123544
Nope. Doesn't ring any of my bells. It has been several years after all. I remember eating a'lot of watermelons though ^^
>> No. 123545
File 136991869239.png - (311.08KB , 1200x1600 , EddieNewStylePractice.png )
Incoming Eddie art (1/?)
>> No. 123546
File 136991874263.png - (203.57KB , 492x669 , EddieAtWedding.png )
>> No. 123547
File 136991885166.png - (114.58KB , 851x830 , HotDiggityDemonEddie.png )
(And yes, HotDiggedyDemon really did draw him during a ponychan thread a while back)
>> No. 123548
File 136991900734.jpg - (654.97KB , 800x1200 , HomestuckArtist.jpg )
(4/4) (This was also drawn by an artist for the webcomic Homestuck. He's on the right.)

And yeah, the cutie mark is an issue. It can be changed to whatever you need. I hardly care about that.
>> No. 123550
You sure that's New Zealand? Haha
>> No. 123551
Well, I saw a Kiwi, so it'd be quite the surprise if it wasn't in New Zealand x3
>> No. 123555
Oh damn...almost lost track of this thread
>> No. 123559
File 136993990123.png - (66.59KB , 1600x1200 , ponehz.png )
Race: unicorn, beige.
Cutie Mark: himself
Residency: northwest Everfree
Political Affiliation: Nationalist
>> No. 123560

This thread is becomming a Juggernaut in /art/ lol.
>> No. 123575
File 136998916965.jpg - (71.06KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013053138991.jpg )

I'll give you three guesses as to what is giving me so much trouble lately:

Also I saw the submissions. I'll get to them as soon as I finish this next piece for my concept art.
>> No. 123576
Looks like a steam locomotive.
>> No. 123577
Basically. Stephenson valve gear to be precise.
>> No. 123579
*raises hoof* Is it strange I knew that? curse being involved with steampunk and learning.... things
>> No. 123580
I'd really like to learn more about locomotives and the like...
>> No. 123581

Btw I freaking love you ponies more now.

Last edited at Fri, May 31st, 2013 05:36

>> No. 123582
>> No. 123585
File 137000762035.png - (159.07KB , 500x430 , EddieXPinkamena.png )
Eddie is basic as fuck; don't pick him.
>> No. 123588

I'll pick anypony I want thanks.
>> No. 123598
I hope I didn't offend you; I'm Eddie's creator and I was saying that as a little joke.

Didn't mean to come off as rude.
>> No. 123602
File 137012533486.jpg - (31.15KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130602_7.jpg )
I did this mostly while I was drunk... finished it up today. It just crossed my mind when you were talking about steampunk and such :)
>> No. 123603
Oh, and sorry about the poor image quality. Tried to take a photo with my actual camera, but for some reason my PC wouldn't transfer the files. So I took one with the build in camera on the PC. Also, the lighting is horrible ^^
>> No. 123604

You should see what I did while I was buzzed, and listening to Tool:
>> No. 123610
File 137017132873.jpg - (168.51KB , 960x574 , snaap.jpg )
Got a slightly better picture :)
>> No. 123612
File 137017199905.png - (190.54KB , 900x1190 , happy_fluttershy_vector_by_mac3030-d4ihcm9.png )
Hmm. Yes! better!
>> No. 123624
File 137024559051.png - (65.02KB , 1155x692 , pinkie_pie_wants_hugs_by_orschmann-d4ar4gu.png )
Just an update, A friend of mine was in town this weekend and I was a bit distracted for the most part. But tomorrow for sure I will have that next piece of concept art in even if it kills me. After that is finished I will focus more on submissions and approving others. However I will be working on concept art pieces of my own in between submissions. I will start releasing paintings as well.

As for when I will stop taking submissions I still havn't decided on the 15th of this month or the 30th. Time is running out and I have to get the ball rolling well before season 4 of the actual show airs.

If anyone has anymore submissions please dont hesitate to send them in. Again I dont mind if you use pony creator as long as they arent too similar to notable characters within the show or similar to approved OC's

Thanks again for contributing to my project and I look forward to drawing teh ponies again!

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 00:47

>> No. 123627
Hey, btw... I don't know if you need this or anything, but I got some information about my OC's which you can use... for.. whatever.

Like Heart String (the white) is good at building and repearing stuff. Like a mechanic.

Candy Cane is good at baking. Especially sweets. (What a skill!)

I don't know if you want to use any of that, but there you go :)

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 11:55

>> No. 123629
That info is helpful. Thanks for sharing that.
>> No. 123632

Reminds me, I havn't thought of anything for Candy Cane yet (Perhaps a job at another bakery? :S) but how would Heart String like a job at this facility I designed?

Flexible hours, steady work, great benefits, and they even have dental! :D

I need mechanics to fix the locomotives and other crazy inventions being cooked up in there. (You will see why later)
>> No. 123633
If coffee is provided, she'll take it! :)
Beatiful designs by the way. Can't wait to see more of it.

And everypony needs sweets once in a while, you know.
You can of course think of something else for Candy Cane if you want. She's an "all around" pony :)
>> No. 123634

Of course we have coffee! :D We even have a water cooler so our employees have an area to conduct awkward conversations and mindless co-worker small talk. :S

And does Candy Cane have experience with Donuts? I have something in mind that pertains to that particular confection... Mmm... Donuts... *Homer Simpson drool*

As for more concept art. I really wish real-life stuff would stop getting in the way... >:[
>> No. 123636
Oh cool. Then we can stand around and make fun of the boss!... You're not the boss right?..

And sure she can bake donuts. She can even put the jelly inside em'.. without magic! :o

Fortunately you got nothing but time. I hope... You're not like.. 90 or something, right?
>> No. 123637
Naa I wouldn't be the boss. This new character I am developing will be and you can make fun of him/her all you want for being an accident prone crackpot when the time comes. xD

And if I was 90, I'm pretty sure I would be too busy talking about how bad the depression was, WWII, complaining about damn kids on my lawn/inflation, eating grapefruit and trying to not-die in general.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 4th, 2013 06:43

>> No. 123638
Oh the jokes we could make xD

That does sound like a 90-year old. So if you're not close to dying just yet, then just take your time :)
>> No. 123639
The funny thing is I kinda already do some of that stuff and my family likes to poke fun of me for it. :S

And yeah I have time I just have to let Real-life stuff run its course first. I just hope I can get things moving before season 4 starts. I have to beat the writers to anything they can dish out. (Even though they would most likely NOT think of Pseudo-Soviet technologically advanced collectivist mean invader bullies and world consuming entities)

Last edited at Tue, Jun 4th, 2013 07:14

>> No. 123640
Who know what they could dish out? They did give us Discord, and killed Sombra in front of our eyes
>> No. 123642
I'm kinda excited to see how they're gonna play this whole "Princess Twilight" thing out.

And now that you mention Discord, I am kinda curios what they have plans for him. I doubt they made him good, without any reason.

I'm sure season 4 will be quite interesting :)
>> No. 123651
File 137043722477.gif - (382.58KB , 200x200 , twilighte1504200.gif )
no... no... no... no... NO. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

I was going to design a Donut shop for Ponyville and call it "Doughy Joes"...... BUT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS A$! CLOWN:


Back to the drawing board... Literally... Ill have to find something else for Candy Cane... :(.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 06:01

>> No. 123652
Oh noes! D:

Nah man, it's just fine. She can do something else. Anything really. She can cheer people up by saying nice things or just design (quite gothic) dresses.

You know, it's no big deal :)

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 06:52

>> No. 123653

I know but... It was going to be one of those really cool looking 1940's style joints with a giant neon-lit donut sign and a jukebox you have to hit in order to get it to work and it would play Andrews Sisters and Cab Calloway songs like "Civilization" and "Minne the Moocher". *Sniff* And the best part was Candy Cane was going to wear those folded hats I like so much! I love hats!.... :.(

I'll think of something. Or not make it a donut shop (or make it something better)
>> No. 123655
File 137044219867.jpg - (6.64KB , 216x233 , images-2.jpg )

I think I thought of something... I think I found a way to keep all my 1940's stuff and create a healthy competitor to sugar cube corner... Look out Pinkie Pie, because you're not the only one who knows how to serve up some really good sweet treats.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 07:24

>> No. 123656
File 137044328340.png - (238.20KB , 1024x1024 , baggie_pack_soldier_request__sketch_planning__by_sir_croco-d67hewn.png )
Hats are pretty great.
>> No. 123657

That reminds me, I think I am going to re-do Baggie Packs profile drawing. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to and I must admit I was super-dead-tired at the time and I kinda wanted to get it over with. Oh I'm keeping the pic of her heaving Rarity's luggage and the passenger car. Those came out just right if not perfect IMO (Thank Celestia for copy/paste). Also 800x500 or whatever pixles doesn't do a justice.
>> No. 123660
Sounds great :D
>> No. 123666
File 137048558415.jpg - (147.39KB , 1189x1214 , image.jpg )
I've been wanting to post a few of my OCs for consideration, but I was a little apprehensive... I might as well throw them in for consideration while I still can, though!

Name: Shelly Shores
Age: Young Adult Mare
Gender: F
Race: Earth Pony
Residency: Horseshoe Bay (She lives at a beach, so I came up with a name. An unnamed beach on the shores of Equestria otherwise.)
Political Affiliation: Democracy? (She's very free spirited, so I suppose this. Never thought of it... Monarchy if she does, indeed live in Equestria.)

"Shelly loves walking on the beach at low tide gathering the prettiest sea shells and sea glass. She has a real knack for it! Despite being of fine intelligence, she can be airy and absent minded sometimes, especially when she's relaxing on the shore."
>> No. 123667
File 137048598792.png - (206.10KB , 900x1653 , applejack_hugs_vector_by_kitsuneymg-d41gbej.png )
Apprehensive? Don't fear the reaper my child. Please keep the OC's coming! I like what I see.
>> No. 123668
File 137048636368.jpg - (350.60KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Darn. Forgot cutie mark. Well, you can see it, it's three different pastel colored shells: one pink, one yellow, and blue.

Only other one I'll throw in, most likely. But she has a lot of small role/BG pony potential.

Name: Purple Pansy/Pansy Petal
Age: Young Mare/Young Adult Mare/Adult Mare
Gender: F
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: 3 purple pansies
Residency: Ponyville
Political Affiliation: Monarchy

"Pansy is responsible for all the pretty flowers in Ponyville. Not necessarily shy, she still yet much prefers the privacy of a beautiful flower garden to the party scene."
>> No. 123669
Why, thank you! I'm very glad you like her :)
She's my favorite that I've made.
>> No. 123670
File 137048702579.png - (167.20KB , 834x957 , fluttershy__3_by_blastdown-d48c17y.png )

Oooooooo... Ahhhh....

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 19:55

>> No. 123672
File 137049975825.jpg - (49.62KB , 900x960 , 417869_331571930301808_886445324_n.jpg )
Ooh very nice
>> No. 123673
Standby... Incoming concept art...
>> No. 123682
File 137052272252.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , 136814665960.png )

Boom! Boom! Access approved for both! Welcome to the red army Equine Palette. Congratulations and thanks for your submissions! Shelly just gave me an idea for a whole new setting and I had to have her. Purple Pansy lives in Ponyville so I can find something easily for her.

Check with this thread for updates daily because theres always something going on in the House of Sovereign. :D And take a peek with my concept art to get an idea of whats up with this whole dealio.

Last edited at Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 14:19

>> No. 123683
1940's were the best.

I wasn't alive but it looks neat on television.
>> No. 123691
Totally agree, where's the time travel button when you need it huh?
>> No. 123693
Thank you! I'm very glad she's well liked!

Oh, wonderful! Glad to be part of it, Commander :)
>> No. 123694
"When you need it" xD
Has there ever been a time travel button when you didn't need it? ^^
>> No. 123697
Okay, valid point right there
>> No. 123714
File 137058798618.png - (174.83KB , 909x878 , happy_fluttershy_by_junkiesnewb-d4cnt4x.png )

Please, call me Sovereign. :) (Or dude or guy or something to that capacity) I'm glad you want to be a part of my project and I hope you enjoy the finished product once it is complete.
>> No. 123716
File 137059814474.jpg - (61.59KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013060741448.jpg )
Heres a quick toxicant induced (Happy Sleepy slappy pills) sketch of Candy Canes new gig, Sherms Diner! Serving up the best pie in all of Equestria. Ill draw the final version later.

Love ya Candy Cane! xoxo..... Im going to go to lay down now...
>> No. 123717
"Best pie in Equestria. Seriously"
Ah man. This looks great. And it's open 24/7!
....I want some pie now.
>> No. 123718
>Toxicant induced pie diners

Why am I suddenly reminded of that one level in Destroy All Humans with the anti-commy brainwashing pie?
>> No. 123720
Damn. You're right! I remember playing that game at my grandma's. I never did win it though. But sending cows flying was always entertaining!
>> No. 123721
Ah, here we go.

Sadly, since all of the videos of it I could find were mostly about beating it as quickly as possible, they skip out the best part of the level, which is reading the minds of the brainwashed. Some of the lines they made for that are hilarious.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 06:59

>> No. 123722
Ah yes. I remember reading others people minds. They were just so twisted from time to time xD
I think I got stuck at some level, where I wasn't allowed to be seen. It was really hard.

But I loved the mission where you had to control the mind of the mayor or whoever he was, and then speak for the public. It was brilliant :)
>> No. 123728
What the buck happened last night?...

Anyway yeah, Eat at Sherms. In so-cal we have a chain of 24/7 restaurants called "Norms". They're not really nostalgic themed restaurants but its still my little salute to them. But they did start up in 1949.
>> No. 123737

I gave it some thought and due to time constraints I decided to discontinue accepting submissions by 6/15/13 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. I think a weeks heads up is fair enough and I believe it is with everyponys best interest that I discontinue accepting submissions because I don't want my workload to get to the point where I have to wait another month to release part I of this series. I appreciate the submissions and I look forward to seeing some more OC's soon.
>> No. 123917
bumping for comradeship
>> No. 123920
Yeah, this really got quiet all of a sudden :(

I was hoping for even more ponies to play with before the time was up.
>> No. 123923
Yeah, same here. We should spread the word more.
>> No. 123924
I know huh, oh well less work for me. :S Still when the times up, ill let everypony know who made it and who didn't (referring to the ones I didn't get back to) then this thread will be closed. :(
>> No. 123925
You had me at Hell March.

Name: Dreamsicle
Age: Currently a Filly/Foal, but you can make it whatever you like.
Gender: Female
Cutie Mark: Shoshinsha Mark (Wakaba)
Current Residency: PonyVale

Bio: A sharp-witted one. Likes to explore, and get things done quickly. Also will rarely ever turn down a call for help.
>> No. 123926
File 137119348211.png - (1.12MB , 1920x1058 , Snapshot_019.png )
>> No. 123927
File 137119359476.png - (588.73KB , 1012x968 , republic flag1_2.png )
Just in time.
>> No. 123940
Time is almost up, I will throw out some last minute approvals.

Eddie/anon: Alright I'll accept this character but I don't have anything in mind other than a minor role. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way with that joke btw, on my threads please use a name next time.

Patachu: Yo dawg I hear you like your CM on your CM on your CM... Yeah a cutiemark of oneself is going to be a problem. And I have yet to think of a role for Komatsu. Plus it would be nice if I had a bio.

@Da Krager, I wanted Golden Ticket this whole time but I barely realized shes an Alicorn. :S

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 07:10

>> No. 123945
File 137122453211.png - (189.28KB , 900x645 , sundae_breeze_it__s_cool_by_00tod00-d5lpiz3.png )
Name: Sundae Breeze
Age: 25
Race: Earth pony
Cutiemark: Ice Cream cone
Residency: a small house/ice cream shop in Manehattan
Political affiliation: Free spirited and never cared much for it.
Brief Bio:
can be found here
>> No. 123946
File 137122467435.png - (657.38KB , 1600x2250 , CompactDoubleRef.png )
Oh, why not. I've been debating this off-and-on for a while now, only now I have a couple of potential OC's to go with.

So here, have a brother-sister* combo:

Name: Sky Ribbon
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Cloud with a ribbon coiled around it
Residency: Equestria
Political Affiliation: Monarchist
Bio: Born in Cloudsdale, she never set hoof on the surface until she was 12. But when she finally did, she was amazed at the difference between the bland white clouds and the sheer color and spectacular beauty of the land around her. Since then, she's never wanted to live in a cloud city again, preferring to use her talents in cloud/weather management to help preserve the natural world around her.

Name: Criss Cross
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Batpony/Bat Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A horseshoe puzzle
Residency: Equestria
Political Affiliation: Monarchist
Bio: Adopted* at an young age, he never seemed to question his parents or where he came from. He just wanted to get by through life unnoticed and undisturbed so he could be left to his true love: puzzle solving. Logic puzzles, math puzzles, crosswords and more, he loves to practice his brain to think of new, creative solutions. As such, he works making crossword puzzles for newspapers.

*Criss Cross is Sky's adopted brother. His real parents, though no one knows this, were simply a pair of Luna's guards that couldn't properly take care of a child due to the stress of their jobs.

I'm open to discussion on details, given this is your thing.
>> No. 123947

Woooooaaaaaaaah. A cutie curly cue! I don't plan on spending much time in Manehattan (Well it will be the site of a major naval battle.) I'll see what I can do, in the mean time check out my concept art thread to see whats up with this whole thing.

Oh yeah, access approved. welcome to the House of Sovereign.
>> No. 123949

Wow OC's are pouring into the House of Sovereign like water. Welcome! Welcome!
>> No. 123952

Change your mind Snugglestia? Sovereign sees all.
>> No. 123953
Sounds like my OC is going to have plenty of new friends.
>> No. 123955
Just cropping the picture down a bit more to a dispute.

>> No. 123956
File 137122703402.png - (221.03KB , 415x602 , Honk2.png )
Name: Willy Nilly
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Clockwork canary
Residency: Equestrian
Political Affiliation: Monarchist

Bio: Raised on the surface by an Earth Pony and a Pegasus with his older brother, he never got a taste for the breeze running through his feathers until he was about 10. His first time out flying there was a freak lightning storm. His mother flew up, narrowly shielding him from the brunt of a strike which left her wings permanently paralyzed and his wings to become extremely sensitive. Tending to his mother after the incident tirelessly made him realize his special talent for caretaking and nurturing. After this he's rarely been able to stay in flight very long, but tries to remain chipper and lighthearted despite this, always wanting to keep his friends happy. Often times seen goofing off and eating ice cream.
>> No. 123957
What didn't we see? I'm sure Leo has it on film.
>> No. 123958
So these are in? If so, awesome.

Also, I just wanna add a little bit of info, just in case, for the two of them:

Sky Ribbon went a little too far once in her love of 'nature', and had something of an all-natural hippyish phase. Since then, she hasn't quite dropped all of the animalistic habits she developed, but she tries to catch herself. This includes her tendency to act wildly and on impulse.

By contrast, Criss Cross is very quiet and introverted, preferring the company of a book to most other ponies. He's not afraid to talk to others, but he'd rather not have to.
>> No. 123959

>You saw nothing

First thing you need to know about the House of Sovereign is I see everything because I am everywhere.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 09:26

>> No. 123960
Or you get the footage from us.
>> No. 123962

That info does help thanks for sharing that. Much appreciated.
>> No. 123963

If I keep getting more good OC's today I am going to resort to only doing profile drawings of Submissions that have a greater impact on the story. I hope nopony feels bad about that but I have a schedule to keep (trying to keep) and the workload is getting to me.
>> No. 123965

Also, this rule applies to everypony. Please don't just dump your OC's on this thread and never check in from time to time. However After 12:00AM pst I will request this thread to be closed so you can meet up and my concept art thread and if you like chat it up with the myself and the others, I don't mind.

Once you're in the House of Sovereign, theres no way out.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 09:56

>> No. 123967
No problem. After I posted it came to my attention that I forgot almost anything about their personalities. Whoops.

Having seen the extent of this thread, I can't even imagine... how many characters are you even up to at this point? I don't think anyone would blame you for lightening the workload.
>> No. 123971
I've been meaning to discuss more about Data Stream, but I've been rather busy :/

That and you didn't seem to have much use for him, and I couldn't think of anyway I might could be more useful.
>> No. 123980

Your OC has information on the Pendulum rebels. He is essential.
>> No. 123988

Time is running out. If you have not submitted an OC yet now is the time.
>> No. 123991

Notice to mods. Sovereign here requesting permission to have this thread locked.

I would like to thank everypony for their submissions and I look forward including all these wonderful OC's in my series. Although I cant promise all these OC's will have significant roles but rest assured each OC will have meaningful contributions to the overall plot. I can't tell you all how thankful I am to have you all part of a brand new adventure that will lead to new lands, new friends, and of course dangerous new enemies. All of which are of a caliber never seen nor attempted before that I intend to bring to the MLP world. Check with my concept art thread for updates or to just mingle if you like.

Welcome to the House of Sovereign.
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